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>Absolutely excellent question!  The answer is that the body does change.  If 
>you explore this you  will see it is undeniable.  

     I certainly see body changes taking place.

     However sometimes I have somatics where there can not be pain,
out there, in here etc.  Weird shooting pains not really related to
any real kind of injury, perhaps an injury itself taking place in
present time while thetan forces blow off.

     Back in 1991, when I was in fact dying of this stupid thing in my
body, I had an experience I will never forgot.  I had been in bed for
WEEKS eating a yogurt every 2 days, running charge left and right,
having unbelieve Primal Quakes blowing off through my body every
couple of hours with the cogs that I was having.  One particularly bad
day it was all jammed up and I could make no headway with it at all,
like bottled electricity all wound up in my body.

     I had been trying to run birth and getting nowhere.

     I asked myself, ok, LRH says somatics get out of place, I know
that when somatics blow off they change into other somatics and then
blow off, so maybe this somatic is not running because its really
another somatic out of place or something.

     So I asked,


     Well I listed around for a few minutes, then I hit it, "It wants
to become anoxia".  Suddenly there was this huge shifting of forces,
they all released from all over my body and gathered into the back of
head and for the next 30 minutes I had the most astounding case of
anoxia that I can imagine.

     It was so thick I could cut it with a knife, it was
the solid experience of "No air!".

     You could have cut it up and bottled it and sold it for $10/lb.
     I spent the next 30 minutes on the edge of panic, I knew I just
had to sit there and let it run out, I could SEE that it was running
out as a relase, but I had no idea how long it would take.  At the
same time I was overjoyed because I thought once this baby ran out, it
would be gone for good, and I would have found a killer of a process.

     Well it did run out, and it has never come back quite as bad as
those days of 1991, but I was never able to make that process run
again, and the anoxia is still here, although not quite as deadly as
it used to be (except when I get fumed).

     So was that reperception of engram?  Was that engram putting the
body in an anoxic state?
     Don't know, but auditing works, and Arnie is a nut case.