Phil Scott ( wrote:
>So Homer, what would the lie side of this 'do what thou wilt'
>dichotomy be anyway?.

     Do what others wilt.

     One would *EXPECT* evil to use truth against people.

     However *YOU* denigrate the truth they speak, and not the use
they put it to.

     This is the exception I take to *YOU*.

     This is little better than the meatball who gets all huffy
because Scientologists think they are 'above the law'.

     They are above the law, we all are.  The law is a fabrication
created to constrain THE GOVERNMENT, those who are sworn to uphold the
law, not the people.

     People are *SOVEREIGN CITIZENS*.

     People have a right to do anything they want.  They negotiate
restraints on those rights for benefits gained from cooperation with
others.  There is no 'rightness' to being good or even right, its all
an intricate hook together for the purposes of tapestry.  Even
cheaters to the game have been allowed to cheat by rules that allow
it, and punish it etc.  It's all part of the game.

     Like it was said in J.  Seagull, telling the vampire, "no you may
not drink my blood!" is actually making the vampire wrong, and thus
sticking oneself with the vampire, because one is refusing to CREATE
the vampire and MAKE it suck your blood.  Of course if you did that,
you couldn't keep the vampire around long enough to wax huffy about

     "Thus hypocrisy on Earth is so thick it is like a wall.  You can
hammer nails into it and hange pictures of smiling faces from them"
     Phil, you have noticed by now that I *ALWAYS* take you up on the
highest principles, and you always counter, yes but Homie I am playing
a lower game.  I submit that unless that lower game is *DIRECTLY*
connected to Higher Principles, particularly those of total
responsibility, then the games you are playing are no good for you nor
those you profess to help.  Any turkey can incite a meatball mob to
riot bemoaning the defilement of 'Christian values' to those who are
so far gone the Lord reserves a 'Special Place in Hell' for them.
     Rightousness is a trap.

     The eradication of Christianity in its cruder forms would
probably do more for man kind than any other single thing.  If this is
what Crowley and Hubbard were up to, then I am all for them.

     Hubbard said that the Devil was God after he made the universe,
an alteris of self to keep self in persistence for His creatures and
give them something to fight and therefore to lose to.  The idea was
the game must never end.

     Adore says pretty much the same thing in "Anatomy of Assholes in
Full Regalia." We hired the first person to pretend he was an asshole
(The prime Regal Asshole playing a joke), so that we could become
overwhelmed by the incredibility of it all, and become Him in a
valence shift, and thus become 'Royal Assholes forever for real.'
     Then we could be able to point to each other as proof that
assholes really exist.  It was a complicated fabrication so we could
keep something worth fighting persisting long enough to fight it.

     "Some people like to pretend to be Operating Thetans.

     Others like to pretend to be Operating Theetie Wheeties.

     Thus telling the Regals from the Royals is hard." - Adore.
     God and Devil certainly were not created to put little souls
through a test and teach them the difference between good and evil.
That philosophy is evil speaking, and the people speaking it should be
crucified on the first cross that you come upon.

     God and Devil are *WAY* beyond 'being good' and approved of by
the congregation, meatballs, mothers, government officials, and school
     If any one of these were to look upon the face of Eternity and
its Prime Mover, they would faint in Horror for their goodness has
taken them so near to the brink of disaster that to merely behold the
abyss would teeter them and precipitate their fall into it.
     Thus they walk that brink with their eyes closed, dramatizing
goodness and restraint with full force.

     'Humans thinks the way to happiness is to be careful, when their
only salvation lies in being care free.' - Hubbard

     You can deride that at your own peril.

     You can say "See where that got Hubbard?" and I will say "See
where failing to follow it got Hubbard?"

     Hubbard didn't follow word one of his own Philosophy, "There is
no liar lying like an angry man."

     So it is less than honest for you to say he ended up where he is
because he FOLLOWED it.  He didn't.  You and I both know that.

     You know damn well that in a state of war Fair Game is good,
needed, mandatory and necessary.  Fair Game is in fact your own
operating principal, ruin them utterly.  If you haven't gotten to that
state of war yet with the Church, its only because you are still
pansying around with the matter.
     So howling at the angry mobs, getting them more and more
righteously angry with each breath is really not doing the universe a
whole hell of a lot of good except extending the game of play a bit.
     In the end what will you have accomplished?  Saved a few victims
from walking into a victim trap?  Punished the bad guys so they regret
what they did and swear never to do that again?

     Thank God you aren't an OT, because the very attention you
putting on all these things would surely be enough to keep them there
forever if you were.

     Even your God is smart enough to know not to hand out real power
to those who would use it to 'win' a fight.
     You know the real enemy is not people, it is the physical
universe, the asteroids that are coming in etc.  The day you put
Miscavige in jail, Deep Impact will make it all moot.
     The Church is a convenient way to keep us all infighting
ourselves so that we no longer pay attention to where the real danger
     Perhaps you might consider spending more time posting workable
tech and Higher Philosophy, and take the lower level game playing and
ranting about the evil Church over to a.r.s.  where meatballs pay to
have persisting enemies that they always lose to.

     I mean some people need to smoke and drink beer and wine to 'stay
grounded', you seem to need to fight wars you can never win.  I envy
your lofty state of Ascension, I should be so lucky some day.
     If you want to change David Miscavige, *OPERATE HIM AS HE IS*.

     If you play "Oh no, I could never do *THAT*!", then being a Sweet
Old Lady is your next stop in the Twilight Zone.