Politics is the meta design of society.

     Markets are the operation of that society as designed.
     Society consists of producers and consumers engaging in free trade,
negotiations for duties and rights, and a government with force and laws
to protect those negotiations and free trade.  This is 'the market'.

     Society and its markets depends on communication lines and
restrictions on those communication lines for the society to take place

     But the process of politics also depends on those same
communication lines, because while people are part of society and
engaging in their markets, they are also the designers of that society
looking at it from outside of society and must be able to speak freely
and anonymously with each other if necessary in order to engage in that
process of design.

     Any changes made to the communication lines in society for the sake
of the markets MUST be gauged against the effects they have on the meta
design process of politics as both politics and markets depend on the
same communication lines.


     When changes are made to the communication lines that benefit the
markets at the expense of politics then you have a police state

     Politics for example depend upon untraceable anonymous
communication lines, so that people can speak freely about their
political ideas with out the political goon squads of the opposing
parties coming in the night and making them disappear.

     But if you can communicate about politics anonymously to everyone
and anyone, you can also send mp3's of copyrighted works, and no one can
trace you to stop you.  And so too can the subversives or terrorists
talk freely to the people, not to mention the pedophiles posting
pictures of naked kids to public forums without recourse, and the drug
lords planning deals in alt.anonymous.messages.
     Politics also depend on the ability for a trusted group of people
to communicate safely amongst themselves using encyrption with absolute
assurance that everyone knows who the others are and no one else can
     But if they can do that, again they can pass copyrighted mp3's
around to each other with impunity.  And the subversives, terrorists
druggies and pedophiles can plot and share their trade.

     Markets hate the freedoms necessary to political communication
     Politics must never become subservient to markets, because if they
do, the meta design process of society becomes interrupted, or enslaved
to the vested interests of the markets.
     When that happens, society can't be changed as the designers can't
talk to each other safely any more, and society begins to own the
players rather than the players owning the society.

     There are MANY designers who would love for society to own its

     When ever the communication needs of politics comes into conflict
with the communication needs of markets, these people will ALWAYS push
the solution that diminishes the power of political communication for
the sake of market non communication.  Almost always these involve more
force and power to the government/police and more silence and
communication barriers to the people.

     It's almost like a drug.  Those who seek easy solutions to their
market problems, and who are politically weak inside will usually accept
these solutions and thus society is pushed further towards becoming an
eternal jail where only the weak and obedient slaves prosper and

    Is that what you want?


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