Adore's fixation on perfect certainty has in part to do with The

     The proof is actually a proof that something is false, not a
proof that something is true, it is an effort to break the hold of
Newtonian Mechanics on the minds of meatballs.

     See the mct*.memo series in the homer archives at

     Specifically the proof proves that learning with certainty across
a space/time distance is impossible.

     Since learning with certainty is self evident, it must not be
occuring across a space/time distance.

     Thus what separates the Self from what it is certain of is zero
dimensional or zero extensional.

     However before the proof can be fully 'gotten', the person must
first be brought up to a state where they are aware of and facile with
perfect certainties.  There aren't many of them, so its not hard to
get them all covered.

     If all truth is on a gradient scale to them, they haven't yet
recognized that even fuzzy logic is subsumed under the absolute logic
of IS and IS NOT.  The statement "Fuzzy Logic IS King" is using
absolute logic to assert it.

     If they live in a self denying world of cerainty that they can't
be certain of anything, and other self denying statements, they are
completely beyond reach.

     One can try asking such a person "Do you doubt that you doubt?"
until they are certain they doubt.  That is one door to perfect
certainty.  Perfect certainty of doubt and uncertainty is one possible
standard of perfect certainty.

     One way or another, until they 'get' perfect certainty, they just
won't get the proof.

     Then even if their minds are basically functional, most people
are lost in false certainties, they are 'certain' of all kinds of
things that arn't true, mostly because they have lost their standard
of perfect certainty, and because they have sold their integrity to
cover up (false) certainties that were too terrible to bear, or too
good to be true.

     They claim they are certain because they can't stand the doubt.

     This will lead to doubting that they doubt, because admitting
they doubt will get them in trouble.

     Since doubt is self casting, their only salvation is to cover
that doubt or make it irrelevant, by denying true certainties or
asserting false certainties until they can't see through the cloud any

     Self casting means if you think something bad might be true, this
will create bad feelings that will be taken as further evidence that
indeed that something bad is true!

     Wondering if you are mortal will make you feel SO DIRE, that you
will be even more sure that you are mortal.

     Watch it.

     Engaging in self casting doubts is the death of a Sourcerer.

     Clearing up the false certainties, and establishing facility with
the person's standard of perfect certainty is the first step towards
cleaning the mind of enforced lies so that it is open again to see
what there is to see.

     Then one gets them to see that they have no idea whatsoever if
the physical universe exists beyond the apparent dream of it, until
they become facile with both the meatball and dreamball theories.

     The meatball theory says that there exists an external 3 or more
dimensional space/time actuality, and that consciousness arose as a
complexity of parts within that universe.  When that complexity of
parts is busted apart, the consciousness gets busted with it.
Consciousness exists inside the physical universe and is made OF the
physical universe.

     The dreamball theory says the external 3 or more dimensional
space/time is a hologram projected in the conscious space of beings.
The physical universe exists inside the conscious universe and is made
of the conscious universe.  The conscious being is not made of parts,
but is itself a fundamental part in existence, and thus can not be
created, nor destroyed, nor 'busted apart'.

     Once the person can handle both theories, see that neither have
preferential evidence over the other, and that the dreamball universe
is more desirable, they are then open to the next phase.

     The proof itself is a later step in this process where in the
illusion of learning with certainty across a distance is broken for

     Once they get that they come up to 50/50 on the
meatball/dreamball theories and stay there for a good long time.

     But since they don't know, and they KNOW they don't know, and
they are willing to admit that they WANT to know, and are willing to
suffer the slings and arrows of self casting doubt and recognize it
for what it is, until they do know, their mind is open again to see
things that eventually push them over the edge into the dreamball

     At this stage, the mind is so rendered by the brilliance of
perfect certainties, that it is no longer capable of mere beliefs.  It
deals in probabilities and perfect certainties and that's it.

     No more 'I believe...'.

     They are no longer capable of believing something merely because
they want to believe it.  That gets burned away for good in the hell
fire of 50/50.

     Then as they proceed to tear up the layer of significance that
their mind overlays on everything, they eventually come to a
signifiance free vision of the AllThatIs, at which point they are
sitting again in the saddle of sovereignty.

     There is not even the thought that they are there, for that would
be added significance, they are just there.

     From there there is only power, willingness and freedom.

     "Source sources when Will casts."

     When they come back to the world of signifiance, it isn't the
same any more, and you have an OT, an operating thetan at whatever
power level they feel comfortable with.


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