Levi Murphy (CONFRONT23@aol.com) wrote:
>On 20 Feb 2001 22:25:50 -0500, Homer Wilson Smith
> wrote:

>>     My original position was an effort to prove that one could not be
>>certain of something that is false.

>Which effort was that? You made that assertion as a premise but never
>argued how you arrived at it as a conclusion or never argued it as a

     Actually I did a number of times times, via reductio ad absurdum.

     If one asserts it is certain that all certainties are doubtable,
one has to ask if that certainty is doubtable.
     If we say yes, then we can conclude that maybe some certainties
are not doubtable, for the opposite of all certainties are doubtable
is some certainties may not be doubtable.

     If we say no, then we have asserted an undoubtable certainty, and
we can conclude that that at least one certainty is not doubtable.

     In either case we have contradicted ourselves, so I conclude that
to DEFINE certainty (that which is not doubtable) to refer to things
which are doubtable is not an efficient expense of time.

>>     When *I* use the word perfect certainty I do not refer to
>>statements that can be wrong.

>Niether do I. Your missing the relativity factor here. Certianty is
>relative to the viewppoint at a specific point in time. At that
>instance the certainty cannot be wrong. 

     It is not true that all truth is relative.

     The assertion that all truth is relative is an absolute truth,
thus self denying, thus nonsense.

     There are truths that are true regardless of viewpoint, and even
regardless of where or when they happen.  There are truths that are
true for all people, at all places and at all times.

     When I say *I EXIST*, that is not a truth to be judged against
other's viewpoints.  If they disagree that I exist, they are in fact
wrong regardless of their viewpoint.

     The truth of my certainty that I exist is not relative to
anyone's viewpoint at all, even my own.  Either I exist or I do not,
my perception tells me I do.  My viewpoint allows me to observe and
thus conclude that I do, but having observed my existence and seen
upon the nature of it, it is clear that I exist whether or not I have
ever observed it or even believe it myself.


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