You see the problem with people who can't be certain of anything
is that they can't be certain of perfection either.

     They see something that has perfection, and they go "Eh, maybe
its perfect, maybe it isn't, who is to know!  Maybe I don't exist,
maybe I am just a hallucination in another's mind, maybe I just think
I doubt, maybe, maybe, maybe, yak, yak, yak, natter, natter, natter,

     That's the sound of a marble roll around the drain to hell.

     Absolutes are unobtainable in the physical universe any way

     Well the physical universe doesn't exist, so Duh!, and certainty
and perfection and certainty of perfection has nothing to do with the
physical universe anyway, but has to do with the conscious unit
and its perception of color form, itself and its agency.

     Looker -> Looked through - > Looked at.

     So doubt on.


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