Richard Platek \(Lion\) ( wrote:
>And to be honest, I don't think this extraordinary moment of insight is all
>that important in the long run, although it does inform everything from that
>point on.

     You are 100 percent wrong.

     The difference between a being who knows he is dreaming, and one
who thinks he isn't, is the difference between an immortal whose
future is endlessly beautiful and a dramatizing psychotic using
illogically derived violent solutions to problems that don't exist
(the alleged referents).

>It's like a hand shake. All you feel is your hand. You never really actually
>feel the others hand. All you feel is you.

     Yes, and confusing the symbols of your own consciousness with
alleged external referents, then creates a whole world that does not
exist for the person to fear and eventually succumb to and become.

     Its one thing to know you are fighting virtual monsters, its
quite another to believe it is all actual.

     Eventually the guy loses to and becomes what never existed at
all, MEST, cold hard MEST.
>Oh, I don't how useful seeing this is ....

     It allows the being to separate perfect certainties from false

     Conscious perception is always perfect certainty, the symbol is
experienced, that's a fact.  The alleged reference is only surmised.

     The non lucid dreamer belittles perfect certainties as useless,
because indeed they don't help him deffend/offend against the alleged
referent.  He is 'certain he can't be certain of anything', and in
fact as long as he uses symbols to spec out referents he in fact can
never be certain of the referents.

     However once the being realizes there ARE no alleged referents,
he was dreaming all along, he can then start changing his symbols in
consciousness by act of will and expect it to change for everyone,
magic becomes possible again, since we are all co dreaming.

     No one is ever going to move the marble on the table as long as
an actual marble made of glass is there.

     But a dream marble, co dreamed by countless trillions, well
that's a different story, if you dare.

     The 'what difference does it make' case is just that, a 'what
difference does it make' case.

     Define a dream as a panoply of symbols with no referents, a
virtual reality pretending to be an actuality.


     "What difference does it make if I am dreaming or not?" to E/P.



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