Phil Scott ( wrote:

>     YOU have dreamed up your construct to screw with on these issues,
>and thats fine.
>     Its just that once outside of the entire cluster fuck, all that
>thinking and figuring blows away like junk mail....and one sees all those
>wasted trees and stamps.

     The idea is that people are already stuck in a mind set, i.e.
desire plus view of the cosmic all, which acts as sort of a jail cell to
their desire.

     By giving them a different construct, it creates cracks in their
own jail cell, allowing light to shine through.  Doesn't matter if they
accept the new construct or no construct etc, it matters that their
original one have a crack in the wall.

     Your approach is to run processes on them until the constructs

     My approach is to offer other plausible alternative constructs
until their false certainty in any of them cracks.  Then they can let go
and look, probably even run your processes better.

     I approach existence and clearing like any scientist, we observe,
we make models, we see if the models make predictions, if so, we look
for those phenomenon too, if we find them, we continue along that path.
Oh yeah and we use Occam's razor to shave in the morning.

     There are perfect certainties along this path, I AM, I WANT, I KNOW
and I DO, and I find that useful as a standard of certainty against
which to compare all other ideas.  With a standard of perfect certainty,
one can no longer get stuck with 'certainties' that are 'false'.

     The whole idea of a perfect certainty is an anathema to a sinking
being.  He can't handle them at all because of the perfect 'false'
certainties he is shunning.
     The perfect certainty that perfect certainty is impossible or
useless is a symptom of a broke, beaten and cowardly mind.

     I AM is certainty of I AM.  To denigrate this amazing fact as
aggrandizing the supremity of the ego is suppressive and one would have
to question the motives of anyone who might do so.

     Ayn Rand's book Anthem told the story of two children trying to
find the word they had forgotten because it didn't exist in the language
any more, the word "I".

     Whatever the nature and intent of the AllThatIs, consciousness of
"I AM!" is certainly part of it, and a good and highly desirable part of
     From this certainty of "I AM" comes The Proof that the I-AM is not
a state determined space/time multi dimensional machine such as
envisioned by the meatballs.
     We use standard meatball theory to prove it!
     Now admittedly the individual I-AM is not the AllThatIs, and
admittedly the whole perception of 'I' may be drenched in illusion, and
delusions about illusions, but the I is not a nothing, and the illusions
are more indication that the I is a something, as a nothing can't have
illusions, and the more we contemplate these things, the more the false
certainties fall away and the mind is free to see what is as it is.

     Is that aggrandizing existence?  Shame on me.
     Fun models to play with are not intended to replace existing mental
jail cells, but to break them open by giving the being a datum of
comparable magnitude so he ceases to hold onto one as if it was the only
one in the world.
     The world however is a co-dream shared by many dreamers, lucid and
not, we do survive this life, even if not on Earth, consciousness did
not arise out of MEST, and consciousness is not merely a process in MEST
     Illusions of MEST and dimensionality arose out of consciousness, we
think there is space because we see space, and such things do not fit in
the meatball model at all, but do fit in the dreamball model, and hence
scientifically the model is useful.
     There can't be an ultimate downside to having a model that is more
accurate than not.  Even the model that all models are useless is a
model and thus wind between the ears, arrogant, conceited and vain all
rolled up into one.