Phil Scott ( wrote:

>   If you however can play the piano..well then there is a test...if you can
> swing the sword  with
>   your life on the line..thats a test too.   The testing is crucial.

     Such small tests.

     How about if I can turn the tables on a mortal meatballs and get
them to consider they are immortal again?  Get them to bubble upwards in
life rather than swim downwards?

     The difference is whether they know they are dreaming or not.

     "If you wanted to drop a mental Atomic bomb on a person, you could
simply convince him of his Immortality.  Just like that.

     If you could really make a person KNOW that he was Immortal, life
would never be the same.  This paper is such an Atomic Bomb, a prototype
but built to explode.  And YOU are reading it.  If it fails to explode
either it is wrong, or you do not understand it.  If it is wrong I want
to know.  If you do not understand it, I am at your service to give you
help or explanation."

     Intro to Considerations on the Immortality of Self
     Homer W. Smith 5/10/1977

     That paper eventually became The Proof as I have been presenting
here for 12 years.

     To wit:
     Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Not Learning with

     Learning across an actual space/time dimension implies learning
by looking at effects here produced by implied causes out there.

     Learning by looking at effects implies not Learning with
Certainty about Cause.

     Therefore, Learning with certainty about Cause, implies Learning,

     Not by looking at effects, and
     Not across a space/time dimension."

     Since consciousness is aware of Agency, with perfect certainty,
both in itself and in its color-forms it therefore follows that
learner and learned about are not separated by a space/time dimension.

     In other words Consciousness is scalar, and Looker, Looked
Through, and Looked At are One.