The Proof needs to be taught in 3 phases.

      Each one needs to be done in order before going onto the next one or
the process will fail.

      Sometimes when I am messing around with someone brighter than the
normal bear, going over various things from the 2nd and 3rd phases
without having cleared the 1st phase first, they will suddenly stop me
and asy "Where is this leading?"

      So I might answer "Oh well, the world is a dream, consciousness
is scalar, and you and me and everyone else are co dreamers".

      They will then say "But I know that's absurd, you are wasting my
time with this."

      Ok, so there we have it, they 'know' its absurd, so they can't
look any further.

      Even if I were to present incontrovertible proof to them that the
world was a dream, they still wouldn't get it because it would oppose
their prior false 'certainty' that the world was not a dream.

      The new data and the old data would put them in an incredibility.

      The anatomy of an incredibility is

      Certainty that something is true,
      Certainty that something is impossible.

      Their mind can not proceed beyond the incredibility, and so
discussion becomes fruitless.

      Ok, now fortunately for us, this person's 'certainty' that the world 
is not a dream is in fact a false certainty, a conviction you might say 
born of fair chosen force and criminal or even majestic self denial rather 
than clarity, lucidity and enlightment.

      There was a time in their past, when they knew the world was a dream 
and were operating comfortably in it.  Then something happened that threw 
doubt on their perfect certainty.  They allowed this to happen, even 
invited and paid for it for the thrill, but the doubt carried them away 
into such horror of the possibility the world was not a dream, they 
actually became more convinced it wasn't.

      That is called the Doubt Effect.

      "Doubt is self casting" - Adore.

      Now during this incident the being had to make a decision about
what to DO next, and what to do was affected by whether the world was a
dream or not.  If it was a dream, then he would do A, and if it wasn't a
dream then he would do B.

      But his doubt had pushed him under the 50/50 point to where he
would in that moment of stress bet against the world being a dream.

      Thus out of that doubt he chose the wrong decision, he COMMITTED to
the postulate that the world was not a dream by chosing the course of
action mandated by the postulate.

      He made wrong his original certainty that the world was a dream, he
condemned it and damned it as treasonous, he smashed and crushed that
certainty out of existence and his entire eternal beautiful personality
with it, and he swore FOREVER and ever to never again make that mistake,
and he made right, forever more, the idea that the world was not a

      The amount of charge in this incident was and still is infinite as
he lost his infinite future.

      This IS the infinite incident.

      OK, so in a moment of doubt he chose to go with the meatball theory
of existance, but then he never came back to reevaluate his doubt or his
prior perfect certainty, because he made the decision to avoid it

      Notice he was never certain the world was not a dream, he was just
appalled and overwhelmed by his momentary doubt that cast a darker
shadow than he was expecting, it *SURPRISED* him.  Then in his panic and
*HURRY* to make a decision, he went with the postulate of darkness, and
afterwards decided it better never to go back and reevaluate it lest he
find out he was wrong.

      First the guy knows its the best of all possible worlds.

      Then he doubts it, which makes him feel so bad he considers MORE
that it isn't the best of all possible worlds.

      Then he never goes back to reevaluate because he is terrified he
might find out it WAS the best of all possible worlds after all, and how
would he ever live his error down.

      God, his enemies are smug.

      So now here I am trying to show him clear evidence that the world is 
a dream, but his prior false certainty it isn't will not allow him to 
track well with my presentation, and worse it will make him feel like I am 
wasting his time, or trying to make him into a fool again.

      At first he is not a fool.

      Then someone shows him he is a fool.

      Then he finds out he wasn't a fool after all, and therefore
WAS a fool after all for thinking he was a fool when he wasn't.

      Gotta love it, gotta appreciate that for ludicrous demise.

      You see he felt the fool the first time the doubt effect turned him
away from and endlessly beautiful future, that is part of why he damned
his original knowledge of eternality.

      And now his safe solution to never be a fool again is to never
again waste time considering the possibility that he is in fact
eternal.  No he was a fool once, he won't be THAT fool again!

      An eternal does not appreciate doubting himself, and does not
appreciate being the fool.  Better to believe you are going to die, and
end up living forever, than believe you are going to live forever and
end up dying.

      Now that he has decided his prior certainty of eternality was
wrong, which made him feel the fool once, getting him to admit it was
right all along, would make him the fool twice, and surely he would not
survive his regained awareness of eternality with his self respect

      What would everyone else think?  A God fooled into believing it was
mud, which then committed to horrible deeds because of it, then finds
out he was the fool all along.  The Jokers and Degraders must be
laughing at him forever and ever Amen.

      So when dealing with the perfect certainties of The Proof, one runs
into old false 'certainties' that need to be cleared out first.

      Until the being admits he hasn't a clue whether the world is a
dream or not, and admits each and every one of these incidents where he
concluded it wasn't a dream were in fact to date unjustifiable, then he
will never be able to deal with the new analysis showing him the world
might in fact be a dream.

      So the whole second part of the proof is devoted to just this,
clearing out the false certainties that the being has that the world is
not a dream.

      First we get him to recognise that consciousness exists as its
own phenomenon, and familiarize him with how he is using it to
symbolize referents in the alleged material world.

      Then we get him to go over and reevaluate all the evidence he has
ever accumulated, decisions, make wrongs, and incidents where he
concluded the alleged material world was probably actual.

      Then we get him to clear out the charge on these items so he is
again willing to be the fool twice, until there is nothing nagging at
him or holding him back from being eager and willing to find out once
again what Eternal Home is really like.

      At that point the being is back at 50/50 on whether the world is a
dream or not.  He sees he has no evidence one way or the other and he is
sitting square in the middle of the fence waiting to be blown away to
either side again by the slightest datum that comes in.

      Now this is a very difficult period for the pc, its like not
knowing if you are going to be condemned to eternal life or eternal
death.  Who knows what you may find out for real that will lead you back
down the meatball road.

      Most beings can't stand this, better to pretend you are going to
die, than sit there not knowing.  If you believe you are going to die,
then you are at least prepared, if you aren't going to die at body death
then all the better, it will be a good surprise.  Or so he thinks until
he realizes how wrong he was and how wasteful it was to be that wrong.

      So the weak being will start to fabricate false certainties all
over again making him just sure the world is not a dream and he is going
to die forever one day, which justifies further non discussion of the
matter lest he get his hopes up, find out you are wrong or an idiot, and
have them crashed all over again.

      Don't approach someone with promise of proof of eternality and fail
to deliver.  You will end up on a cross.

      Or they will start to worry about hell forever, maybe the world is
a dream, and they are some sinner and going to be cast into the lake of
fire forever and ever.  The upside of this is they get quick insight
into how they invented the death forever thing in the first place :)

      Death is a way to get out of hell!

      So keeping a being on the 50/50 fence just long enough to start on
phase 3 of the Proof is an undertaking all in itself.  It is mostly
auditing, incidents coming up, mind fabricating lies as fast as it can,
worst possible horrors presented on the table as real possibilities, and
the more horrible they are the more likely they are to boot!

      But you know, the world is with this guy as long as he remains
honest with himself and doesn't duck for the comfort and cover of lies.

      For if he sits square on that fence at 50/50 and you don't do a
thing else, he will start to vision his eyes out, start to see things,
remember things, feel things.  They will scare the hell out of him, the
philosophical and visonary vertigo will make him reel, but it will show
him one thing for SURE, it is much more likely he is going to live
forever than not.

      He still won't know if its in Heaven or Hell though :)

      And THAT is such a problem to him, he still wonders if dying
forever might be better.

      If you just left him there on the fence, he would probably get off
it on the eternal side and start to live his life again, and probably
not even need phase 3 of the proof.

      But he would believe he was probably eternal without having a firm
grasp as to WHY it was true or how it could be.

      That's what phase 3 does for the guy, it shows him exactly what it
is about consciousness that is so magical, and once he sees how it all
works, all the horrors of being eternal begin to fade as he sees the
mechanism by which he creates them, belief in outwardness,
dimensionality, separation, other determinism, cringe and flinch.

      He sees the basic error, assigning to non existent referents
qualities that belong to the symbol.

      Namely the quality of existence, the symbol exists, the referent

      The first phase is a lot of indoctrination, mostly to clarify what
he already believes and operates on at a semi subconscious level every
day, while trying to learn and survive in a space/time game stream.  It
is the operating manual of a state determined space/time machine,
tooling around spacetime, learning by looking.

      The E/P of phase one is the pc knows that consciousness is its own
thing, and he is using it to symbolize alleged referents in the alleged
material universe of space/time.

      The second phase clarifies the two theories of existence, meatball
or dreamball, namely whether those referents exist or not, and gets him
to reevaluate all his convictions and criminal or majestic make wrongs
on the subject of certainty on whether the world is or is not a dream.

      (Majesty means Master of Jest, he did it to himself as a prank or
practical joke, a large one, a *MAJESTIC* practical joke.)

      The E/P of phase two is he has no clue, 50/50, scared witless of
what is to come.  He sees that ALL evidence he ever had the world was
not a dream was not in fact valid.

      He sees that his own doubts gave added weight to what he doubted,
and that in the end he merely made the matter wrong with intent never to
revisit it again.

      The third phase begins to walk the being through The Proof proper
by getting him to see what consciousness is not, namely a machine
operating via cause and effect across a space/time dimension.

      This is a long and arduous process as the visionary experiences go
right into the center core of the reactor of existence and the power
waves that come from it are tidal and overwhelming.

      It is hard to look the stardrive in the eye without flinch.

      It takes a long time of going over and over the material of how
phase one learning works, and seeing that consciousness is no such
thing, and wondering what it is then, without coming up with ANY ANSWERS
AT ALL, until one finally understands that consciousnes can't be
understood in the terms of space/time mechanics, period.

      At that point the being sees FOR SURE that consciousness is not a
space/time dimensional entity, but that it is used as a symbol to refer
to and project pictures of self luminous virtual realities of space/time
dimensional entities.

      The end result of this experience is the idea the world is not a
dream becomes asymptotically ludicrous as time goes on.

      The being stops worrying about death forever or hell forever.

      He pays more attention to his consciousness than the virtual
realities it purports to render, and he can spot and stop dramatizing
temporal forevers altogether replacing them with timeless Eternities

      He understands that the cycle of Truth is Peace, Love, Anger, Fear,
Sorrow, Hope, Humor and Peace.

      He's even willing to have it all happen again, the Twice Fool was
Beautiful and his best friend, himself.

      He even begins to *DESIGN* it happening again, but a LONG time
from now :)

      The past thus becomes ALL worthwhile and with it so does the

      He and what he concocts ARE his future.


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