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>Homer Wilson Smith ( wrote:
>>     Perception of certainty in fact is direct perception of *PERFECTION*,
>>and that leads right into the mind of God.

>Are you saying now there are other minds, i.e. the mind of God, or are you
>saying you are God?  It sounds like you're saying the first and that your
>experience leads you from point A to point B [the mind of God].

     I am mixing modes of thought and engaging in real bad metaphors
put through the blenders.

     If God is defined as the All That Is, my present model is that
God consists of
     1.) Source which is the mechanical causal ground of things that
are, which includes the holographic projection mechanism and the
respository for data and universes etc.  It is not conscious, it is
the causal ground of conscious units, and connects them together if
there is more than one.

     2.) Conscious units, which are the view port between Source and
manifestation.  They are the lens through which internal unmanifest
data and universes are projected out onto the view screen of their
conscious color form to become manifest data and universes through the
process of 'casting'.  "Source sources, only when Will casts."

     3.) The view screen of our conscious color form itself, upon
which data and universes are manifested and viewed by the conscious
unit view port.

     What is displayed on the viewport screen is a virtual reality of
implied external matter, energy, space and time.  It is a dream of
such, no more, no less.  Source sources, what source is not.

     Attempts to learn about the virtual reality are destined to use
dream machines to measure dream events.  They give rise only to
theories which can never be certain because one can only experience
the dream, not what the dream represents in the way of external
universe.  There is no proof the external universe is actually there,
and in fact it isn't.

     Thus the quest for perfect certainty in the study of the virtual
reality is impossible.  However one CAN find perfect certainties if one
studies the viewport and its ability to see itself and its manifesting
color forms.  Thus perfect certainty is a fundamental OPERATING PART of
the make up of the Source - Conscious Unit - Color Form triad.  because
it is impossible to be conscious-of with out being certain-of whether
one notices this with certainty or not.  Thus by studying the nature of
perfect certainty, one is studying the mechanism by which the All That
Is manifests and knows it manifests.

>- CBW

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