14 August 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
 >     In February 1992, Canada's Supreme Court ruled that obscenity
 >     is to be defined by the harm it does to women's pursuit of
 >     equality.  The Canadian Supreme Court says that a threat to
 >     women's equality is an acceptable ground for some limits on
 >     freedom of speech.
     For every Duty there is a Right.
     For every Right there is a Duty.
     You CHOOSE and are RESPONSIBLE for BOTH.
     This has nothing to do with the government.
     It has to do with YOU as a Sovereign Being.
     Rights are fair chosen exchange for fair chosen duty.
     Justice is a fair chosen operating balance of duties and rights.
     If you want rights, insist upon duties.

     If you have duties, insist upon rights.

     You have a right to have duties, and you have a duty to have
     Basic duty is HONOR.  Honor is the ability to make, keep and trade
fair chosen promises.
     Basic promise is to adore operation.
     Basic right is DIGNITY.  Dignity is being the sole operator of your
     Equal rights implies equal duties.
     Equal duties deserve equal rights, nothing else does.
     If you want equal rights, seek equal duties.
     The reason that women do not have equal rights in this society is
because they are prevented from having equal duties.
     This applies to everyone, be they women, children, gays or
     Sometimes people are forced to have equal duties but denied equal
     The point is that once they are denied equal duties too, there is
no chance of EVER getting back equal rights.
     Therefore the FIRST step towards getting back equal rights, is to
guarantee for yourself equal duties.
     One thing that comes to mind for women is the draft and
     Either get rid of the draft and registration (preferably by
Constitutional Amendment) or make sure both sexes are registered and
drafted equally and then give them equal duties side by side in the
Armed forces.
     I don't think pornography has much to do with women's position or
condition in this world.  If women were fighting and dying along side
of men on the battle field, they would have all the respect they
needed to make significant inroads into guaranteeing equal rights for
 >     In summary, I protest the printing of pornography in yyyyy
 >     because it contributes to the vast amount of pornography to
 >     which American males are exposed and which has been shown to
 >     contribute to violence against women as well as our treatment
 >     as second class citizens.
     The way men treat women is a reflection of what they think of
their mothers.  If you want to know why men abuse women, study the
mother/son relationship.