John Ramsey
 The Receiving Course
 880 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708
 (808) 572-9102
     There is a course about clarity called The Receiving Course being
offered on Maui for $2,000.  It delivers full clarity, usually in less
than thirty hours.  (Ask about special $1/minute rates.)
     (($50/hour is the usual field rate.))
     The course consists of entirely original material, and is delivered
one-to-one.  Also, training to teach the course is available.
     The basis for establishing this course occurred one day in 1979 as
the result of a profound breakthrough definition of the word control.
On that day in 1979 a friend asked, What is your definition of control?
I responded with the definition that I had come to, through years of
disciplined research concerning words:  The ability to create, continue
creating and cease creating...
     No, said my friend. May I assist you to expand your understanding
of control with a demonstration?
    Yes, says I. He proceeded to present the following:
    Would you say that it takes energy to perform an action? (Yes.)
    Would you say that action and using energy are the same? (Yes.)
    If I want to pick up this object, I am going to use energy, aren't
I? (Yes.) OK.  There are three ways to pick up this object:
    One of them is this:  (Slam hand on object)...using more energy than
is necessary to perform the action.  Using more energy than is necessary
to perform an action is called force, and the attitude of force is being
in control.  Another way that I have to pick up the object is this:
(Dramatize ((exaggerate)) using effort to pick up the object)...I am
using more energy than is necessary to perform the action (but still
barely being able to pick up the object), and that is called effort.
The attitude of effort is being out of control.  Did you notice that in
using force and effort I used a lot of extra energy in order to produce
an act portraying that, Something is wrong (and right)? (Yes.)
    Then, I have another way, which is this:  (Pick up object
effortlessly)...which is using the exact amount of energy necessary to
perform the action - and that is control, or having control - in other
words, forceless and effortless action.  Do you understand?   (Yes.)
The definition of control is:  force-less/effortless action.
[Technically, it is forceless/effortless action/inaction]
     Well, I tried, but could not argue myself into invalidating this
impeccable logic, and slowly my lifelong stable datum began to crumble.
Eventually, it altogether gave way!  What evolved was the realization
that every practice I had learned was based on being in control - to
overcome being out of control.  My philosophy had been like the symbols
heads vs. tails.  I had not been actually having the true value:  the
coin (reality) itself.  I knew I wanted reality (real clarity), not
merely great ability at overcoming problems with a grand and highly
polished act of being in control.  I realized that being in control is a
trap (manipulation, believing one's own act) and therefore - is 100%
unworkable (although 100% seemingly workable) to have what I really
want:  love and clarity.
     Clarity embraces love for those with whom I interact, not just the
position of being on a pedestal, thinking (because of my spirit, years
of studies, training and practice) that I had superior knowledge.  That
was just a fancy separation, a position of being right, not real
clarity.  Above all, I have always wanted clarity, the real thing, not
just an act.
     Next came the development.  The receiving Course technology was to
deliver having control, not merely being in control of what was formerly
out of control.  It had to be pure.  We couldn't even call it clearing,
because the word clearing implies the removal of something.  The word
CLARITY, however does not imply that something gets removed.  It is
simply clarity.  Real clarity cannot be realized within the illusion
that something is wrong - and that something needs removal or fixing.
Clarity is in receiving that which is real, and acknowledging pretense.
     After many months of intense work, we had the framework and many of
the processes for The Receiving Course.  We called it by various names
in the early days, but have settled on The Receiving Course because that
best describes the experience of clarity.
     We ran each other through the material, made some improvements and
changes, and then began running other people through the new course.
The results were phenomenal!  The course has been refined over the
years, and many people have subsequently been trained to deliver it.
The training is simple, and like the course itself, is forceless and
effortless.  Training now takes about as long as receiving the course.
     We usually train two graduates at once by teaching basic session
skills and then teaching and assisting them to take each other (again)
through each of the material's twelve sections.  Occasionally, I train
someone by being the other student myself.  This method requires an
exceptionally bright trainee - he or she saves a lot of money - and I
get to acknowledge my own act again...
     I'd like to know your response to what I have said about stable
datum.  [Or was it stale data?] Perhaps we have value to exchange.
     Once you have reviewed our brochures and read the book, CLARITY,
($10 + $3 postage) write us, call or come in person for a talk.  If you
are interested in the course, now could be the time to do it because we
are making a special offer.  (See our off-white brochure, under The
Cost.) Client candidates will receive a double sided cardstock sheet
containing, The ATTITUDES, pre-course study material.  Our brochures
tell a bit about myself (John Ramsey), The Receiving Course in general,
details of what is covered and a flyer about the book, CLARITY.  We want
prospective clients to let us know their thoughts, a bit about their own
background regarding clearing, and reasons for his or her interest in
clarity.  We very much appreciate whatever people contribute, especially
original writing about clarity.  (It's our favorite subject.)
     We hope this starts a chain of events that will result in your (or
other peoples') receiving the course.  Please feel free to disseminate
this information in any way you choose.  We are pleased to offer this
completely original and amazing experience to those who want something
beyond endless attempts to get rid of past problems, traumas or
whatever.  We offer CLARITY in a compact, inexpensive and easy course.
     John Ramsey
     ((I have read the offered book CLARITY.  Most of it is totally spot
on.  Some of it is too off the wall for me, especially as regards free
sex between married couples.  Perhaps I am reading it wrong, but the
implication is that demands for fidelity between married couples is an
aberration and a make wrong.  If the rest of the book hadn't been so
correct I would have dismissed the free sex thing out of hand.
     The book is well worth reading, it is short and sweet, with topical
short chapters.  It basically deals with how we live our lives according
to our act that some things are GOOD and some things are BAD, and how
the GOOD things are lovely and the BAD things are unlovely, leading us
to love some things and some people and not other things or other
people.  The end goal of this book is to attain total unconditional love
of all things by coming to love the unlovely, as the unlovely is our own
creation and act for the purpose of having a game.  Once we stop denying
responsibility for those things that oppose us and our sense of decency,
we can see the beauty of those things too and we stop responding to the
world in a compulsive all or nothing fight for beauty and against ugly,
because there no longer is any ugly, just beauty.  -Homer))