rolandberry@hotmail.com wrote:

>Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>> If I have OT powers, if I can read minds dependably, if I can move the
>> marble or a brick on a table, or kill someone at a distance by inducing
>> electric current through their hearts, do I *OWE* the world a public
>> demonstration to all who want to know?

>Yes you do, because if you could do it then other people should
>eventually be able to do it and it would be extremely important for
>mankind to know their inherent powers and their nature. If you do not
>give the demonstration, if you could, then you would be comdemning
>mankind to ignorance and delusion about their true nature.

      OK, thank you Roland for this answer.

      Now I can conclude only two things.

      You actually believe this answer, in which case you are

      You are trolling in which case you are evil.

      So which is it Roland, evil or stupid?


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