Indoctrinate or not as you please.  Use clay table demonstrations
to clarify the following items.

     Exteriorization is the state of the preclear being out of his body.

     Unfortunately it is usually used in the sense that the preclear
moves out of his body, rather than the preclear moves the whole universe
and his body with it, away from him, while the preclear remains where he

     IF THE PC IS MOVING HE IS NOT EXTERIORIZING!  He is moving out into
a picture.


     A symbol has mass meaning and mobility and exists relative to the
orientation point or viewpoint of dimension that created it.

     An orientation point has no mass, no meaning and no mobility, it is
a fully empowered operating viewport of the static called a viewpoint of

     An orientation point is the creator and is operating creator power
and motivation.

     A symbol is the creature and is operating creature power and

     Virtue for the creature is not virtue for the creator.  - Olaf
Stapleton, Star Maker

     When the preclear is being the body, he is being a symbol.  He has
mass, meaning and mobility, and moves himself and the body around in the
universe by effort and force motivated by creature desire.

     If the preclear tries to move out of the body, he is trying to move
out of a symbol by being himself another symbol moving away from the
first symbol.  This will not work, as it is an identity trying to
separate from itself.

     When a preclear exteriorizes from a body, he doesn't move out of
the body, the whole universe landslides away from him.

     This is the beginning of telekinesis.  It is actually easier to
move the universe around you, than to move an object in the universe
relative to other objects in the universe.

     In either case it is mostly a matter of understandings and

     At this point the preclear has become an eternally stationary
orientation point which can move the universe anywhere he wants it
relative to himself.

     This eternality, by the way, is the only proof he will ever need
that he is indeed an 'immortal' being.  Remember however that this
eternality is out of time, while immortality is in time, and thus in the
end always a hell forever.  Since time whiles are always finite in
length, all hells can only last for a while.

     Thus although eternality exists, immortality does not.

     The exterior preclear has realigned himself with the "Fountainhead
of Source." -Adore.

     Hubbard claimed that he was 'source' of Standard Tech.  He was a
chipmunk who hated squirrels.  This is not the Source we are talking
about which is at the top of the Awareness Characteristic Chart and
which can create both chipmunks and squirrels.

     Thus the exterior preclear moves the universe around him in order
to be anywhere he wants to be in it, or even some other universe.

     Remedying scarcity of universes goes a long ways towards making
sure the preclear doesn't compulsively interiorize into any one universe
for long.

     Freedom to leave any universe is made easier if there is freedom to
enter another.

     Who wants to hang out in Eternal Omni Awesome Peace forever?

     That we have these abilities is a major statement.

     Once the preclear is VGI's on orientation point and symbol but not
necessarily exteriorized, continue with the below.


     Sync is critical.

     Possibly various failures of standard tech result from these two
simple facts.

     The first is a failure to run the NO ITEM first and then the SOME

     The second is the ability to get the running of the two items into
sync with the flows in the preclear as they want to come off.

     The preclear's mind is like a capacitor.  He has only a finite ability to
push (dramatize) in one direction, and as the capacitor fills up it
becomes harder and harder to push in that direction.

     Thus eventually the preclear has to turn it around and push the
other direction which will flow well for a while aided by the charge
already built up in the capacitor, then become harder and harder again,
until he has to reverse the flow again.

     For eons the preclear has been thinking 'I want to be exterior, I
don't want to be exterior, I want to be exterior, I don't want to be

     He has no choice but to alternate back and forth, HE CAN'T HELP BUT

     ((This was written before the discovery of ANDS, what's really
nailing the preclear to his ridge is:

     I want to exteriorize AND I want to not exteriorize at the same

     He is trying to hold on to AND push away from his body at the
same time.))

     This applies to any item the preclear might be dramatizing.

     Watch out for the guy dramatizing "I will be good!"

     Not forever he will.

     He has no choice but to reverse and pretty much on schedule.

     Any time the preclear takes a dramatizing position for or against
an item, he lays down a layer of mental taffy in his space.  You know
how taffy pours left and right and left and right when they make it,

     Well it may not be left and right, and it may be possibly more
complex, but it is similar.  When you start running these flows, each
layer needs to run off, before you can reverse the item.  If you reverse
to soon the meter will stick and stop responding.

     So if he should be running NO ITEM and you call SOME ITEM, it won't
read.  If you then continue on to some other item, you have totally
bypassed that first item in its entirety and that perhaps explains more
than anything possible failures of the standard Scientology bridge on
some people.

     All assessment sheets in the Church only assess for the SOME ITEM.
Only after a little read will they ask for the suppressed (NO) ITEM, and
even then they use the wrong word.  But by that time its too late, by
the time they are asking for NO ITEM the preclear is already back at
SOME ITEM!  So it still doesn't read and preclear comes away with
nothing there, nothing run, clean slate.

     Running NOTHING THERE, SOMETHING THERE, blows through most of the
auditing and bad indications the preclear has had during his track of
SOME ITEM only running.

     The reason we start with NO ITEM then is because the preclear is a
not-isness case and most of his items are in the NO ITEM state.  Thus
you are much more likely to get a read on first call.  But then once the
read is gone, you need to move to SOME ITEM to keep the read going.

     At first these reads can shift back and forth VERY FAST.

     Sometimes very slow, it depends on how deep the preclear starts
running it up front.

     There is a rhythm to this, as you call off and get the preclear to
talk about NO ITEM AND SOME ITEM in sync with his bank, the flows will
get stronger and stronger as they alternate back and forth until the
item starts to F/N.

     There is however a trick to this that is not obvious and may again
be part of why few have caught on until now.

     If you call NO ITEM and it doesn't read, it is possible the
preclear is already at SOME ITEM.  So you call SOME ITEM and it still
doesn't read.  Well he may have flipped back to NO ITEM.

     You are playing phone tag with the item.

     So at this point, rather than call off NO ITEM again where it still
won't read, you call of SOME ITEM AGAIN!  Then it will start reading
again if it is there to read.

      You have to see this work to believe it.

        NO ITEM - read
      SOME ITEM - read
        NO ITEM - read
      SOME ITEM - read
        NO ITEM - no read
      SOME ITEM - no read
      SOME ITEM - read!
        NO ITEM - read!

      In worst cases you sometimes have to double call each side to make
it start running again.

        NO ITEM - no read
        NO ITEM - no read
      SOME ITEM - no read
      SOME ITEM - read!
        NO ITEM - read!
      SOME ITEM - read!

     By the way we don't want the item to just read, we want the TA to
come down with each read.

     When the items read, but the needle does a 'rubber bounce' back to
where it was, and the TA continues to go UP with each read, you got a
wrong item, or a slightly wrong item, or an item out of sequence with
another one that needs to be run first etc, or a whole list of other

      Presumably well trained auditors know how to deal with this to get
a properly running item that will run to F/N.

      How to find an item and how to run an item are related but
different sciences.

     In the absence of the ability to find any item at all that will
read, one can try running NO ITEM, SOME ITEM, getting it in sync as
necessary until that reads and runs, and then more specific items will
start to show up, although maybe not in that session.

     Sometimes the preclear simply has to walk away from a no item, to
give it a few days to be come a some item, then metered auditing will
work again.  In the meanwhile go out and work, produce a living etc.

     This material is magical, an auditor who understands the rhythm of
flows can get the preclear running white light and lightning in no time.


     When the preclear first sits down in the chair he will be found to
be in a mess on the matter of having gone exterior and/or wanting to go

     In particular he will want and not want at the same time.

     He may think he is crazy for his past exteriorizations and he
probably won't have told a soul about them, so there will be a LOT of
communication charge on the matter.

     If he has gone exterior, he may not remember a few of them,
particularly if they were early in age, or under great engramic or
secondary duress.

     When the being first takes over the body, he may go in and out a
number of times before he settles in for good.  Kind of like wearing eye

     Thus one has to clean up his considerations on the matter, in
particular the issues of ability and inability, and willingness and

     With regard to exteriorization assess for ability/inability and

     Two way comm until preclear has the two untangled in his mind and a
better understanding of where he is on the matter of exteriorization.
He probably will change his mind on the matter multiple times during the
process we will be running on him, this is expected.

     Each time the process bogs down, check sync, and if still no go,
take up inability and unwillingness and clear until the process can

      The neurotic hides from unwillingness behind inability.

     I can't means I dare not.

     At the OT level there is no inability, only superior unwillingness.

     Don't make the preclear wrong with the above, just 2 way comm until
he reaches his own momentary understanding of inability and
unwillingness on the matter of exteriorization.

     If the two items absolutely won't clear on 2 way comm, then run a
full bracket on them using NO ITEM - SOME ITEM.

      Word clear with him the CDEINR scale, and get him to understand
that NO means pretended NO through use of force.


      If the item really and truly has nothing there, the item will
float on the meter.  If the item is covered by force it will stop,
go dirty, fall and cascade down the dial standardly as charge runs off.


     Spot   NO ABILITY.

     Spot   NO INABILITY.



     E/P for this might be comfortable clarity on relationship between
inability and unwillingness.

     Don't expect an OT view to emerge on the matter, run the process
until the person is personally comfortable on the relationship between
the two in his own reality at the time.  "Some times I am unable,
sometimes I am unwilling, sometimes I pretend I am unable because I am
unwilling.  Yeah I can see that, no big deal, let's continue!"


     Before starting the main process come to an agreement with the
preclear about how you and he will test the exteriorization when and if
it occurs, as it may not last long.

     We want a test that is conclusive and can not be doubted later.
Video tape the session and testing, if desirable, to solidify the proof.

     Consult preclear's willingness first, do not force on preclear if not
interested in proof.  Letting others know one can get out of jail will
turn on the qualms, i.e.  the willies, endanger his family, pets, and
other loved ones.

     The qualms tell the preclear he might be better off if others
didn't know.

     If he is concerned about privacy in the matter, he is going to have
a hard enough time remaining exterior WHILE making sure others don't
know.  If he does get out, rehab that ability to make sure others don't
know first, so he can safely stay out, before trying to get him to
announce it to his friends let alone the world.

     Exterior beings can have a lot of fun with each other, but one
doesn't want to let non exterior beings into the club too early.

     They alternate between "Prove it!" and "Take care of me or else!"

     They can't help but alternate by the way for the same reasons as
discussed above.

     Word clear with the preclear NO SYMPATHY and SYMPATHY on the
Hubbard tone scale as intended and meant by Hubbard, and all the tones
between, and down from there to being objects.

     Spot all disagreements with Hubbard on the sequential order of that
section of the tone scale, but agreement is not necessary.  Do keep the
disagreements in the open.  Don't run over a non disclosed disagreement.

     Get the preclear to give you examples of emotional curves going

     They can be from his or other's real life, or made up.

     Then once the preclear fully understands it, run to taste the
following two items, taking care to ALWAYS start with the NO item.


      Use NO AND SOME as indicated, it won't run without them.

      For example:

      Spot   NO SYMPATHY for the body.
      Spot SOME SYMPATHY for the body.

      Tell me about   NO SYMPATHY for the body.
      Tell me about SOME SYMPATHY for the body.

      What   NO SYMPATHY for the body is there/has there been?
      What SOME SYMPATHY for the body is there/has there been?

      Let the preclear itsa, but do not whatsit.

     ((In other words do not use the What question form shown
immediately above.))

     Frankly I believe that question asking should be banned from
auditing altogether.

     Question asking is at the root of all aberration.

     The orientation point creates knowledge to not know, the symbol
asks questions to find out.

     By asking the preclear questions you are driving him more into
being a symbol which is counter productive to getting him to be an
orientation point.

     Orientation points don't understand the question -> answer cycle at
all, as they create answer -> question cycles for the symbol.

     For example, the preclear says 'Wow, there is this huge eye looking
back at me here,..."

     If the auditor then asks "OK what is it?", he is engaging in
whatsit and forcing the preclear to ask and answer questions about it.

     (Not to mention Q&A by changing the auditing question because the
preclear changed).

     Since the preclear is almost always down below dub-in on answers,
any answer he gives may blow charge, but in general will be a wrong
indication thus eventually caving the preclear in.

     Instead the auditor should say "OK, tell me about it."

     Thus there is no commitment that answers given are the truth and
the preclear is free to change his mind later.

     Remember that your preclear has been dramatizing NO SYMPATHY and
SOME SYMPATHY on many more terminals than his own body.

     Dramatizing and running are dicoms, dichotomies of comparable and
opposite magnitude.  Dramatizing creates the dwindling spiral by
bringing the lies of seriousness, importance, permanence and pain to
things, and running creates the expanding spiral out by erasing the
results of dramatizing.

     The best time to run something is WHILE dramatizing it!

     That will give you the most bang for your buck.

     Thus you may need to run NO SYMPATHY and SOME SYMPATHY on many
other items such as 2D bodies, groups, mankind, life forms, MEST,
spirits and God.

     For example your preclear has been dramatizing NO SYMPATHY and SOME
SYMPATHY on civilizations for a very long time.


     We are not trying to make a good being here.  We are trying to make
the preclear free and able.

     Eternality = freedom and ability.

     After he attains stable exteriorization, if he wants to go out and
rob banks all day long that's fine, as long as he pushes power to power


     He will certainly be more able to.

     However if the only thing he does is create criminals he will
certainly fall back into the NO SYMPATHY - SOME SYMPATHY curve again and
end right back up in his body, only worse, probably in jail or some
Church where no one can help him.

     On the other hand, if he is creating both criminals and saints in
an operating balance that optimizes the game for all of us, then who is
to question the actions of a god?


     Your preclear, if having lived before, will be found to be engaged
in what ADORE calls the hypocrisy whirlpool.

     At some point in the past your preclear was a member of
(interiorized into) group A which was violently opposed by group B.

     In the ensuing warfare (NO SYMPATHY), your preclear killed or
harmed a member of Group B, often a young innocent one, and felt sorry
(SYMPATHY) for it.

     Those sad noncomprehending eyes looking back at the preclear as
they suffer, reaching out for help to their tormentor, and dying not
knowing why....

      Mockup some sad starving eyes looking to you for help and
not knowing why it doesn't come, until they introvert and give up.

     Those sad eyes drown your preclear's heart with *OVERWHELMING*
oceanic sorrow and he says "This must NEVER happen again!"

     Next life, in order to propitiate and make amends, your preclear
becomes a member of group B to make sure he very carefully takes care of
one of its young ones, especially against those beasts such as he was,
in group A.

     This is the 'born in sin' that the Christians talk about and is
really about the only sin the preclear wants forgiveness for and
salvation from, the sadness of that error in his past life, and his
ensuing unexpected reversal from no sympathy to sympathy.

     He just can't take responsibility for having been so wrong.

     But in that new life being and protecting a young one of group B,
group B was violently opposed by group C, and the same thing happened.
     Your preclear, now fully grown and doing his best to protect his own young
ones, harmed or killed a member of group C and felt SORRY for it, and
thus in his next life he interiorized as a member of group C.

     And his memory is echoing with the sound of sad and hopelessly
alone eyes he knows not where from.

     But group C was in violent conflict with group A!  And so your
preclear now harms a member of Group A, feels just terrible and out of
control about this, and so in his next life he becomes a member of group

     At that point he will be saying, "Who me?  Lived before?
Poppycock.  That's brainwashing.  You live once and die once and that's
it Bud!"

     And so he goes, around and around, group A -> group B -> Group C
and back to group A.  That's the hypocracy whirlpool.

     "The Hypocracy Whirlpool is powered by High Love and High Regret
between High Friends, on High Opposite Sides." - ADORE

     Like all whirlpools, the Hypocrisy Whirlpool leads somewhere, I
leave it up to the imagination of the preclear to figure out where that
where might be.

      In the end it is all a matter of interiorization powered by NO

      Each cycle consists of

      NO SYMPATHY FOR      ______
      SOME SYMPATHY FOR    ______
      MAKING AMENDS TO     ______
      BECOMING             ______

      You probably won't have to run the bottom items in the list, they
will come out in gails of tears and laughter as the two primary buttons
run.  But there will always be the preclear out to make me wrong...


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