((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                        THE OTTO J. ROOS DEBRIEF
     To celebrate ten years of independence we are reissuing this
document, in the form it came out on the 16th October 1984.
     It was sent out then by Det Europaeiske Informationscenter (DEI -
The European Information Center).  DEI had been set up a year earlier,
to inform people in Scandanavia of what was actually going on inside and
outside the Church of Scientology.  This was done in the form of
duplicated information packs of which there were three.
     DEI was also part of an informal international network, and as such
received duplicated papers and cassette tapes from many sources, and
relayed them to 40 terminals throughout the world.  The following is the
full form of one of those packets, reproduced exactly as originally sent
     The Otto Roos Story was not received direct from Otto, but through
the network, and thus was subject to the frailties of photocopying
techniques of that time - access to machines which enlarged and reduced
was quite limited, and the normal machine enlarged by about 1 percent
each time.  As this had happened a number of times in this case (and
with most of the things we received) legibility was reduced, and in this
case the bottom line on a page was sometimes lost.
     As an incidental comment, you will see that on the next to last
page there is a comment on David Mayo's center ((AAC)), which was at
Santa Barbara, California.  The church attacked David and his center
mercilessly, including a strong legal attack, and David was forced to
close that center.  The legal case has been running for many years,
involving a lot of David's resources.  In 1992 the courts finally
refused to handle it any longer, and made the church pay all David's
legal costs (while allowing David to continue his suit for damages
against the Church.)  Now ten years after the present independent
movement started, David has started a new AAC (Ability Advancement
Center) in Florida ((Dominican Republic actually)).
     All this is history.  But those who are concerned for the spiritual
advancement of individuals will be well advised to study a little of
that history, if they wish to ensure that the same sort of enslavement
you will read of here, does not happen again.
     Anthony Phillips
     Editor of International Viewpoints magazine.
     Feb 1993
     16th October 1984 DEI
     Dear person on our A mailing list,
     This morning at about 02.00 we received a telephone call from Otto
J. Roos saying it was alright to publish the "debrief" of his which
follows.  ...
     We feel that "The Otto J. Roos Story" has VERY great significance
to us in Free Scientology.  If you are not a tech trained person with
THOUSANDS of hours of auditing (or C/S) experience, we suggest that you
get into very good ARC with someone who has (preferably who hasn't yet
read "The O. J. Roos Story") and get them talking about Out Lists and
the effect they can have on a person.  Try a few questions like "But
surely the effects key out after a week or ten days, wouldn't they?"
((no)) and "What sort of behavior would you expect from a person who had
been overlisted hundreds of times, and not had them corrected?"
     The answers will probably give you a much better understanding of
why Scientology, with its ((original)) emphasis on ARC and granting of
beingness, went the way it has.  It may also be that you find you have a
stronger resolve to see that Scientology evolves the way we all want it
to, freeing individuals and groups and giving them larger and more
enjoyable games to play.  We will be very interested to hear of your
reactions, please write.
     If it isn't fun, it isn't Scientology.
     And also, here's a thought, if you one day find yourself with a
very intelligent and active youngster in the family who is yet EXTREMELY
difficult to handle ((LRH)), it may be that you find yourself in a
unique position of being able to help all of us repay individual debts
which in some cases are quite large (and haven't been repaid with
enormous sums of money).  So tread carefully.  Talk it over with some of
your friends who have thousands of hours of experience behind the E-
meter, and, as a team, you and the rest of us will do quite an important
     Best wishes from, your editors.
Mr. John Atack,                                         HOLLAND "Avalon"
Cranston Road, East Grinstead (W. Sussex RH19 3HG) England
7th Sept. '84
                     Ref: Our Phone Call last night
     Dear John,
     Thank you for your Dn/Scn computer print time track.
     Per our phone call it was understood that you wanted some objective
info from people who had had close connections to Dn/Scn and especially
      Following a time sequence, hereby is data as experienced over the
     Other's histories are not included, as it would have become a book.
     The data is not complete, many specifics, names, dates, locations,
etc. have become lost.
     However, even then, it still became 26 pages.
     As this is also a kind of "Debrief", and as I (like anybody who was
close to LRH and subsequently left) was badly third partied and
slandered, this data may also be used to inform planet Earth that O. J.
Roos was not quite as bad as he has been made out to be and that he also
was one of the major contributors to the TECHNOLOGIES and TECHNICAL
                                          With best wishes,
                                          O. J. Roos
encl. The "O.J. Roos Story", 26 pages.
THE O. J. ROOS STORY                                     7th Sept. 84
     ((English was not Otto's first language, so some of the following
may seem a bit stilted.  I have taken some liberties in smoothing out
the English where it was obvious, in other cases I left it as I found
     1.) The late 50's, old time engram running by a field auditor.
     2.) Stating I wanted to know more about this he took me to "The
Org".  Paying for 100's of hours I got no further engram running but
CCH's ((Control Communication and Havingness)) SCS ((Start, Change,
Stop)) etc. without having a clue what this was all about.  With the
field auditor I had run all of (what I much later came to know as)
"History of Man", now I sat there "Give-me-that-handing" ((CCH 1)) for
100's of hours despite all protests.
     So decided to find out about this for myself, books, courses (HPA
((Hubbard Professional Auditor))), etc.  Even bought further auditing, a
gigantic overrun.  TRAINING was fabulous.
     The above was given to show that even back then I already ran into
the attitude which has been a hallmark of Scn dealings with the public
and its own staffs throughout the years.
     This is the attitude of "BEING UNREASONABLE".
     ((Being unreasonable came from the idea that the thetan in relation
to his Bank and aberrations was usually on a 'I can't do it, I am not
able, I am out of control, I don't know etc.'  Since the being is using
his bank and facsimiles to justify and make concrete these limitations
in order to better 'secure' his survival, it becomes very tempting to
just be reasonable with him and say 'Yes, yes you poor dear, we will
take care of you.'  This led to total failure not only in the pc's case
but also in any post that he had to manage.  Being unreasonable meant
'Hey buddy you are responsible for your own condition, you don't fool
me, get to work.'))
     It is reflected in the misapplication of the polices of "never
giving the public individual a choice" and many others.
     ((This came from the idea that the pc and hence the public in
general had no idea what they really needed next in the way of auditing,
so letting THEM make a decision on the matter was a sure way to fail.
Technically this is correct, but it can be used to excess, and sometimes
the pc does know better than the particular auditor or Registrar in
front of him, especially highly advanced or highly trained pcs.))
     This attitude is one of the major INSTRUMENTS of the downfall of
the Scn/Dn Organizations, especially when ARC only became a word and
"being unreasonable" was taken to the degree it was.
     In the face of reactive dramatizations one has to be unreasonable
but only for the period required to handle them and no longer.
     The key words of Scn are ARC (Understanding) and Knowingness, both
of which require perceiving, which needs listening and understanding,
this is what auditing is all about.
     I was being listened to by auditors very well, but that was all.
     Being given a reality as to what was going on, what was to happen
next and why, was never done outside of session.
     This was already the case in the old (Founding Scn) days.
     From the mid 60's on, R factors ((reality factors, descriptions of
what was going on and why)) started to be actively DENIED and OUR
Realities's ENFORCED.  (Recent Church writings/Declares are full of
specifics on this and can be looked up.  I'm only looking at the
PRINCIPLE over 25 years!)
     ((In early Scientology it was considered that aberration consisted
of ENFORCED or INHIBITED Affinity, Reality and Communication.  Thus the
entirety of early ARC straightwire, first pushed heavily in Science of
Survival which is a master handbook of this material, consisted entirely
of locating moments in the pc's past when his ARC was enforced or
inhibited or he did the same to others.
     Although the Church teaches that ARC must be free, they spend most
of their time enforcing realities, alloying affinities and inhibiting
communications, except for the ones that have passed the approval of
their party line.  The Church has become the total anti thesis to
Science of Survival and in fact acts itself as the perfect vehicle of
aberration by dramatizing enforced and inhibited ARC on its
     Who needs parents to drive you nuts, when you pay the Church to do
it for you?
     The book Science of Survival had a chart in it, the Hubbard Chart
of Human Evaluation, with numbered columns across the top and the tone
scale up and down the side.  You could go to the column you were
interested it and then look down that column to the tone level that the
person was at, and the chart would tell you how that person would behave
in that area of operation.
     'Bottom Scale' became used to refer to those qualities manifested
at the lower ranges on the tone scale near apathy and death and were
written in clear detail across the bottoms of all the columns of that
chart.  Thus lower tone pcs were expected to demonstrate bottom scale
     It might be constructive to check out that scale and read the items
across the bottom of the chart and see if it applies to anyone or any
group you know.))
     In the presence of genuine misunderstoods, omitted data, factually
existing situations, etc. one would not be listened to to get this
sorted out ((as one should have been)), but one would be "handled".  The
OUT COMM resulted in neither agreement nor understanding.  In later
years "agreement" was enforced/denied by threat of losing the upper
     As there was nobody to listen to a "stupid wog" or a "dramatizing"
staff member, no understanding, agreement and rational solution could
follow, but it would be "handled" by enforcement or denial or both.
     This caused a persisting ARC break, acted as a wrong item, was also
active suppression, and would and DID come back.
     Planet Earth needs Scn and its road to understanding but ((Earth))
did not accept the "unreasonability" when Scn WAS in the wrong, as in
the SO ((Sea Org)) days of many Port Flaps, Harbour Masters did NOT
accept one way comm TO them, regardless of how "unreasonable" and "anti
Q&A" this comm was.  Inventing "enemies" (Communists, psychiatrists,
newspapers, etc) did not resolve the situation.  Except possibly
existing real enemies, new ones were easily produced by denying the
"stupid wogs" or "reactive" staff members to be heard.
     WE had OUR (Scn) viewpoint, fine.  We also had the unwillingness to
even listen to and/or permit other opinion.  (Fatal in the case of Port
     "Organization", not auditing, violated ARC, Understanding, Control,
Knowingness, and Responsibility sufficiently to collapse this "Church"
all the way from the top on down.
     ((The symbol of the Church is usually the double triangle with the
letter S through them.  The two triangles represent the ARC Triangle and
the KRC Triangle.  The ARC triangle stands for Affinity, Reality and
Communication which sums up to Understanding.  The KRC triangle stands
for Knowledge, Responsibility and Control and sums up to Livingness.
One can have a KRC break just as easily as one can have an ARC break.
     An ARC break is an upset of sorts.  But more importantly it is a
sudden TERMINATION of that upset so that there appears to be NO UPSET.
Thus preceding an ARC break, there is usually some sort of upset which
means lowered ARC like anger, sorrow, disagreement, hostility, mean
words etc.  But then it breaks off, and ends.  The thetan says 'I won't
have anything to do with this any more', NO UPSET.
     That's an ARC BREAK.  It's a terminated upset.  The termination
however is brought about via NOT-ISness rather than AS-ISness.  Thus ARC
is not restored, and theta units are locked away in the ARC that was
buried at the moment of termination and the effort to bury them.  The
effort to have ARC and the effort to NOT-IS the ARC form an on going
circuit for the rest of time, and so the being has less energy in
present time to deal with his life.  He has it all buried away in these
ongoing pockets of denial of life energy.
     This locked away ARC is called charge and is very real, enough to
cause psychosomatic conditions in your body and enough to lower you
general zest for life.
     A KRC break is handled in exactly the same way an ARC break is.
You spot the charge and indicate it.  The charge will consist of
enforced or inhibited Knowledge, Responsibility, Control or
     I saw this even in the old days, though ARC was then still very
much there.
     The Tech and its application were fantastic, yet, on Flag many
staff came out of sessions, shiny eyed and bushy tailed, to then
immediately be barked at.  Specifics?  Daily!  ARC became very scarce
outside session.  In the late 50's and 60's one could go to the Org for
a chat, coffee, get some books, a Comm Course, auditing, etc. ON ONE'S
OWN VOLITION, without REGISTRARS standing by to push and threaten one
toward "Freedom" ((by cajoling you to buy your next service whether you
had the money or not.))
     The quality of "unreasonableness" as an expression of "toughness as
a thetan" and "Anti Q&A" became the standard way to "handle" after the
mid 60's.
     ((Q&A is a technical term, literally translated as Question and
Answer.  It means, in auditing, changing the auditing question every
time the pc changes his auditing answer.  This is deadly.
     Aud: 'Tell me about mother.'
     Pc:  'Well she didn't like father.'
     Aud: 'Thank you, tell me about father.'    FLUNK!  Q&A!
     This kind of auditing represented the auditor's inability to travel
in a straight line from A to B, meaning he was unable to continue a line
of questioning until he got ALL the answers off it it, or a line of
endeavor until he got the job done.
     Aud: 'Tell me about mother.'
     Pc:  'Well she didn't like father.'
     Aud: 'Thank you, tell me about mother.'
     Pc:  'I just did you bozo.'
     Aud: 'I got that, let's just continue this for a while longer, OK?'
     Pc:  'OK'
     Aud: 'Good, Tell me about mother.'
     Pc:  'She hated me too.'
     Aud:  'Thank you, tell me about mother.'
     Pc:  'She made good spaghetti.'
     Aud:  'Thank you, tell me about mother.'
     Once the question was flat, meaning no more answers, then the
auditor could move onto the next question.  Once the job was done, then
the person could start a new job.
     Outside of session Q&A came to mean being unable to travel a
straight line from A to B and get the job done.
     Staff:  'We need a place to dock here for the night.'
     Harbor Master:  'Sorry, we have no room, and you didn't call in
ahead of time to make a reservation.'
     Staff:  'Don't argue with me, just DO it.'    Anti Q&A.
     You see the staff member was not going to let the Harbor Master get
away with out carrying out the auditing command.  But that works in
session, not with Harbor Masters who haven't agreed to that mode of
     Thus misapplication of correct technology to incorrect
circumstances can cause a lot of trouble.))
     Factual Non Comprehension and Real Situations only got suppressed
by this, thereby persisting as restimulatable conditions of potential
adverse affect, yet this was entirely not-ised.  Whether this was done
intentionally or inadvertently by staff members, who just did not know
or apply their data, made no difference to the end result of this not-
isness, i.e. further persistence and increased solidification of the Non
Comprehension or Real Situation.
     ((A Situation is defined in Scientology as the furthest departure
from an Ideal Scene, and therefore must be the first thing handled.))
     Peculiar for "ARC outfits", this inability to grant beingness.
     ((Granting of beingness means willing for others to be as they are.
I'm OK, You're OK.))
     Ultimately we have ALL been guilty of this.  Scn did not fall
because of "Miscaviges" or "Brokers", or even LRH.  We all caused this,
if only by the tacit agreement to it, as expressed by our lack of
handling it.
     Staff appeared in poor financial condition, odd for a group making
the able more able, so I did not join staff back then but did very well
in life, especially financially.
     In later years, after the SHSBC ((Saint Hill Special Briefing
Course)) and joining staff, I noticed things were exactly the same in SH
((Saint Hill)).  On Flag it was to the point that many received no
income at all quite often, despite working day and night, when lots of
monies were coming into the ship.
     By that time I had become senior auditor, also OEC ((Organization
Executive Course completion)), FEBC ((Flag Executive Briefing Course
completion)) and long time Exec, and had seen how this went all the way
up, except the very top.  Despite the policies in which LRH claims that
his staffs were always doing well, I never saw anything but poorly paid
and, on Flag, also poorly FED, staff with very few exceptions.
    ((SOS, Science of Survival, Chart of Human Evaluation, Tone Level
2.5 Boredom, 'Affinity level, neglect of person or of people, withdrawal
from them.'))
     The ship was for years nearly always in low conditions ((Ethics
conditions)), little to no free time for staff (except the engine room
crew, a law unto themselves, the few top auditors and some Aides) to go
ashore or for private cycles.
     "Unreasonableness" was used to get slave labour, 100 hour work
weeks for no pay, with the top bathing in super luxury.
     This may sound motivatorish ((overt/motivator sequence)), or like a
communist, but it isn't.  I personally was not affected very much, being
one of the very few individuals who did not get himself caught into this
misery.  That I (or anybody else) never came to grips with it until the
end, that is a fact.
     I am all for rewarding upstats, also for helping the less effective
become more effective which was allegedly done by "helping" through
"pushing up necessity level", which in practice amounted to active
PUNISHMENT.  In the late 60's "chainlockering" and "in-the-tanking" were
the order of the day.  "Unreasonableness" "stored" our "SP's" from 24
hours to a week or more in the chain locker ((anchor chain)) to get them
"better".  Their "SP activities" mainly consisted of an individual just
not knowing how to do something, yet being forced to do it without
adequate training, and subsequently goofing it.  Such "SP's" included a
little boy of 3, no doubt a "plant" from Russia!!
     "Never giving the public individual a choice" is one of the most
misapplied policies (even in this day I found members of the public in
Clearwater ((Flag Land Base)) in a state of not know and mystery about
Flag, and it was something we met in every port, despite our "effective
public relations").  The refusal to give information, i.e. an R factor
((reality factor)) a person is entitled to, can duplicate and go into
agreement with, or not, became an overthrow of power of choice not many
Harbor Masters accepted.
     The real deterioration set in with the advent of severe ethics,
UP, in the mid 60's.
     Stress on STATISTICS started then in earnest.  The delivering of
technical products, despite all the promo to the contrary, was no longer
top priority in actual fact, especially in the later Sea Org.
     Having myself as a child experienced and survived the atrocities of
war, when many of my friends hadn't, I swore I wasn't going down into
these tanks.  Rusty old tanks, way below in the ship, filthy bilge
water, no air except via oxygen tubes, and hardly sitting height, in
which "sinners" were put from 24 hours to a week, day and night, to
hammer rust off the insides with Masters at Arms checking outside to
hear if the hammering continued and occasional food out of a bucket.
This was like the Concentration Camps from my childhood days.
     I would also have refused the "crows nest" 4 hours on and off
stint, meaning spending 4 hours in the nest and 4 hours on deck
alternating for some 84 hours.  The nest, a little bucket in the top of
the mast, too small to sit or lie in, gets cold at night.  One of our
"SP's" (Joke O'Keefe) had a fear of heights and had to be virtually
winched up there and down again every 4 hours.
     The severe "unreasonability" started in earnest in Sept 1967 when
Non Existence ((Ethics level)) included no right to food and Ray
Thacker, huddled in a corner, would be avoided by all and occasionally
thrown a crust of bread.
     Things got worse as OT 3 research moved on, often running into
higher level phenomena.  The Flag Orders at the time usually dealt in
"smashing THEM" (our "enemies"), and smashing we did, if not our enemies
at least ourselves and most of our port relations.
     To say that "LRH could not have know about this" can only be
answered by "How could he not have?" on a little ship and holding all
the comm lines, after ORIGINATING the policies.  One walks around a ship
and looks.  LRH has never been renown for an inability to look.
     OVERBOARDS, so the rumor line goes, as John Atack told me, were
originated by me.  I was indeed the first overboard, in Melila for
letting a line slip.
     Overboards as SOP ((Standard Operating Procedure)) started on the
Class VIII course as an LRH effort to force VIII trainees into better
results.  I was overboarded as much as the next chap.
     As first Flag VIII C/S (Class VIII Case Supervisor) I continued the
practice until I read a session of VIII auditor Peggy Moreshead as pc,
and discovered what it did do to some.  I STOPPED THE PRACTICE RIGHT
THEN AND THERE.  (Overboarding meant nothing to me, good swimmer, and I
considered the whole procedure of 'being bequeathed to the deep as to
arise a better thetan' pure nonsense.  It must have meant something to
LRH also, as Quentin, when trainee, was never overboarded but always had
his name taken off the list by Diana Hubbard, CS1 (Commodore Staff Aide
Division 1).
     Overboarding was restored by LRH on the Dianetics Course in 1969.
     I was not all innocent and 'Sweetness and Light'.  Far from it.  I
had decide3d that there were only 2 kinds of people there, those who got
into the tanks, and those who put them in, and that I was not going to
get in, no way!  (I also never PUT anyone down the tanks as I considered
it degrading for the dignity of man.)
     There was continued data about "SMERSH", (from James Bond books),
the 'Enemy', bankers, psychiatrists, news papers, port officials, etc.
Port flaps were all 'their' doing.  Our 'unreasonable' (and very
unseamanlike and very unprofessional) methods and lack of naval know how
had 'nothing to do with it'.  (As a seaman in the Dutch merchant navy
long before Scn, I had never experienced the thing called 'Port Flap',
but certainly would not mention this ((to LRH and Co.)), as it would
have meant a 'make wrong'.)
     We had a few experienced sea people, like Ron Pook, John O'Keefe,
Roger Buckeridge, Joe Van Staden, myself and maybe a few more.
     In the old Sea Org days, the minimum requirements were Clear, Class
VI ((to be on the ship?)).
     Later in 1968, after the requirements were lifted, we got hundreds
of 'landlubbers', great guys, full of good intentions, probably able in
their fields, but at the time lacking in naval know how.  Training, even
with the 'help' of severe penalties to 'raise necessity level' did not
handle this.
     The ensuing shore flaps were NOT always "SMERSH'S" doing.
     Late '67 and early '68, as the only OT 2, Class VII, I had the tech
hats.  LRH had to run the ship, get research furthered, the AO
((Advanced Org)) off the ground, etc.  Great randomity, untrained
people... a bit much.  Severe ethics carried the consequences of all
unusual solutions in its wake, more randomity, port flaps...fear.
     A 'wog' ((Worthy Oriental Gentleman, a reference to jaded upper
class citizens who survive by virtue of everyone else's know how and who
could not survive on their own if they had to.  Wog eventually came to
mean anyone not a Scientologist, a raw meat case etc.)) pro seaman, like
the Chief Engineer of the Royal Scotman ((an LRH ship)), who had stayed
to train the crew, was off loaded as an SP ((Suppressive Person)).  A
hired pro Captain left as the living conditions were unacceptable.
Overboard ceremonies and endless work parties were not understood by
'wogs', nor good PR.
     However, the conditions came to be accepted by the SO 'make-things-
run-righter', justified as being the way to become a 'tough thetan'.
     The billion year contract was signed of our 'free will' (and some
Swedes, who objected, were immediately beached (sent away) to 'never be
given upper level materials' and declared.)
     'Beaching' I have seen many times, it did not improve port
relations.  A beachee, put ashore with passport and no money (except his
SO 'pay', sometimes) to make his way home would go to his Consulate for
help and have some explaining to do.  Another way to bring on the
     The father of a Flag girl (Susan Meister), who committed suicide,
was equally 'well' and 'unreasonably' handled as the father of such a
'downstat' 'deserved'.
     ((He came to the ship that LRH was on, but LRH refused to grant him
an audience.))
     Nobody ever DARED say anything about these things and risk losing
his OT levels for 'making the Commodore wrong'.
     Our lives were completely mapped out, 24 hours a day.  PERSONAL
lives exactly prescribed, especially 2D ((2nd Dynamic, family, mates,
sex, children etc.))
     Full grown people were completely BEING lived.
     The day started with the 'Musters', sing songing KSW ((Policy
letter called Keeping Scientology Working)), followed by a 'mantra' of
'LRH', 'LRH', 'LRH', after which work, work, work, for little or no pay,
study for some, or even more amends work for low ((ethics)) conditions
     LRH gave many 'reasons' for the above, which I ended believing in,
as I ended believing in the 'Enemy', swore to stay out of it and did.
     As 2nd mate under MSH ((Mary Sue Hubbard)), the CS2, I had to FORCE
crew to study.  They were not unwilling, unable, SP etc, they were just
physically exhausted.  The 'answer' to handle ((them)) was 'being
     LRH said, 'Class VIII auditors can be made in 3 weeks' and, also,
with the Dianetics Course, '69, that Dianetics Auditors could be too.
Results and stats proved that this could NOT be done, but who would dare
tell him such 'make wrong'?  LRH had said that it could be, so it could
be (with lots of overboards to create understanding and make scared
     I can give with names and events many examples, all stating the
same concept.
     Personally I had the toughest this life survival track and mainly
stayed well clear of this.  When, as a little boy, one has to survive
hunger and winters, lack of food, bullets, bombings, etc. one becomes an
experienced survivor.  I made awfully sure NOT to go hungry, end up in
tanks, not to become a well implanted fanatic (like the Hitler Youth of
my childhood days), not to get my personal and 2D life organized and run
by other determinism, and not to succumb to the sordidness of this
'Floating ball of theta, Flag', as I heard it described in AODK
((Advanced Org Denmark)), on the Avon River in Denmark in 1970.
     ((Avon River was another LRH ship.))
     The answer ((reason)) to all the above is the method of 'handling'
in OUT ARC and OUT organization, where one could never be on post long
enough to become an expert, with a very few exceptions.
     Much contact with him, especially in the SO days, mainly on
TECHNICAL matters.
     Early in 1966 I had originated and set up one of the first OT
Projects, the LRH FINANCE COMMITTEE, with myself as Chairman, Brian
Livingston, Hank Laarhuis, and Craig Lipsits, to establish the exact
amount owed to LRH by Scn.
     Most of the records were a shamble, but we got it worked out.
     The final amount, so he told me later, he 'forgave' the church.
How true this is, I can't say.
     His tremendous ability to recall details was phenomenal.  His
willingness to explain the points of ENERGY flow (later seen in a lot of
Division III ((Treasury)) policy) as finance, was great.  This in
combination with the new Org Board, which was originally on cardboard in
his own handwriting, its back ground, where it came from, its flow
lines, etc.
     LRH was an entirely different person when dealing with, talking
about, and explaining points of technology or policy, especially on a
one to one basis.
     This was no 'hidden data line', but such personal lectures gave
quite another insight into the materials covered, especially as he gave
many examples out of his personal (VERY long) experience to clarify the
points made.  Their value was unexpressible in terms of money or other
     ((LRH made a very big deal about there being no 'hidden data line',
so that no one could claim they knew something special that no one else
knew and that wasn't in the written tech.  This made it absolute that if
it wasn't written it wasn't true, an effort to guard against alteration
and suppressive type squirrelling.))
     OT 2 Project 'Whole Track Recall', myself I/C ((In Charge)),
briefed by LRH, as auditor, with Bernie Green and Dorothy Knight, to
Ireland, which had to do with special sections of OT 2.
     This research had continued in the early SO days when ((I was a))
Class VII on the Avon River in Las Palmas, when OT 3 research was done
in the Canary Islands.  ((Incomplete sentence, unclear.))
     In pure auditing tech, he was just LRH!  In this area he had a
quality of just KNOWING, a CERTAINTY he passed on to those who worked
with him on these lines, like John McMaster, David Mayo, myself, and
this is something hard to relay in words.  If one could describe
experiencing co-existing knowingness, this would be it with this man.
     The mistakes made in upper level research really HURT in mind and
body.  ((You're telling me...!))  He must have been hit severely with
his already much older body, and with every process known to man or
beast ever developed (usually wrongly) run on him, especially in the old
days, prior to ((knowledge about)) O/R ((Over Run)), rehab ((Rehabing
the flat or win point)) and L/N data ((Listing and Nulling)).
     He was not the Source of the data, it was always there, he was not
even the Source of the way out and through, but he WAS the SOURCE WHO
      The auditing was not ((an)) 'easy way' for him and his research
auditors, but HE and thereby WE, got through.
     1965 and 1966 further testing and research regarding low TA ((Tone
Arm)) and Power Processing under LRH as C/S and John McMaster as Qual
Sec ((Qualifications Division 5 Secretary, quality control)), myself as
auditor, the point looked for ((was)) established.
     Then came Ellen Carter, terminal cancer case on the CC ((Clearing
Course)) who HAD to be gotten through as a major research project.  She
was on the CC way ahead of myself.  Not easy.  John McMaster had the
honour of verifying her Clear State, after which she immediately left
the body.  (In the old days, Clears did not just attest, but were
subjected to a series of tests.)
     All this under LRH daily supervision/briefing, showing the
tremendous exactness he was capable of.  I AUDITED her through the CC.
     During 'Mission into Time' ((LRH book searching for old sites in
the Mediterranean off his whole track)) he was away on the Avon River
((LRH boat)) and I, on Flag, mocked up the H.O.T.A.  Course (Hubbard
Operating Thetan Auditor).  He refused the name but telexed his approval
to put it together.  Back on Flag he called it the Class VIII course,
issued further tech data and got it started.
     I had wanted Class VII as a prerequisite, but he canceled that.
     He also insisted the Course last 3 weeks.
     With the practical ((internship)), the overboards started.  Some
students did not swim too well, injuries occurred.
     Mentioning that 'the key-out effect of raised necessity level would
not be workable as it would key IN far more than OUT' would have been
'Know Best', 'Make Wrong', or criticism (from missed withholds of
course!) and a one way trip OUT.
     He himself was in horrible shape at the time.  Lectures had a lot
of table banging, shouting and 'enemy' references, but also contained a
wealth of data of newly found and released OT 3 phenomena and handling
     He was upset by student goofs.  I had intended the course to be for
VII auditors with loads of experience, but he insisted on making the
'perfect auditor' in 3 weeks.  Even experienced auditors hit the
overboard regularly with all the new data, and the required perfection.
     He had a certain idea, that's the way it had to be, regardless!  It
didn't work.  Even the Flag auditors were not 'faultless' after 3 weeks.
Nobody was unable or unwilling, it was just that no fixed idea in the
world creates faultless auditors in 3 weeks.  Some of the old timers,
like myself, Brian Livingston, David Mayo, to mention a few (there were
others) became far more proficient, but we already had had many in-the-
chair hours before the VIII course, we had worked directly under LRH and
continued to do so after the VIII completion, and we were used to the
toughness and SO conditions.
     The exact same pattern ((occurred)) in the new Dianetics Course
1969.  From 'Raw meat to 100 percent perfect Dianetic Auditor in 3
weeks' and 'long live the standard' flopped...  The entire course ended
up in Cramming ((Retread, redo, reread, retrain etc.)), he appointed me
Special Cramming Officer to salvage the APPARENCY of a 'Successful'
course.  He was happy and graduated me as first Ship Org graduate,
calling me a 'Perennial Upstat'.  MSH as the first Flag Org graduate.
     On this course the overboards were reinstated.  The unusual
solutions of overboarding and cramming alone proved the course was not a
     As Special Cramming Officer I merely carried out exact briefings he
gave, but wondered by the course had not been run that way right from
the beginning, as, ultimately, the only reason for my success were HIS
     I started to wonder about the number of times he ACTED in a
completely different fashion from what he said or wrote in the tech.
     'Quickies' were not started by Craig de Fan, Bill Deitsch, and Rod
Taunton.  An early Class VIII lecture very specifically compares the
Grade ((0 through IV)) to a curtain of which one only had to cut the
cord upholding it to get the whole grade to come down.  The only
requirements then were the Mainline processes ((for that Grade.))
     Later he wanted the additional processes compiled which were then
held up 'on lines' ((by others)) and not gotten through to him.
     On night I just got up, bypassed the Messengers, walked into his
Office and stated the need for them.  He told me to sit down, and that
night, early 1969 (I think), the first expanded triple grades ((all 3
flows)) were written with LRH on one side of the table and me on the
other, both writing all night long.  That is how these HCOB's first came
into being.
     I was overboarded the next day by MSH for 'bypassing'.
     The triple S and D ((Search and Discovery for SP's using 3 found
items)) which I originated and test-ran went the same way.  ((My write
up was)) held up in Ken Delderfield's (CS7, ((Commodore's Staff 7))),
probably to 'keep dev-t ((dev-t = unnecessary developed traffic)) off
his ((LRH's)) lines'.
     Triple Power, which I originated, wrote the commands for, test-ran
and sent up for approval, ditto.
     Even LRH ORDERED tech investigations could often not be gotten
through to him except on the DR (Daily Report) line, by making a
'special deal' with the Messengers, or, if even the folders did not get
through, by just walking into his office.
     I don't believe anybody else ever did that, but in TECH matters I
did (when I just had to) and, especially when successful, I got away
with it.  The data at least got through (and I sometimes got
overboarded, or chitted ((ethics chit)).)
     At times he called me into his office and even his bedroom to talk.
This was when he wanted to sort something out and needed a terminal ((to
talk to)), like with the LRH Finance Committee, about the Org Board and
OT 2 matters, and in the SO the first time in Las Palmas with the RJ 67
((Ron's Journal 67, a tape)), talking about OT 3, being 'fabian'
((staying cautious and under cover ala Quintus Fabius Maximus who
defeated Hannibal)), etc.  He would at times talk all night and I would
just sit there, listen and ack.
     He always thanked me very graciously, 'thank you for listening,
Otto', and was extremely courteous except when upset.
     It was, when Flag had become a very busy ship with tons of outside
lines IN and OUT that he became uninformed about tech matters he should
have known about.  Writings of a technical nature were issued over his
name which were incorrect, or out tech from the field coming in and
remaining unhandled, as he just did not get to see it.
     On discovery of this he suddenly called me up, mocked up the
((Class)) XII Tech Flub Catch/Control hat and put me on it.  This became
years later C/S Int ((Case Supervisor International)).
     In my experience he adhered to Stat policy.  ((The policy that said
that lower ethics conditions could be erased or ignored for upstat
people.))  Several times, when I was comm-eved off post when in
Affluence/Power, he restored me.  August 1967 SHUK ((Saint Hill UK)),
after the highest stat ever, and again in the first AO in Feb/March 1968
(an AO incidentally, which I had put on the map on HIS direct orders
after another had failed this).
     ((Otta had a habit of getting comm-eved when his stats were
highest, often all time highs for the group.  This indicated he had
severe enemies in the ranks who detested his special favor with Ron.))
     MSH, in these days, was exactly the same.  She ripped up several
comm-evs called on me before there were even held/published.  (THE
strong point on me was always the good old stand-by of 'out 2D' ((Out
ethics on the 2D)).  Whether 'out' or not was not the point here.  I
refused to grant anybody the right to run my personal life or get it
regulated by some 'policy'.  The SO authoritarian's viewpoint was their
own, but ENFORCEMENT is something else.  I have stepped on a few toes
with this one!)
     The advantage of working directly under LRH/MSH prevented one from
being 'musical chaired' around.  None but either of these two ever put
me on a post, and I once even refused an LRH appointment of CO AO
Scotland, ((Commanding Officer, Advanced Org Scotland)), which refusal
put me in the galley as a pot scrubber.
     So, I never had problems with 'Seniors', as, except for LRH/MSH, I
never had any, and in the early days John McMaster as great tech man and
no 'boss'.
     Despite the dangers of 'making him wrong', LRH was in tech matters
usually mainly concerned with workability.  The first Mark VI E-meter, a
'super enlarged' V, was given to me for testing and was supposed to R/S
((Rock Slam)) before F/Ning ((Floating Needle)).  On return I said that
maybe he could see things I couldn't, but that it sure did not R/S for
me, expecting a blast.  He only said, 'Great, it didn't for me either,
but I just wanted to be sure'.  (Also the end of that Mark VI.)
     QUENTIN HUBBARD received a Class XII although he seldom audited,
and certainly couldn't like we did.  He'd work for an hour or less a
day.  Although I was I/C of the training and having a reputation for
toughness I merely told Q to get his act together and mentioned it to
LRH on DR line.  Where the name Hubbard enters, even angels, and
especially auditors, fear to tread.
     Auditing family members was a different matter.  LRH would always
C/S them.
     Auditing space was a problem, and some of it was done in the Mini
Course area, a noisy space.  Yet auditing MSH in that area was easy for
me, as everybody, knowing who the pc was, would be dead quiet.  Auditing
him ((LRH)) was always done in his own spaces and one could hear a pin
     ENEMIES:  He could be ferocious.  July 1968 saw a very special
Mission, personally and at length briefed by LRH.  Myself I/C and Jerry
McDonald, a very tough ex US Marine, was assistant.  To go find and weed
out Mafia Connections in Scn LA and to gather together and collectively
cave in the Charles Berner group by completely playing out OT 3. (We
hired a Hollywood Studio, set the whole thing up, got the people in and
ran the whole OT 3 story.)
     The Mafia part was a cinch.  It made me a lot of enemies in LA,
that was the 'unreasonability' of the early SO days.
     There were other such like things.  Off the 'beaten track', often
in OT or 'Para Scn' fields, like with the 'Angels of the Moon' and other
weirdies.  I think that my early this life time track and superlative
training in both tech and policy must have made him consider me 'James
Bond' material.
      He himself, gathering from his tales about him and his brother,
their searches for gold, his treasures buried in Rhodesia last life
time, his handling of Marcabians who, he said, still came around in
UFO's to mine this planet for gold, etc. appeared to have had quite a
background in these matters.
     ((LRH had a brother?????))
     Yet, sometimes I thought he saw 'Martians'.  For example on
Madeira, he showed several people the mountain where a famous whole
track SP was 'jailed' and still was, to all intents and purposes.  But
in later Ethics Orders he suddenly said that this character had escaped
some centuries back and that he had traced him and that he was so and so
(name given) at present.
     In Corfu he once indicated to me, what he said was an entire fleet
of flying saucers, objects rising straight up and down in the air and
also taking off in a horizontal direction at tremendous velocity.  I
couldn't say what they were but according to him they were scouts
checking a civilization just beginning with interplanetary travel
     He showed locations of significance in Las Palmas, of importance in
whole track history.
     He did many of above type things, relating to upper levels.
     He was very validative to individuals who gave him lots of credit,
especially when done in writing.
     Originators of HCOB's, Technical Policies had to always credit HIM,
even though, at times, the mock up would have been entirely their own,
as started to happen ((? incomplete sentence)).  This was OK by me as
without him there would have been no tech in the first place, but it was
sometimes not quite truthful as he would take another's data and make it
known as an LRH item.
     For example, there is an old Flag Order defining the Condition
above Power (which is CONTROL, unmodified), ((which was)) my answer to
his question (Feb 1968) of what I thought came above power, which reply
was correct.  There was also the old Student Rescue Intensive, several
old time OT 3 HCOB's (still valid tech), like some Milazzo ((?)) data
and Green Green Form alignments, the early Triples, Grades, Search and
Discovery and Power.
     Regarding the S and D, Flag auditors were held responsible if Org
pc's upon return to their Orgs messed up.  Old S and D's were a
motivator process, as such OUT flow ((?)), and I refused to accept that
our Flag's good auditing would be held responsible for a staff member's
lack of know how on his post, which lack of know how DID cause roller
coaster, despite the LRH statement that only SP's did that.
     ((Something is confused here.  Motivator processes are IN flow
processes, who did what to YOU.  Overt processes are OUT flow processes,
who did you do what to?))
     Hence the development of other flow S and D's and Student Assists.
Some of the OT 2 platens were my findings, as well as the early work on
the TR Course Training HCOB's.  The Class IX, X, XI, and XII course
materials was test audited by the early (LRH) XII's, then written up by
     ((OT 2 is a series of very complicated GPMS with a high order of
complexity in their internal structure.  For example, there was the BB
GPM or the so called Basic Basic GPM although it is open to question to
whether it was truly basic basic.  There were also other GPMS with
various names that all had pretty much the same structure.
     One of them had a structure that went somewhat like this.  It
consisted of 9 pairs of opposing goals, or 18 goals in all.  The first
two goals were
     2. No more desires to create...        1. To create....
     There were 8 more similar but different pairs on the subject of
     Each of the 18 goals was associated with the 82 End Words, the
first 8 of which were Space, Matter, Energy, Mass, Never, Time, Moments,
Eternity... etc.
     Thus for the first goal pair there would be
     2. No more desires to create Space.        1. To Create Space.
     Space would also be used for the 8 other goal pairs.  Then the pc
would move to the next item, Matter, and run that one on all 9 goal
     The way they made this easier for the pc was they made a manila
folder or PLATEN as they called it, that had the goal wordings written
on its front cover in 9 lines, with one goal on the left and its
opposite pair on the right, with 9 such paired goals written from the
top to the bottom of the entire front cover of the folder.
     They would then cut a hole under each goal in the fabric of the
folder itself, allowing one to look through the front cover to what was
underneath.  In side the folder was kept a number of pages containing
the 82 end words, each word typed 18 times on a page, with each page
containing 9 different End Words, arranged in such an order so that if
the word Space showed up under one of the goals it would also show up
under all of the other goals too.  Then by moving the paper slightly,
one could move the next End Word into position and it too would show up
under all the goals.
     This was called a PLATEN, and allowed the pc to easily audit all 18
goals on all 82 End Words in proper order with out having to think about
the order as he was auditing them.))
     This was quite different from later compilation work by Tech Data
and Compilations Bureaus, as this ((my)) work was done all the way from
the bottom on up.  It was often done when he wasn't even around on the
Apollo and when unexpected situations with pc's would come up, which had
not yet been covered by HCOB's or published tech data, which sometimes
hadn't even been researched yet, but which HAD to be handled on the pc.
     John McMaster had been in the same position during the development
of power processes.
     Neither his name or mine still appear on the relevant HCOB's since
our 'SP' status was discovered.  (Where it could not be handled any
other way, one will now read 'Our toughest Course Supervisor", 'a
supervisor', 'the cramming officer', etc. referring to myself and John.)
     It was quite a dubious state to be 'SP', after having occupied the
most senior tech posts, having mastered tech know how to such a degree,
having received these years of personal training by him, and produced
the statistical results and contributions to the tech and its
     But then, I'm sure, Nibs Hubbard, Dr. Joe Winter, The Halperns,
John Galusha, Ray Kemp, Jack Horner, John McMaster, David Mayo, Brian
Livingston, the Klingvalls, and maybe others must all have said the same
thing.  ((All of whom were declared SP.))
     It APPEARS to invalidate the tech (was it entirely compiled and
contributed to by SP's?)
     It wasn't the tech, it was something which happened to all of those
on tech lines who were very close to him in this area.
     The tech only enhanced.  It will have done the same to the other
names given here despite their ultimate fate with regards the person of
     The weakness in LRH was not that he too made mistakes but was the
fact that he (1) appeared unable to admit it, and (2) invariably blamed
somebody else.
     HIS mistakes were always 'another' publishing something over his
name, when the tech terminals had seen it in his handwriting.  I have
sent LRH HCOB's back always stating that because of 'typing errors' it
needed review as follows...
     To just send it back, even IMPLYING the mistake could possibly have
been his would have resulted (and HAS done so, that's how I learnt this
lesson!!) in shouting matches and a great chance of deep 6 OUT, no OT
     This did not change.  Even the very recent HCOB about F/N's of
7/7/78 accuses 'verbal tech just located', blaming 'others' for not
accepting F/N's with a TA not between 2.0 and 3.0, a rule virtually
covered in every tech emanation regarding the E-meter ever written.
     ((FN's are not supposed to occur with the TA outside of the 2.0 to
3.0 range, and in fact during an ideal session, the FN almost always
occurs at exactly TA=2.5.  Declaring an FN with the TA out of range
might clip the pc's comm and cause a cognition which was about to
surface to resubmerge, a VERY DEADLY OCCURRENCE.
     It's like forgetting something you are thinking about and never
getting it back.
     The TA usually comes down during cognitions at the end of a
process, often from 4.0 or 5.0; it comes down rapidly, dial after dial,
something called a cascade, and it is supposed to settle down to around
2.5 to 2.8.  When it hangs at 3.0 to 3.2 you know there is more to come
off.  To interrupt the pc at this point, even if the needle is swinging
widely in a true FN is to almost assuredly to cut his cognition cycle.
     However if the pc is done cogniting, and yet the end of process is
NOT indicated by the auditor by saying 'Thank you your needle is
floating', the pc can get invalidated and over run, which is almost as
serious than chopping his cogs, but not quite, and ALWAYS has to be
rehabilitated by spotting the true win point to another FN.
     Over runs are easy to rehab, chopped cogs aren't.  Sometimes
chopped cogs NEVER come back.  This burns the pc no end.
     So when the pc is done and extroverted and looking at the auditor
for the usual 'your needle is floating' and the auditor merely looks
back and says '...more, perhaps?' because the TA is still at 3.1, the pc
can get mighty mad.
     This caused a lot of trouble at one time, as many auditors refused
to call the FN at 3.1 fearing they would be sacked for out tech, and out
tech at the time it was, yet the pc would get persistently ARC broke and
not want more auditing.  They would come to worry through the whole
session if the proper end would ever occur, thus being audited over a
chronic present time problem, no auditing would take place and so the
proper end never would occur thus validating their fears!
     A LOT of pc's are parked in the field refusing to get auditing
simply and only because they are just SURE it won't be done right, for
this an other reasons.
     Finally some auditors started calling the high FN's with the TA at
3.1 or 3.2 anyhow, risking their careers for the sake of happy pc's.
Many did in fact get in serious trouble for this, some even FAKED their
session reports to show the TA at 2.9 when it was really at 3.1 just so
that they could get on with the show without getting canned, and without
ruining their pcs.
     But the developed withholds and ARC breaks as an auditor with the
tech and LRH always eventually caught up with them in lessened
     Eventually the situation got so bad, LRH issued the above mentioned
HCOB saying FN's above 3.0 were acceptable, and that anyone comm-eved
for calling such FN's was forgiven.
     The problem then became that auditor's started calling high TA FN's
way too early on lots and lots of pcs, making them think they had
finished their own cog cycle when they hadn't.  'Well your needle is
floating, I don't care if your TA is 3.2, this HCOB says its ok to call
it here, let's get on to the next process shall we?'  The pc would take
this evaluation as 'tech' and not say anything.  Eventually the pc would
get subtly ARC broke from missed cogs and blow.
     The TRUTH is that the high TA FN is a very RARE thing, and only
happens on a very few rare pcs.  If you are getting them all the time on
all your pcs you are doing the wrong thing.
     Most good sessions end with the TA pointing right at 2.5 and the
needle swinging widely.
     I would not even expect to SOMETIMES get a high FN on ALL my pcs.
I would only expect to get them on SOME pcs SOMETIMES, so it would be a
class, type or kind of pc that got them, and not a class of processes on
all pcs.
     FNs start with the TA high, but you should just let the pc cognite.
He may even extrovert for a moment and look at you for the next command,
but he will go back to cogniting again if you just don't call an end to
it until the TA is very near 2.5.  You just look at the pc 'expecting
more'.  If the pc says 'That's it' or is laughing hysterically or gone
exterior, you don't need to push it, as he will be cogniting for hours
after session anyhow.
     Thus even if you did call an end with the TA at 3.0, its a good bet
the TA would come down to 2.5 after session as the pc continued to
cognite on his way home, assuming he wasn't spitting fire at you in his
mind for FORCING him to end before he was ready.
     So you want to be an auditor....))
     C/S instructions in his own handwriting, sometimes resulting in an
HCOB could at times be found to be incorrect.  Another would get the
blame in the cancellation.  ((HCOB's were cancelled by other later
      'Quickies', the Jenny Edmonds Clearing Course Programme, the
abbreviated SHSBC checksheet, the examples are numerous.
     ((Quickie Grades as they were called came into vogue during the
late sixties and were widely blamed for the down turn in Scientology
Gross Income and respect in the public's eyes that followed shortly
there after.
     Somewhere someone got the thought that Grade 0 could be run in 10
minutes with one process.  So people were doing their Grades in a few
hours of auditing.  This produced at best Shallow Grade Releases, and
eventually these people fell flat on their faces when they tried to run
the higher level process that could not be cheated.
     It takes many many hours of good auditing on ALL the Grade 0
processes to attain a true Grade 0 release, someone who is able to talk
to anyone on any subject.
     Most people don't even know what subjects they can't talk on, so
running them quickie on this just gets the surface charge out of the way
if at all, and they never do find out what they can't even talk to
themselves about let alone to others!))
     And why?  All he would have had to say - and he also DID do that
frequently - was that further research had proven such and such data
false and that would have been the end of it.
as well!
     When LRH was very sick in Jan 1972 he sent a note to Jim Dincalci,
MO (Medical Officer), stating 'Jim, I don't think I'm going to make it'.
     Jim called me for help.
     I wrote to LRH, asking his approval that 'as he now had the
services of the first perfect auditors, the Class XII's, I wanted to get
all his folders, get a Council of XII's to go through them and FES
((Folder Error Summary)) and programme the lot, to get his past auditing
((and solo)) history corrected/handled.'
     He sent back an approval (plus a 7 page handwritten Commendation,
"I'm delighted that somebody is finally going to take responsibility for
my auditing")
     My function was C/S, either Tommy Klingvall, Brian Livingston, or
Jeff Walker to be the auditor, and MSH as daily checkpoint ((?)).  David
Meyers or Jim Dincalci acted as D/P ((Director of Processing))
     Folders came in from all over the world, going back to 1948.  Most
of the old stuff were often scraps of paper.  Solo Research data went as
far as what he called then OT 19.
     It became a stack of some 8 feet high, an entire filing cabinet
     The aligning and FESing, even in the hands of the XII's, took
     He had, with the Commendation, also sent a note down regarding the
body with some instructions, (not just HIS body, but bodies as an item).
I wrote back, stating that I thought the point raised regarding them had
been covered in the OT 3 materials, but he wrote that this was
incomplete and to solo test-run 'Body Blue Print'.
     This was done during the next few months, the sessions sent up to
him.  Apart from session gradings and acks, and his being 'very
pleased', I don't know what eventually happened with the data.  He
certainly was too sick physically to check it out on himself even though
it was 'being of great interest'.
     He, while the FESing and programming cycles occurred was on MO
cycles, got D of P interviews, also some assists by a Class VIII and
even Examiner cycles by myself.  ((After each session the pc goes to the
Examiner to see if he is still F/Ning, and to make comments about the
session, the auditor and life.  If the needle is NOT F/Ning, the session
is red tagged, and must be repaired within 24 hours.))
     In the folders we found virtually every process known as well as
lots of never published actions.  There were thousands upon thousands of
pages of LISTS (3GAXX, 3MX, 3N, R2-12, umpty Goals/Oppose lists, enough
for about ten million correction lists, so to speak), ALL of them O/R
((over run)), over a TA of 6.0 etc.
     ((Having been through this myself to a much lesser degree, I can
sort of feel for the man.))
     This was the tech of those times, the auditors, I'm sure, did the
best they could (LRH himself was one of them, soloing lists endlessly!!)
     ((That's why he doesn't want anyone soloing with out proper C/S
care, because it got him into deadly hot water.))
     Rehab data, the Laws of L/N ((Listing and Nulling)) etc., were
unknown at the time of these sessions, and were never applied to HIM.
F/N data the same.
     As a matter of fact, this was the reason for my setting up this
     There were lots of, what was later labeled, 'discreditable' reads.
     ((A discreditable read, item or goal would be something that the pc
had charge on, or which read on the meter, which he would prefer others
not know about.))
     This was what R2-12 and Tiger Drilling had been all about and it
certainly wasn't something the FESers attached any further significance
to than noting it down for future handling.
     There were in the Research and Solo folders also lots of personal
data, like in ANY pc folder, which again was of no further significance
than items in need of verification and/or correction.
     The recent research folders, OT 3 on up, were, though in order of
date, quite upside down as to the data handled as (as was always the
case in research) the items were written down as and when they came up.
Realignment was always a later step in the procedure (Early OT 2
auditors will remember that old OT 2 was also run from the top down in
its initial stages, like OT 3 used to be run back to front.)
     The folders were divided over the different auditors with cross
checks.  I, as C/S, went through all the folders, and when one of the
auditors (FESing) could not confront some of the upper level research
data and material in the personal folders and got sick, I did the FESing
of that stack myself.
     ((My, you mean there is something here to confront?...))
     The section which is called OT 8 today had been part of much
earlier research and had already been given out by him to myself to test
run, but had become stranded on what much later became known as the NOTS
     ((The original OT 8 just did not work well on many people.
Research into why this was true uncovered the NOTS or entity handling
material which became necessary to pave the way for OT 8.))
     The same barriers, NOTS and OT 8, looking at it now, also
shipwrecked, so I imagine, the Body Blue Print steps.  This last
statement is my OPINION only, based on knowing the tech, it is not
something he ever indicated to me!
     The thing which needs stressing here is that as C/S or FESer one is
not concerned with the identity of the pc, ONE IS ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT
THE APPLICATION OF THE TECH, anything beyond that is quite irrelevant.
     There is also the rule that no pc gets to see his own folders.
     He had an attack in March/April, was in MO care and some weeks
later, per David Meyers latest D/P interview was starting to recover.
((Directors of Processing interview pcs to see how they are doing and to
get initial data for the C/S to start or continue programming the
     One day, when all the XII's were on leave, except myself, he sent a
Messenger down, stating he wanted the folders.  After refusal by myself
(C/S hat) he became 'Commodore' and ORDERED the folders up, sending some
hefty guys down to just get them (a cabinet FILE full!).
     They were just TAKEN, and that was that.
     A few days later I was called up to his office and upon entry was
hit, kicked, screamed and shouted at.  (Even the Aides were not in
sight, they were hiding as he was really mad!)
     He just blew his stack on finding the references to 'discreditable'
reads and the contents of some of the personal folders.
     He shouted that he had never had such reads ((on the E-meter during
session)) and screamed at me to check this with the auditor, MSH, who
was also in the room.
     She said with a straight face, 'No Sir, you never had such reads.'
This while there were stacks of folders lying right there full of them.
     There is another kind of read which, IN WRITING THEM DOWN, closely
resembles the reads concerned, a read which is also of prevalence in
Goals type auditing.  As the handwriting is small and as he needs
glasses, it was implied that it was the 2nd type read, an entirely
'acceptable' item which had been written down.
     ((It is hard to know exactly what is being said here.  My
interpretation is that Ron saw the written reads as they were on the
worksheets and got upset, but then was calmed down by MSH when she
implied to him that the reads were really the 2nd kind of read which on
paper look like the first, and since LRH needed glasses and the hand
writing was small he had mistaken the 2nd kind of read for the first
kind of read and got upset.  Otto's contention is that they really were
the first kind of read.))
     This is not what several XII's, including I, with good eyes had
seen, and even, had there been a mistake, it would not have been
hundreds of them.  As said, what FESer cares about such things?  They
are merely items to verify/correct/handle.  THEY certainly attached no
special significance to this.
     ((It is hard to guess what is being discussed here without the data
at hand that they are referring to, but it may very well have been the
difference between a Rock Slam (R/S) or Rocket Read (R/R) and a Dirty
Read (D/R).
     The written D/R could have been mistaken by LRH as an R/R as MSH
may have disingenuously implied LRH had done.
     It would however be far more 'discreditable' to have a R/R on a
goal like 'To ruin mankind' than an D/R.  An R/R would have implied that
the goal was 'His Goal' or on the line of his goals.  A D/R would have
had little significance except that the goal was charged even as
something he might be vaguely opposed to.
     It is more likely that the R/Ring goals really were as stated on
the worksheets and were just one hell of a surprise to Ron when he saw
     It may be that, per Ron's own rules, Goals listing was done out of
sight of the pc, so the reads that went on the work sheets were not
known by the pc even in the end.  Only the final 'His Goal' type read
was indicated to the pc.  Perhaps in seeing his worksheets for the first
time, he saw lots and lots of discreditable goals and things reading
which MSH never told him about per his own damn instructions.
     Thus goals which really did have R/Rs on them, which upset Ron so
much, were white washed by saying that MSH had really written a D/R or
some such thing which had a very different meaning (the goal was not his
goals, so he's clean, etc.)
     Again, I would remind you, this is all supposition and guessing on
my part.))
     He then screamed that I and the other XII's had 'of course talked
and laughed about it' among ourselves and had 'undoubtedly told this all
over the ship.'
     ((Yep a missed withhold reaction alright.  HE should have talked
about it all over the ship, and had the laugh himself.))
     Completely maniacal reactions, especially toward the best and most
experienced C/Ses and Auditors in the world who had seen and done just
about everything.
     However, also typical Missed Withhold Reactions, mere pc
dramatizations, pc's should not read their own folders.
     ((Mainly because aberrees are writing in them.))
     He had also looked at tons of out lists, wrong items, unhandled
drugs, as well as 'discreditable' data (like is found in ANY pc folder),
none of it of any significance to FESers, C/Ses or auditors, except as
items in need of handling, but of lots of significance to pcs,
especially when wrongly, incompletely or not handled at all.
     This pc had certainly never been handled.  His altitude, apart from
the lack of know how in earlier tech days, alone prevented any auditor
from just going in there and even putting his ruds in.
     ((Ruds = Rudiments:  ARC breaks, Present Time Problems, Missed
Withholds, Failed Purposes, Mis Understood Words etc.  These ruds are
done at the beginning of every session and often in the middle and at
the end depending on the type of auditing.))
     An auditor he had selected once certainly never did.  She caved in
and I had to, as Examiner, handle that session at that time.  This Class
VIII had been known as a weak auditor, yet HE ((LRH)) had chosen that
individual, while he had had some super XII's available.  It is not hard
to guess who controlled the session!!
     ((Controlling the session became a hot point of controversy within
the Church of Scientology.  The pc is always dramatizing towards session
and his auditor what he is dramatizing towards life and his bank.  This
is mainly elsewhereness or if he is higher tone, violence and hatred.
     Engrams contain moments of pain in which probably the pc was either
trying to get away from the pain or attack it furiously.  Thus later
when the incident is just an engram in his reactive mind, the pc is
still trying either to get away from the memory or attack it furiously.
     Therefore when an auditor tries to get the pc back into his engrams
to help him erase them and as-is them, the pc feels that the auditor is
like the people in the engram who hurt him in the first place, so he
tries to get away from the session and the auditor, or attack him
     Thus when the going got hot during session the pc would always have
this feeling of wanting to get out, he would say, 'well that's fine now,
I feel much better (eyes half shut with death) I think I should be going
now...' and it would be up to the auditor to get the pc back into
session at all costs, because if he let the pc blow, the pc would never
come back and possibly get really sick and stay that way for the rest of
this life from a permanently restimulated but not blown incident.
     Ron said these things settle out in a few days, the restimulation
goes away.  He later admitted this was wrong, especially on items near
the central goals line of the pc, and he himself suffered from such
permanent restimulation and was terrified of it and SAYS so on the
various tapes on R3-MX.
     Pcs used to blow from early CCH's like this, they just couldn't
handle them easily, and the auditors couldn't handle them either, and so
they couldn't handle the pc not being able to handle them, so they got
reasonable and let the pc go.  The pc never came back and lived the rest
of this life in slow physical misery.
     Of course CCH's can kill you, or at least you THINK they can, and
sometimes you are just SURE they are going to, because they can throw
some pcs into NOTS material usually way ahead of the level of the
auditor who is auditing you.
     So auditors and C/Ses became very adamant about not letting the pc
out of session, or EVER taking the pcs orders about what to do, which
were usually to not doing anything! and pcs were forced to carry through
with processes even after the auditor admitted that the process was
wrong.  This was all per Ron's early tapes on not taking the pc's advice
even if the pc was right.  He got this data from his own auditing as a
pc, and so he should know, right?
     The problem was, that pc's knew that many of these C/Ses didn't
know what the hell they were doing, and OFTEN a pc would be started upon
a process that was well over his level or well under his level and in
either case would go into a strong protest in the middle of session and
refuse to run it any more.
     C/Ses just couldn't spot the pc properly on the Bridge, so pcs were
forced to endure lots of wrong auditing until they got to their proper
level if they ever did, all the while watching their bank accounts
     Auditors' were trained to sit between the pc and the door so the pc
could not bolt for the door and auditor's were supposed to use force if
necessary to keep the pc in the auditing room.  We were TRAINED to do
this with upper level TR's.  It was MEANT to be gentle, it was meant to
be done in such a way to keep the pc IN SESSION and winning.  What it
ended up doing was keeping the pc IN THE ROOM, and WAY OUT OF SESSION
except on a covert auditing line for the auditor's benefit and that was
the end of that for that pc.
     This lead to some serious ARC breaks as the pc knew damn well he
wasn't going to run that process any more as it was too dangerous or too
overrun for him to win with it, and while he was dying so were his
     Many pcs put into this position often ran the process to a false
win, or endured it until they had a win inspite of themselves, just to
get out of session, and then they never came back and NEVER WOULD come
back because they never again trusted an auditor to force them to do the
right thing.
     Pcs don't mind being forced to do the right thing, but auditor
confidence becomes replaced by auditor fear that they will be comm-eved
or worse if they let the pc bolt or take directions from him, and so
soon the auditor doesn't care about the pc anymore only about his own
     So the auditor carries on, forcing the pc to run the process no
matter what, to some kind of 'acceptable' end, and if the pc then blows
later, it is clearly the pc's fault and not the auditor's fault, so the
auditor is home free and keeps his job.  The pc was clearly SP anyway.
     Ron has said many times that the auditor must use force up to but
not over the pc's objection point.  This is fine.  But once the pc says
no, that's it.  End of process.  The C/S had better figure what to do or
start losing income to a severely ARC Broken field.
     Here are Ron's own words on this subject from Tape 6302C07 SHSBC
235 of 2/7/1963 titled, R3-MX Part II.
     'This is quite interesting.  Pcs go on a hard sell.  But the
auditor who thinks the pc knows, is goofy.  But the auditor who thinks
the pc has nothing to tell him, is ALSO goofy.
     It's what has the pc got to tell the auditor?  Well the pc can tell
the auditor how he feels about things and he can tell the auditor this
and he can tell the auditor that, and these are all quite valid.  But
the pc says, 'Well actually, the whole trouble with this package, the
REAL trouble with the package is your earliest list there on the
package, 'Who or what would oppose Wheeties?' that earliest list, That's
wrong, that's WRONG!  And ALL the items since are all wrong!'
     Then you put down five more items on the list you are completing,
the pc's R/S goes on that list, that's IT.  It's very funny, five
minutes later, why he's forgotten that he told you he was going to scrap
all of his items.
     That's very funny.  You don't take the pc's advice on what to do in
other words.  You take the pc's advice on how he FEELS about things but
you don't take the pc's advice on a remedy because he's more likely to
be dramatizing his remedy than otherwise.
     He can't think clearly on the subject of his own case.
     You can usually think FAR more clearly than the pc on the subject
of his own case.
     That also occasionally has modifications.  It isn't ALWAYS
completely true.  As witness many instances.
     Sometimes the pc knows very well what's wrong.  Pc has been sitting
there saying 'Well, it's just that we can't list it this way, that's
all.'  And the auditor keeps on listing it that way.  And the pc says it
CAN'T be listed that way, and all of a sudden the auditor says 'Well
alright, I'll TRY it the other way', and he tries it the other way and
it's right.  This does happen.
     ((This is a reference to goals/oppose listing where it is possible
to list the goal the 'wrong way to'.  Goals/oppose listing involves
finding a goal, and then listing for its opposing goal.
     Say the goal found was the goal 'To catch Catfish'.  First you must
determine if this is a goal of the pc or an opposition goal to the goal
of the pc.
     If it is the pc's goal you would then list 'Who or what would
catching catfish oppose' to find the opposing goal.
     If the goal WERE the pc's opposition goal, you would then list 'Who
or what would oppose catching catfish' to find the pc's own goal.
     If you make a mistake in determining the side of the original goal,
you will end up listing it 'the wrong way to' and cave the pc in.
     I would also like to point out that LRH's views about letting the
pc control the session came not from sessions he did on others, but from
session he had MSH do on HIM!.  He quickly realized that when MSH let
him control the session, he was Tech Master after all, it went into the
soup.  Of course there were times when he was right.
     So you got to realize that everything LRH says about auditing
others comes from his experiences with getting OTHERS TO AUDIT HIM!))
     There were in the solo folders a lot of things personal to him.
But who cared!  He read it (data most probably long since forgotten as
having been written down), got stirred up with the idea of 'others
knowing about it', etc.  Pc's should not read their own folders.
     He was very angry and I confronted him, after which he said, 'What
are you looking at me for!'  When I said, 'Well, Sir, seeing YOU trained
me on TR's and how to run them, you couldn't now expect me to break up'.
(Which was true.)  He then quieted down and ordered me to cabin arrest.
     The other XII's had not been around so I caught the brunt of all of
this alone.  His hitting hadn't bothered me, he was an old man.
     What I really minded was MSH's denying of having seen and written
down these reads, thereby giving him umpty wrong items by denying reads
which DID occur and indicating reads which DIDN'T.  This with lists,
many of which were 100's of pages long, and more, so already wrong
enough without needing further inval of their meter reads!
     Later that evening MSH came down to my cabin.  She kept coming in
and out with different folders of his, showing the reads clear as day,
and then 'explaining' to me that these reads had been 'old time F/N
reactions' (see page 10, last paragraph, orig. doc.)  and that I, as an
old timer and Class XII 'should have know that'.
     ((The reference here was to the test of the Mark VI that Ron gave
to Otto to see if the meter R/Sed before it F/Ned.  I am not sure why
LRH would WANT a meter to R/S before an F/N, this was NEVER part of the
later tech, and in fact is the first I have ever heard of such a thing.
Why he would scrap a meter which DIDN'T R/S before it F/Ned is also
beyond me and frankly the Mark V and the Mark VI just don't do these
things.  Maybe they do and I was never really trained to look for them.
     Anyhow MSH's comments here lead credence to the idea that each of
the contested goals had R/S next to them, which meant they were hot as
hell even if they were discreditable, and she is saying that the R/S was
a prelude to an F/N which if true would have meant the goal was clean
and NOT hot as hell.
     Thus claiming that all these R/S's were old time F/N's is a major
white wash of the auditing if indeed they were really all R/S's.
     It is possible though that LRH knew about R/S's BEFORE he knew
about F/N's, and perhaps such confusions might have arisen; the folders
MIGHT have shown R/S's when they were really more like F/N's.
     In that case, LRH should have known better than to blow up at all
the R/S's marked down because he should have remembered that they were
F/N's.  Maybe he forgot, and thought they were all R/Ses!
     That must have given him a start!))
     My answer was that this might all be true but that I, as C/S, could
not just surmise things and they had to be verified and handled, and the
more she talked the more stubborn I became.
     As Diana Hubbard also came to shout at me 'I hate you', 'I hate
you', 'I hate you', it was obvious that things would not become too
     David Mayo, Class X trainee at the time, and not involved in the
Project, was in the cabin next to mine and witnessed the MSH
     LRH somehow refused the truth of the folders, and my stubbornness
clinched the matter.
     'Station Termination', my days were numbered.
     It was interesting to see how many people suddenly 'discovered'
what an SP I had always been.  Fallen, after years at the top, it did
not take the undertakers long to dig the grave.
     A slight goof by Quentin (then C/S) and myself a few days later
(running a GF ((Green Form 40 repair list)), technically a correct
action, on a wrongly handled experimental XDN ((Expanded Dianetics, evil
intentions)) pc) got me comm-eved and declared, etc.  The C/S was not
     However, knowing what was in the folders, I did not give up the
action ((that we had all planned for LRH)) and left the ship (with
approval!) to get the Klingvalls and bring them back to complete the
auditing programme ((for LRH)).  I returned to Flag, without even
knowing where it was, I spotted Flag's location in Oporto and on the
dock got the Expulsion Order, signed by Norman Starkey.  And that was
     I left Portugal with $100 in my pocket, subsequently did well in
the 'wog' world, but had a very rough time with self struggle, like, 'Is
he ((LRH) senior to Truth?', 'Does he really stand above the
requirements of the Tech?', etc.  Yet, I would always come back to the
same conclusion that my decisions would be the same again, regardless of
'losing the Upper Levels, etc.'
     In fact, I lost nothing, as neither NOTS, nor OT 8 contained any
mysteries for me, and I had already virtually completed OT 8 years
before, as I discovered when getting the contents of what is known today
as OT 8 at David Mayo's.  It would have been quite an inval of the tech
and my own ability, as well as a waste if, even having reached the very
top of training, knowingness and know how, I still would not have been
able to help myself.
     THE FOLDERS: What happened to them?
     When David Mayo came to salvage LRH years later... David never saw
these folders.  The tech of NOTS was developed, great, but the 8 feet
stack of tens of thousands of pages of GROSS OUT TECH was never seen by
David or anybody else again!  NOBODY SAW THESE FOLDERS AGAIN.  This is
what David told me the first night I saw him again in Santa Barbara in
     Yes I know what is in ALL of these folders and what he lived and
worked over the top of.
     It sure wasn't that David couldn't have run the XII programme, as
he could have, it was that he just wasn't give access to these folders
(this latter statement is my OPINION only, but I can see no other
     One ought to realize the potential power of only ONE wrongly
handled item like an engram or a list, let alone OUT Upper Level Solo
Lists and a continuance of never looked at and handled out ruds!
     Virtually anybody close to LRH on tech lines who left (John
McMaster, the 2 Klingvalls, David Mayo, even MSH) got hit, black listed,
third partied, lied about.
     From data recently gathered in SHUK, Clearwater, the AAC ((Mayo's
Advanced Ability Center)), in Australia, at John Atack's, etc. the GO
has been pretty active in blacking my person.
     Since leaving Flag I paid off a (mainly false) F/L ((Free Loader's
debt)) of some $40,000.00 (a lot of money in the 70's, when starting
with $100!), did amends, spending another $11,000.00, came back to SHUK
when called by the GO in 1982, was ordered to take services and bought
and paid for everything I was told to, was willing to receive those
services and started being sec checked in June.  ((Sec Checking,
security checking, pulling withholds on the E-meter, usually using a
prepared list like the Jo'burg or others, or even lists especially
prepared for the pc by the C/S according to what the C/S might think the
pc is guilty of.))
     This was suddenly stopped and I was taken to an RTC ((Religious
Technology Corp. person)), an unknown quantity to me, to be informed
that I also had to buy 'all the training', which I then did and paid
for, after which I was informed that I was still 'SP' (though I had been
upgraded in 1977, in writing, by the then International Justice Chief,
Bill Robertson ((Captain Bill????))), and to get off the premises.  (I
discovered later that I singly and alone had been responsible for the
Saint Hill Gross Income being in a condition of Affluence, for 2 weeks
     As the Services were subsequently not delivered, despite repeated
phone calls, letters and personal visits to clean up whatever further
outness there might have been, the SH attitude of 'Anti Q&A' and
'unreasonableness' had to be handled by lawsuit to get my funds (plus
legal costs and interest) paid back.
     Quite a waste of 2 weeks Affluence income!
     The above pages do not cover all my interrelations with LRH, the
Family, Flag, other SO ships and members, but are only an overall view.
Lots of data, dates, names, locations, etc. have been omitted (after all
these years just gone), or are of no consequence.  What was given was
more the PRINCIPLE of what happened.
     The positive gain experienced from knowing and working with LRH is
not something expressible in words, and to me... there are still the
missing folders!
                              TRACK TABLE
                     To the best of my recollection
     1947 (J. Atack's track table) LRH publishes 'Scn a new science'.
Possible, but MSH said that she was present when he coined the word
after 1950.
     1.) Late 50's, my entry in DN, then SCN.
     2.) Mid 1965 arrival at SHUK.  SHSBC in 10-11 weeks.
     3.) August 1965 Class VI.
     4.) Invited by MSH, on grounds of SHSBC record, to do Class VII.
Staff contract signed.
     5.) Holidays for a month.
     6.) Class VII trainee.  Discovered a 'new world', the 'green on
white' or POLICY.  First reality on the remarkable practices of Scn
FINANCE.  (I already was a wog accountant with considerable experience.)
     PrPr's ((Power Processes 1 through 6) and Power Plus would be
bought and paid for (75 hours).  Goofs in the auditing would be handled
in 'Review' at 5 hours minimum cost, even for a 5 minute session
(usually a Green Form assessed Method 3).  ((Method 3 meant you read
each item on the Green Form to the pc, and you took up each item that
read when it read and handled it usually by spotting earlier and earlier
moments of the same item until it blew.  This contrasts with Method 5 in
which the whole list was read to the pc and the reads marked down, and
then the items handled later in order of biggest read first.))
     A reading SP question would mean having to do an S&D, another 5
hours, usually an incorrect action in the first place, then needing
further 'correction' (in 5 hour lots minimum), all this without using
the 75 prepaid PrPr hours.
     Pc's would have wait in Qual, sometimes for MONTHS for full
     ((Qual was division 5 of the Org Board.  It stood for
Qualifications and basically acted as the quality control center for
technical delivery, both auditing and training, which was Division 4.
The Qual Sec oversaw the entire operations of Qual which included
verifying that pc's had attained their trainging class or auditing
grade, issuing certificates, and also cramming students and auditors who
flubbed their internships while studying in Division 4, and fixing and
repairing cases that had been bogged beyond simple auditor or C/S repair
     Sitting in Qual, meant you were stopped for the moment on what ever
action you were on awaiting repair and return to your standard program
or Bridge action.))
     In the mean time they could not study and their money would run
out.  (As a PTP, this present time problem with money became very good
'bait' for a NOW needed S&D because PTP's meant suppression which meant
you had to look for the SP's with the S&D etc.)
     ((This means that waiting in Qual for days on end, watching ones
funds run out from living expenses created enough of a chronic PTP that
the pc would then roller coaster, loose gains, get sick, etc., all of
which were signs of being connected to an SP.  This essentially caused
these students to become PTS or a Potential Trouble Source.  Thus they
ALSO now needed to have an S&D done on them to find the SP.  In actual
fact the SP was the system they were suffering under in Qual.))
     This is where Listing and Nulling got its bad name ((doing S&D's
which involved listing for the SP)).  A very simple action, but deadly
if the action itself is a wrong item.
     ((This means that listing for the SP when there is none, and what
is wrong with the pc is not caused by an SP, will cause more harm than
good, because the pc goes ransacking through his case to find something
that isn't there, thus restimulating everything and eventually CREATING
what he is looking for out of desperation to solve what ever his problem
is.  He finally gets his SP indicated to him as the 'right why' for his
troubles, and of course it doesn't blow because the Qual Sec isn't on
the list (because Scn terminals are NEVER the SP by policy!), and the pc
once again has validated the wrong idea that you can know the right why
and still remain sick.  So he gets sicker and walks away 'knowing why',
namely because he is still connected to the false SP who was indicated
to him, who is probably his best friend in the whole world.))
     SHSBC students in these days also had to find their own pc's for
their auditing requirements in the street, to prove their certainty,
which put many in Cramming when not having their auditing requirements
done within the allotted time, quite expensive this.  It ultimately led
to the UK scandal when student Murrey Youdell used an asylum case for
     After mastering the Policy (on the Organization Executive Course,
OEC) I disagreed even more with the practice of actively MAKING PTSes
(the guys waiting outside Qual.)
     ((PTS means potential trouble source which is caused by strong
present time problems which are the result of suppression or being
connected to SP's.  More people are PTS to LRH and his Church than
anyone dares admit even though they are the source of the tech to handle
     Later, as OESSH ((Org Executive Secretary Saint Hill??)),
mentioning this to LRH he answered that we hadn't made their cases.
When I answered that we had promised to handle them, so that they should
not have to pay for our goofs, his reply was that 'everybody is
responsible for himself and pulls in his own motivators', and that was
that.  John McMaster, so I found out, had had a similar disagreement
with him earlier.
     ((This 'everyone is responsible for their own condition so I can do
them in at will' is a very high level of responsibility.  People are
very willing to apply it to everyone but themselves!  It may be true,
but are you so high that if it comes back to you, you won't be blaming
the daylights out of the person who did you in?
     This attitude that its ok to do things to people because they are
pulling it in (which is true) is also mentioned BY LRH in his famous
bulletin listing JUSTIFICATIONS that pc's use to hide behind their
     LRH's statement is true, but if you continue to give people the
motivators that they are pulling in on themselves through you, they will
eventually give one or two back to you which you will be pulling in on
yourself.  Giving people motivators is not a good way to live even if
they are begging for them.  Who is so pure that he can cast the first
stone and not have one tossed back?))
     These are some of the things as to the TRUTH of the era when LRH
ran SH, as mentioned on tapes and other data.
     There were for the Class VII's also lots of LRH PrPr briefings and
lectures to VII interns, as well as great training sessions under John
     7) Dec 1965 Graduation Class VII
     8) Further PrPr research, also E/W's ((End Words in GPMS)), the
Clearing Course (CC), the low TA, terminal illness etc.
     9) Appointment as SH Class VII Case Officer Review, then senior
auditing post World Wide (WW).  Ron Pook, Joe Van Staden, JJ de Lance
and John McMaster were the SH staff Qual crew, under John's training and
     The first clears after John McMaster coming off the lines.  The
early Clears, the first 30, the beginning of the OT levels etc.  Also
the Solo Course.
     Also the arrival of not just the SP TECH (early motivator flow
S&D), but SP Ethics as well.  The first LRH declares of Trevor Bull
(D/P), Eric Gyldenkrone (student), John Lawrence (Chaplain), and the
first reference to OT 3 data in these declares.
     The TONE of these declares was most enturbulative, FEAR really
started to get laid in.  The fear of 'being shut out forever', of
'losing one's friends', of 'being alone and lonely in the darkness',
etc., real R6 stuff.  ((R6 bank was Grade VI just before Grade VII or
Clear, but eventually came to be associated with much of the implant
stuff given to beings on OT 3. Otto is implying that LRH was either
trying to scare the hell out of people with the OT 3 material, as it did
go into the core of their Overwhelm, or else he was dramatizing it full
out himself, being in the middle of researching it and having it in full
restimulation all the time.))
     I saw one girl who is now a famous Class XII auditor cave in
completely on these.
     Great points, early Clears.  One did not just attest, one was
reviewed and had to pass certain tests before being accepted.
     I received quite a few of the early ones and the experience of
'seeing a new one being born' was just wonderful.
     Ron Pook reviewed me and I became Clear 25 on the 'John Mc Pope of
Scientology' day ((a reference to McMaster)), where he was validated by
LRH, and I shared the joy when being given my Clear Cert by him.
     10) March 1966 OEC grad.
     11) Aug 1966 Clear 25
     12) Aug 1966 OT 2 Research Mission 'Treasure' as I/C and auditor,
(see page 7, orig. doc.  ((reference 'Whole Track Recall' earlier in
this posting)) with Bernie Green and Dorothy Knight.  Successful.  Point
     After this a lot of Upper Level data, Tony Dunleavy and John
McMaster also on these lines.
     13) Aug 1966 appointed OESSH by MSH. Stats which had never exceeded
8000 pounds until this date broke the 10,000 pounds within 3 weeks and
continued from thereon til Aug 1967 when amounts between 30 and 40
thousand pounds weekly were attained.
     During this year, 7 HCO Exec Secs came and went, I was OES ((Org
Executive Secretary)), Brian Livingston was Treasury Sec., John McMaster
in Qual, with Monica Quirino Assistant Guardian (AG), Ken Urguhart was
LRH Communicator and MSH was Guardian.  A fabulous crew, great days.
LRH was not in SH most of the time, he was setting up the 'Sea Project'.
     14) About Feb 1967, affluence and (of course) the comm-evs, on me
as the OES.  Canceled, later came the Simon Bolivar policy.
     15) Aug 1967, highest ever stat, comm-ev.  THE VERY MOMENT THE
rattle, stating 'Otto Roos restored to post ARC Scientologists must
learn to look after their own first, best RON', from Las Palmas.
     (As my OT 2 declare ((attainment of OT 2)) had been stopped by
committee, he gave it to me, and I also was not now pushed off the upper
levels as the committee had done.)
     He then called me Las Palmas.
     16) Forgotten, Spring 1966, the LRH Finance Committee (see page 7,
org. doc.)
     17) I had To leave the SO Project to find a ship.  Mission orders,
etc. did not exist, he just called me in, told me what he wanted, gave
some briefing and that was it.  I imagine that having been a merchant
seaman this life time, he picked me.
     As Tjang Kai Check was forming a fleet to invade the mainland, the
Greeks were buying up all ships they could get to sell to Tjang.
Competition fierce.  Travels around the Med, Africa, Europe, finally
locating the Royal Scotsman in Scotland.  Looking it over, papers sent
to LRH.  I approve it for the money.
     A brief stop off, AFTER THE MISSION HAD BEEN COMPLETED, with a
girlfriend and getting caught by MSH in person cost me a DOUBT
condition, later canceled by him when receiving the ships papers and
being overjoyed.
     18) Pre coming to Flag (now the Royal Scotman), as the only OT 2,
Class VII auditor, on the Avon River, there was the early OT 3 work.  He
got very sick in Las Palmas, which, considering the never published
parts of OT 3, which I later FESed in Class XII, is not surprising.  I
myself got severe GPM 'creaks', and also ended up in a hospital, where a
specialist had to be flown out from Spain.  There was also further S&D
research as cure for sea sickness (pc Lori Wood), the breaking down of
"I" as identity (an early forerunner of Class XII, which on the Avon he
called 'way upscale auditing', and old OT 3 procedures like Milazzo
((the Milazzo pack is part of the OT 3 materials)), Green Green Form,
SP/PTS handlings etc.  ((I don't know what the reference to the Green
Green Form is, there was a Green Form 40 that was used extensively in
later years as a repair action.  It had 40 items on it.))
     19) Dec 1967, first AO started in Valencia, Hank Laarhuis OES,
Julia Galpin HCO Exec Sec, "didn't get off the ground" (LRH)
     20) Upon arrival in Valencia LRH called me personally off the ship
and ordered me 'to get washed up, go to the Scotman and put an AO
     21) First action was to send John McMaster around the world for
Promo.  He got results!
     22) Jan 1968 I made several tours to SHUK to give talks and recruit
staff and students.  Nevile Chamberlain and an effective mob came with
me.  There was great enthusiasm.  SH had been under severe ethics SO
Missions, and now another aspect of the SO, the ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY
((?)), arrived.
     23) A buzz of early declares ((not SP declares, but grades attained
declares))  Chris Weideman as first OT 3, myself as first OT 6, then the
highest level attainable.
     24) The stats went from about 30, to 50, to over the 100 mark and
then, of course, the comm-ev.  I escaped from Flag by sliding down the
lines, spotted where the Avon was, and found LRH.  I showed him the
Income, as it was at that point in time, he was delighted, then I gave
him the Bill of Particulars and he got mad and told me to stay with him.
I went back, however, to complete the week, showed the committee the LRH
note, and that was that.  The income ended as 123,000 for the week.
     The next day I grabbed by ethics 'file', a whole drawer full, all
for myself! and ostentatiously burnt it on the dock in Valencia (which
he had said I could do when the stat would get over 100,000).
     LRH came to Flag, tore into the Committee, and I had a few more
     'Just finding LRH' in the middle of the night was not a surprise
for people around that time, who still remember the early AO Magazine.
There had been a lot of research on OT ABILITIES, started back in 1966
in SH.  John McMaster had levitated (and broken a toe), if I remember
well and some of the 'wild catting' results had been published by LRH in
the Mag.  Teleportation, changing the body's location without physical
means, messing around with the later (old) OT 7 abilities,
exteriorization from the Mest Universe procedures (done by him on me for
the first time on my Clear, i.e. John Mc's Pope day), and such goodies,
like floating, projection, etc.  Wildly uncontrolled but of great
interest as it showed the potential abilities of a thetan and what one
day we would be able to control knowingly.  ((LRH flatly denies the
possibility of true physical teleportation on one of the early PDC
tapes, saying its all an implant illusion.  Perhaps he changed his mind
later, or came to call some of the more projective mechanisms of casting
images of yourself to other places, teleportation.))  My body had been
seen in both Jo'burg and New York, as well as SH, while it was on Flag,
some people suddenly arrived at Flag as I had, so they said, 'called'
     Apparently I must have used the same 'tech' to find the Apollo,
after leaving to find the Klingvalls.  (Page 17, para 5, original
     Interesting trials, these tings, and he wanted them published.
     Based on the same principles he appointed Quentin and me 'skull
     LRH himself was a lot into this stuff.  Once, when I was OOD
(Officer of the Deck) under Conning Officer (name unknown) and the ship
was on a collision course, I continued to tell the Conn, but he just
stood there and did not react or do anything about it.  I logged it in
the watch book and finally decided to go wake LRH (a very dangerous job
indeed!) to, as Captain, overrule the Con and take command.  Before I
could go, he came suddenly rushing up the Bridge, in his pyjamas,
grabbed the wheel and started bellowing at the Con.  The Con still did
not react, so LRH saved the ship (and also started the Drug research, as
the Con was 'loaded').  So, although asleep, he perceived this ship's
being there, also that the Con was 'absent', etc. and he handled the
situation bang on!
     On the other hand he also, years later, published something on
Class XII pcs about how they never left the ship, when he was C/S,
without their being 'exterior with full perception', which was a
definite untruth.  ((A Class XII pc was probably paying public who had
been audited by Class XII auditors, and probably also refers to the
Class XII's themselves who got auditing on the same material.  The
AUDITING GRADE attained by these pc's, as I remember was OT 2.))  Not
that some didn't, but he implied ALL of them to having achieved this
state.  (He in fact created more hidden standards about this subject
than anything, of which some data, as per his own research folders,
wasn't true, or rather, like our wild catting of OT abilities, was quite
uncontrolled, also by himself!)
     25) The early AO days were very exciting, the tech, the pc's, but
also, with the advent of all the new (untrained) people, the beginning
of serious Port Flaps, not, I'm sure, caused by the 'Enemy'
     The AO went into a hotel, here too, PR ((Public Relations)) and
Shore Flaps.
     26) Eventually we were sent on the Liability Cruise under Captain
MSH, who was, like LRH himself, a superb seaman.  Great training.  ((The
Liability Cruise was a cruise they were all ordered on as part of a
Liability condition the whole group was assigned for reasons I do not
     27) July 1968 "Mafia and OT 3 Mission" (page 11, original document)
     28) Aug 1968 LRH and crew on the Avon River, "Mission into Time",
while I, on the Scotman mocked up the H.O.T.A. course (page 8 orig.
     29) Expanded drug research, 7 types of resistive cases, OT 3 new
handlings, etc.
     30) Class VIII course, overboards, etc.  (Page 8, orig. doc.)
     31.)  October and November appointment as Flag VIII C/S, END of
overboards (regardless of what rumor lines say!!)
     Lots of FCCI's ((Flag Case Completion Intensives)) (paying pcs from
the public) aboard, sailing in between ports and auditing, auditing,
     32) About May 1969 the new Dianetics Course.  (Pages 8/9 orig.
     33) 2 Orgs, FLAG ORG (MSH + Aides) and SHIP ORG (the rest).
     34) MSH made first KHA KAN at the FLAG ORG, I the first KHA KAN
Ship ORG.  ((FLAG was the Apollo, SHIP was the Royal Scotman (I think).
Or maybe at this time FLAG was still the Royal Scotman and SHIP was the
Avon River.  KHA KAN was an honored status given to those who had
brought great benefit to the group, essentially saying they were
forgiven the death penalty 10 times in the future for what ever they
might do bad.))
     35) MSH appointed first UPSTAT in the Flag Org, I appointed first
UPSTAT in the Ship Org.  Appointments about midway 1969.
     NOTE:  LRH had made these appointments, he also had given me my
ranks.  Nobody but either he or MSH has ever appointed me anything.  I
certainty did not have the 'right connections' among officers and
'Upstat Boards', never did, cared even less (and made the mistake of
making this awfully clear), did exactly as I pleased, ate well, rode on
my motor cycle when I felt like it, all things later stated by the comm-
ev as 'misuse of KHA KAN status'.  I did have an awful lot of policy and
tech know how, and especially survival lore.  It did make stats, and LRH
and MSH appreciated that aspect.  Looking back at it, I have
unnecessarily hurt people and have taken this as a lesson.
     36) Dec 1969 on medical leave, broken bones.
     37) Mar 1970 LRH order to 'set up and boom Scn Holland, while you
are there'.
     38) Lectures and Comm Courses at Training Colleges and Universities
in Holland.  Like a bomb, 12, 28, 57 attendees, and the last one so many
(2 Halls full) that I had to supervise on rollerskates (no kidding!).
He had, after all, personally trained me in supervising and cramming.
     39) When established handed over to Missionaires Richard Wrigley
and ... ? ... Return to Flag in the Azores.
     40) Upper levels.  Tommy and Liese Klingvall, Jeff Walker, Brian
Livingston, and later on Michael Mauerer as trainee.  This was training
and supervising done directly by LRH himself for months and months.  The
most fantastic and longest training course of all time.  The FEBC ((Flag
Executive Briefing Course)) came to parallel this later, which I also
     41) I compiled the Class IX to XII data into HCOB's.  An entire new
type of auditing was piloted by me on pc P. Inburgia, half of 1971,
causing LRH to be 'delighted' and still in use in XII today.
     42) Half 1971 ordered by LRH to put together, pilot run and write
up a new TR Course (he said, 'I called our toughest supervisor... to get
TR's IN...').  Initially for the XII's and the new X trainees (David
Mayo, Helen Sanderson, Ron Shaffran etc.).,  The course became a winner.
It was apparently exported and flunked ashore.
     43) I was appointed Class XII TEch Flub Catch and Control.
     44) Some XII procedures came up against and handled what was later
far speedier handled in NOTS tech.
     45) End 1971, Class XII LA Mission, I/C was John Horwich with the
Klingvalls and myself.
     46) Jan 1972 LRH is physical difficulties, Council of XII's (page
13, org. doc.)
     Finding testing and running 'Body Blue Print' ...((text
     47) 'Station Termination'  ((Termination of Station))
     48) Return to the wog world, no lines, terminals, friends, or money
and a (mainly false) debt of an unimaginable amount, also... an 8 feet
stack of folders I wanted to see handled.
     As he had once called me a 'machine gun which only needed to be
pointed into the right direction', the right direction it had to be and
became ((LRH!)).
     49) Reporting to the GO, did an A-E ((policy on suppressive
handling, and reconnection to the Church)) setting up businesses, paying
off F/L debt etc.
     50) At SHUK finally meeting this thing called RTC, wanting to know
what this was all about, thus:  Phoning all over the world, Nevile
Chamberlain, Jay Hurwitz, Alan Buchanan, Kerry Gleason, getting a call
from David Mayo, contacting Alan Walters, meeting a rep from Bent
Corydon, etc., then decided to go look for myself, visit to SHUK,
Clearwater, ending up in the AAC Santa Barbara ((Mayo's place)) for a
day and, upon refinding the genuine ARC of the old days, staying there
for 6 weeks, catching up on the tech, doing the courses, receiving
auditing, and getting reacquainted with David, one of my first Scn
friends and auditors, and many others, like Ken, Frank, Mary, etc.
     51) Neither NOTS nor OT and other level auditing and training
contained anything I hadn't already known and mostly handled, but the
speedier modern methods of the tech, the ARC and the genuine friendships
after 12 years alone were overwhelming (in the positive sense of the
     At David's I discovered that there had never been a sequence to the
LRH Folder Project, as David had just not been granted access to them,
in fact had even been denied seeing them.
     Despite John Zegel's third tape, possibly right in its description,
and despite the complete collapse of the Organizations (very much due to
the unhandled contents of these folders!), LRH, to me, does remain a pc
in NEED, with more OUT TECH (of the most unbelievable magnitude and
force) on his case than any other 10 people combined.  ((Amen))
     The REASONS for his never permitting anybody to handle these
folders (and thereby HIM) is quite irrelevant and is also contained in
these folders.
     If anybody could find 'reasons' to be against him, it would be me,
yet stupid that would be!
     He did give a lot of false data about his background, I have known
this ever since the folders, but who cares!
     He also found, wrote up, relayed and trained us in a technology
towards IMMORTALITY and showed us the possibility to regain PAN
DETERMINED CONTROL ((operating both sides of a game)) over our lives,
times, events and places by handling our interrelations with all of the
Dynamics, by indicating the road toward restoring our CAUSE over our own
     Whatever one may say, without him the Bridge, as we know it, would
never have existed.
     I am not a Theetie Wheetie or airy Fairy individual, I never
'idolized' him or 'sang (muster) songs' in his praise, or became a
     He never even needed any of this nonsense, but, if he himself
thought he did, well, that was OK by me too.  ((I don't think he needed
it, I think his followers may have, and he knew this.))  It would have
come out in the wash of his folder handling.
     His idiosyncrasies?  He liked playing 'Commodore', OK, but, at
least as a seaman, he did it well.
     The great tragedy of it all is not even that he got caught in his
overts to the extent that, in the end, virtually everything restimulated
his OUT RUDS, but is the fact that he finally penalized himself horribly
by denying himself the only thing which could have saved him, his OWN
creation, AUDITING.
     Sincerely yours,
     Otto J. Roos
     ((What I have gotten from this is that Scientology is REAL, LRH is
REAL, tech is REAL, the Bridge is REAL although not complete, that
Aberration is REAL, that Clear is REAL, and finally that the possibility
of completing the work of LRH is also REAL and that we had better get on
with doing it because no one else is.))
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