SCI - 11
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     The Church of Scientology is fully responsible for its own
     If they are not liked by the public at large it is only because
they have gone out of their way, to great lengths in fact, albeit
unwittingly, to engender that public distrust in them.
     Attitude is everything.
     They have the technology to produce a problems release (Grade I) in
their preclears, one who can recognize the source of problems and make
them vanish.
     They have the technology to end PTSness (the PTS Rundown) in their
preclears, one who is no longer the effect of suppression, does not
rollercoaster and makes stable and lasting gains through any workable
form of therapy.
     Auditing the group and the environment is no different than
auditing a single person.
     Auditing is a swift and effective technology.
     If after 40 years of effort you find that your pc is still enmired
in problems and PTSness then you can only assume that the technology was
never applied or incorrectly applied or incomplete, or twisted.
     The same applies to the Church.  If you find it is surrounded by
Suppressives and drowning in problems, then you must take out its
collective case folder and find out where the Grade I and PTS rundowns
went wrong.
     The is called an FES or Folder Error Summary.
     The usual failure in Scientology technology is just to not apply
     The next failure is to apply it wrongly or to an imagined case that
is not the case that is in front of you.

     Underjudging a case is just as bad as over judging a case.
     Thus if you accept the premise that the Church is in trouble with
the world around it, you must also conclude that either it is not
applying the technology to itself on a group basis, a form of mutual
missed withhold, or that it is applying it wrongly, a form of out tech,
possibly the result of underestimating or incorrectly estimating the
nature of the aberration it is trying to deal with, both in others who
would attack it and in itself that it should go to the effect of those
     Of course the possibility exists that the technology just doesn't
work at all in which case there is no hope either for the Church or its
     What YOU do about any possible complaint about the Church depends
on whether you think the technology works or not.
     If you don't think it works, then I suggest you go play another
game or hang around and watch it die.
     If you have attained personal reality on the workability of the
tech, which means it works FOR YOU, then perhaps you could consider
breaking out the old E-meter and auditing the hell out of the Church
until it comes around to rights.
     Since you can't audit anyone who is actively PTS or who is deeply
enmired in present time problems (same thing), EXCEPT ON PROBLEMS AND
PTSNESS, your first approach to auditing the Church would be on the
subject of problems, suppression and personal responsibility for being
the effect of such things.
     Most chronic problems that people have over a long duration are
themselves SOLUTIONS to earlier unconfrontable problems.  The present
time chronic problem is confrontable in that no matter how bad it may
be, the person knows about it and is still alive.
     Such problems are solutions to earlier problems in that by taking
their attention off of what they could not confront and possibly would
not survive if they did confront, they allow themselves to continue in
the time stream, albeit screaming and yelling about all the problems
they have!
     If you consider this data along with the Church and all of its
known and widely publicized chronic problems of long duration with the
many governments of Earth, the drug companies, the press, the FBI, the
IRS etc., you will see a classic case of a pc in great need of auditing
at the level of Grade I.  The later problems on the chain never vanish
and resolve because the pc needs them to continue to not confront an
earlier problem of magnitude.
     The Church, which is a collective of individual pcs, is no
     In other words it is utterly acceptable to the Church to be under
onslaught from everyone around them.  They would go completely belly up
if everyone just suddenly said, 'Come on in, sit down, our home is your
home, would you like some tea...'
     This is the essence of insanity, feeling safe only when you are
fighting a losing battle.
     Of course before you can audit problems (Grade I) you gotta get a
few things out of the way at the level of communication (Grade 0).
     That is in small part the purpose of this list, and my intention on
it, to get the Church, its adherents and detractors in full
communication with each other with both sides willing and able for
anyone to communicate with anyone on any subject.
     At present time the Grade 0 is out, so there is no hope for Grade
     By the way, just because you are a vocal detractor of Scientology
does not make you an SP.  And just because you are a member in good
standing does not make you NOT an SP.
     Look to the chronic problems you have in your life, and the prior
chronic problems you had that the later ones help you live with, and
trace it all down to roots and you will find the true SP's that have
been ruining your life and your future.
     It probably won't be anyone on this list.
     But they may be watching.
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