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      I have received some e-mail concerning the obvious questions of who
am I, what do I do, why am I here and why do I care?

      Fair enough.

      My name is Homer Wilson Smith, I was born 4/21/51, and I am Cornell
Class of '73 in Electrical Engineering and Psychology.

      Yeah well, I figured the brain was a circuit, and consciousness was
one of them.

      Local home grown eventually showed me the truth of that :)

      What I do is sell fractals through my home business Art Matrix, and
provide internet service through Lightlink Internet.

      As to why I am here and why do I care, I am willing to discuss the
matter up to a point.

      Remember the Code of Honor, never give or receive communication
unless you yourself desire it.

      Scientology is a real religion, with a real founder, and real
followers and a real Vessel of Truth to carry.

      Notice I did not say TRUE or FALSE, or RIGHT or WRONG.

      Only that it is REAL.

      And like a supernova, it is not often we have a chance to see one
aborning in present time, let alone benefit from the possibly friendly
rays of its light, or get singed by its not so friendly rays of

      As such, it is a wide and sweeping subject that could possibly take
many lives to study, learn and master.

      It is prone to all of the vagaries of any subject that moves
millions of people to fervent activity, along with all the bright
moments of glory and the dark moments of injustice and despair that go
along with any human enterprise of this scope.

      I have my own purposes in the world that possibly align with the
various therapeutic and betterment fields that are now under way on
Earth in preparation for the Aquarian Age, and Scientology perhaps
parallels those purposes just enough to attract my attention.

      That is highly poetic and perhaps a scientist should know better,
but you wanted the truth, so I am telling you the truth.

      The point is that Scientology is such a huge subject, and feelings
on it run so deep, that it is impossible to sum it up in one word, good
or bad, should or shouldn't.

      In fact if someone were to ask me if they should 'join Scientology'
the last thing I would do is give them an answer.  I might however
discuss the matter with them until they could make their own decision
under the steam of their own self-determinism.

      You see I would USE scientology on them rather than evaluate for

      We all like things that fall neatly into niches, we all like people
who can say they are for or against something, so that we can say we are
for or against THEM, but life is too big to fall into that trap.  People
who push us in the direction of black and white niches, have small minds
and smaller lives.

      It's not that my stand on the subject is none of your business, it
is that I am totally at a loss to convey that stand in one sentence or
word without doing myself and you a grave injustice.

      I assume that you want the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but
the truth, and not some quick and dirty answer to give you comfortable
justification for some quick and dirty friendship or hate.

      Your best bet to find out where I stand in regard to Scientology is
to continue to read what I post to this list, if indeed I keep posting.

      I always reserve the right to get scared and shutup.

      I have no hidden intentions on this list, there is no hidden
agenda, I am up to no covert purposes.  I doubt any such purpose would
be worth the danger I am putting myself in.

      Only a true purpose, one based in wide open verity, could justify
risking one's life, one's profession, one's business, one's friends,
one's future, and one's loved ones future and that of one's children.

      My purpose is to open the channels of communication and speak the
truth as I see it.

     In Scientology that is called a GPM.  A GPM is a basic purpose that
spans many lifetimes and many encounters.  GPM stands for Goal's Problem
Mass, as goals tend to get opposed by others and even by self, they
develop problems around them which bogs them down in 'mental mass'.

     There are a few who would rather have the channels of communication
remain closed, on both sides of the fence.

     People who are for the Church sometimes fear that wide open
communication would lead to the loss of financial status or the exposure
of their dirty laundry and the downside of Scientology.

     People who are against the Church sometimes fear that wide open
communication would expose their lies about the Church and uncover the
upside of Scientology.

     Thus it is hard to make friends in this field of communication.

     When one's goal runs into opposition, this creates something like
mental mass in the mind, and that is where the word Mass comes from in
the term Goal's Problem Mass (GPM).

     But then that's the purpose of life, to have a game.

     To have a goal and to have someone oppose it.

     "Who or what are you Opposing?"

     "Who or what is Opposing you?"

     "Get the idea of NO opposition."

     "Get the idea of SOME opposition."

     From my goal's points of view only Bad Guys are against

     In some future life I may chose to be a Bad Guy, but for now I am
playing at being a Good Guy.

     So that's it, if I have left out some part of your question I have
probably done so on purpose, so let it go.  Future postings will
probably reveal more of myself than even I would have guessed.

     Communication on one's own determinism is the universal solvent for
all things.

     There were times in this and prior universes when solving things
was not always a good thing.

     Problems solved too easily, and being unable to HAVE a problem for
a while was as bad as getting stuck with unsolvable problems for too

     We are presently at a time in the scheme of things where there are
too many problems that are not resolving, so a science of how to pose
and resolve problems is in order.

     And thus that is my relationship to Scientology to the degree that
Scientology does not become a problem in itself.

     If it does, then it is time to resolve that problem too.

     Since Scientology is a religion and science of how to pose and
resolve problems, both spiritual, mental, emotional and physical,
resolving the problems of Scientology itself shouldn't be too hard.


Sun Jun  5 14:21:28 EDT 2016