SCI - 15
                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     Case gain is relief.
     Relief from loss.
     Its a return to OTdom.

     An OT is an Operating Thetan, a being in royal operating condition.
     It is not the creation of a new OT where there was not one before.
     At the top you have an OT who says, ok now I want to be this thing,
and I want to oppose that thing, and I want someone else to be that
thing and oppose me, and I have this goal, and they have an opposing
goal, and we are going to fight like the dickens to the bitter end.
     And voila you have a football game.
     But then pretty soon the OT gets bored with this arrangement, and
he says 'well I don't want to know any longer I set it up, I want it to
seem REAL.'
     So pretty soon you have someone who is being something (which 'he
did not choose to be') and who has a goal (which 'he did not choose to
have') being fought by other people (whom 'he did not ask to join') who
wish to see him dead.
     And at the bottom he is going 'Oh my God, I am losing this game
(which I didn't choose to lose) and if I lose it I will never be able to
play again.
     This is loss.  Wanting to live forever, and having to die.  Wanting
to die and having to live forever.
     Not being able to sleep for as long as you want.
     Having your girlfriend walk out on you.
     Having your ungirlfriend NOT walk out on you.
     Charge is built up when ever something is gone for good that you
wanted to stay around, or when something stays around that you wanted to
be gone for good.
     Case gain is the release of charge.  It is accomplished by looking
at all the things the pc wants to have and can't have, or wants to not
have and must have, and all the considerations he has as to why he can't
or must have them.
     Eventually you come up against the pc's WALL, that's the thing he
REALLY KNOWS will never change.  And that is the core of his case.
     Get the idea of

     "NO CHANGE"



     The preclear's WALL is what he uses to justify being mean and
cruel, dishonest and unethical, withholdy and secretive, and it is what
he rues the most about reality as it is.
     It is his RUIN.
     It is what he most considers is unchangeable and is where you will
find the key overt-motivator sequences on his case.
     Most people are so swamped by charge they don't even dare know what
their ruin is anymore.  It's not polite to remind them they hurt.
     If you ask them they will say, 'Oh there's nothing wrong, the world
is fine'.  If they are higher tone they will say something like 'No body
loves me' or 'Everyone treats me bad' or maybe even 'I don't want to
     That's the surface manifestation.
     Underneath there is enough garbage to sink New York City.
     But under that is an sparkling OT, full of fun and mischief.
     The purpose of auditing is to get the preclear to look, in a new
unit of time, at what he really wants, and what he really thinks about
not being able to have it, not just as a human being with a need to get
laid, but as an Eternal Spiritual Being with needs, desires and
aspirations that go beyond one life.
     Some people can't imagine wanting more than one life.
     Perhaps they have had too many already.
     That's called a safe solution.
     There is nothing more dangerous in this universe than a safe
     The auditing of safe solutions is in fact a direct address to the
subject of danger itself.
     This is because with out safe solutions you really can't get
yourself into much trouble in this universe.
     This of course flies right in the teeth of the human point of view,
where safe solutions are considered precious.
     But then we are not trying to make humans.
     We are trying to make OT's.
     Not sure why though, they just choose to become human again.
     Well they don't HAVE to.
     Someday I'll figure out the attraction. :)