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>A problem with scientology is that they define all
>these new meanings in an attempt to give an air of
>knowlege when there is none, and to set up
>a barrier between scientologists and non-scientologists.

     A problem with preclears is that they talk out of their engrams,
most of which they don't know they have.

     This is due to phrases in the engrams that contain hypnotic action
commands called in part deniers, bouncers, derailers, forgetters,
holders, call backs and LIE FACTORIES.

     I would add that the correct way to handle an ARC Break in session
with your pc is to ask,

      'What should I have known about you?'
      'What wasn't known?'

      or more softly,

     "What do you want me to know about you but aren't sure I do?"

     This gets both the positive and negative misses and doesn't imply
to the pc that she has a negative miss when really your own damn TR's
are so out she doesn't know if you are even listening.

     The second version tries very hard not to miss new withholds and is
not as accusative as the first.

     (See, ADO-6 'The True Nature of Missed Withholds' for a description
of positive and negative missed withholds)

     As for the bulletin above, I would have to agree with all this,
with the one caveat that the Church and its auditors couldn't pull a
withhold if their lives depended on it and they will charge you for the

     I don't care if you are on Flag or the Moon.  If they ask you 'Has
a withhold been missed' and you go 'I don't know', they will go 'That's
OK, we don't know either...'

     Their auditing rates go up to the degree that their confront and

     That's because they have fewer and fewer pcs.  You think if their
growth in pcs was exponential like it should be that they would have to
charge as much as they do?  They would be rolling in money and giving it

     But no, they can't audit, so they have to take their pcs for
everything they have just to keep them around and stay in business

     Thus auditing has become a parlor game for the rich and famous, and
a coterie of theetie wheetie sweetness and light cases who devote their
lives to a rip off machine with their own personal blinders in full

     Thus the Church's rates have gone from $750 an intensive to over
$3000 an intensive and that's just in the Orgs.  What Flag charges to
miss your withholds these days is uncomputable.

     ("Lord, I want a boy friend that keeps his mouth quiet so that I
have someone to grow old with and keep me company in my later years" -

     You see for the Church, MONEY is a substitute for TECH.  They
figure that if they can't get the pc to cough up his bank, then they can
at least get him to cough up his bank account.

     The pc KNOWING that his withholds have been missed, but that
everyone has 'done their best' (Thank God no body actually pulled an
actual withhold!) feels guilty and propitiative, so is happy to hand
over every asset he has to the Church.

     If they had GOTTEN the withhold, the pc would pay them their due
and keep his assets to himself.

     What does it take to pull a withhold?

     It takes knowing what a GPM is and not having any of your own.

     Well the blokes at Flag know what a GPM is, but they keep watering
their own to keep them in full bloom, so of course the 'Organization's
Bank plus the PC's Bank is bigger than the PC'.

     The Organization means all the people affecting the pc during his
travail up the Bridge, and that includes his Ethics officers, his
Auditor's, his C/S's, his Supervisor's, and all the little fucking
plebes that turn him in at every turn for not smiling at the right
moment, not applauding at the right moment, and not thinking the right
thought at the right moment.

     By the way I found myself across from an OT III Ethics Officer at
Flag one day for not clapping enthusiatically enough at the end of

     The next week I told my plebe room mate in confidence (there were 3
of us in a room) that I was an infiltrator from a local Christian
fundmentalist group.  I mean this guy was my friend, and I did this
thing to him, and this was after all my auditing and all.

     Ended up in front of that same EO too.

     The EO was a nice guy really, one of the few saner points at Flag
at the time.  He asked me why I did it, and I said I didn't know, and
that was the truth at the time.  10 years later it began to dawn on me
where I was coming from.  I had given up and was going volcanic on the

     The above data on missed withholds is SO TRUE, that when you
finally wake up and take your own case into your own hands, and YOU PULL
that no matter how much money you paid THEM to pull the withhold, you
will say to yourself 'Jesus that was WORTH IT!.  This tech is really
something else.'

     It happens all the time.  All the assholes who made a living
missing your withholds get all the credit when you finally pull them.
At least they had the right idea, you say to yourself.

     What this effect really comes from is, you know that you can then
go pull THEIR withholds, at which point they WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO
PULL YOURS and be good auditors again.

     So inside, you end up all friends again.

     You give them the credit for the work they SHOULD have done,
because the results of that work YOU DID DO were so lovely.

     But really it's a Junior bypassing a Senior and doing his job for

     That's why the higher the field goes with its own auditing, the
more it LIKES the CHURCH no matter how rotten to the core the whole
organization is.  They keep pulling the withholds on themselves that the
CHURCH SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN BUT DIDN'T, and the Church gets all the credit

     It's just what happens when you go clear, your worst enemies become
your best friends.

      PCs routinely give credit for their solo wins to those who TRIED to
help but MISSED or even murder them.

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