SCI - 20
                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     Clearing technology is a growing collection of experimental
psychotheraputic procedures designed to help people locate, contact,
confront, relive (revivify) and release otherwise hidden moments of
great anguish, pain, sorrow and loss in their lives, with resultant
healing of body, heart, mind and soul from self imposed psychosomatic
conditions created to deal with the trauma.
     Clearing technology OUGHT to be a new, growing and vital science,
but has been brought instead into a state of disgrace by various people
who would keep it their own.
     Your demands for proof are quite justified with the one caveat that
the best proof is to experience it for yourself.  You will never really
know for sure if you depend upon the experiences of others for your
evidence no matter what they say or what they 'demonstrate'.
     People do not like to demonstrate themselves to others, especially
on a challenge.  During play perhaps...
     People do not OWE you proof of their personal gains, and they do
not OWE you to remain silent about their gains just because they are
unwilling or unable to prove those gains.
     Clearing technology is freely available in the field to anyone who
is interested in it.  There may be some cost to acquiring the materials
to experiment with but that is true for any science.
     Any good research project needs to be funded.
     There is little to no secrecy about the 'higher' levels in the
field and I am sure there are already people out there who would enjoy a
collaboration with a person as rigorously trained in the scientific
method as yourself.
     Biophysics, right?  The beneficial hormonal changes that take place
during Primal Scream therapy and other forms of clearing technology are
well documented, EVEN IF IMPROPERLY SO.  The people who have made these
discoveries are not necessarily masters of the scientific method, as you
are, as their training is in the field of the mind and the spirit, not
of the body.
     They have no excuse however for not learning the scientific method
and applying it, especially if they want their work to be accepted by
the scientific world at large.
     Of course the scientific world must also be ready to retract some
of their pet theories if called upon to do so, what they may discover in
consciousness may upset them more than quantum physics.
     Science is a two way street here, one can not use the scientific
method solely for the purpose of supporting one's own ignorant world
view prejudice.
     In my view the world is about to go through another revolution in
scientific thought, much as it did during Gallileo's and Newton's time.
There will be many who will insist on holding on to the 'old notions' as
the subject of consciousness becomes more than a footnote in deadly dry
tomes on space and time.
     Just as the old philosopher's thought that the Earth was the center
of the universe, leaving out the obvious data of the emmense canopy of
space and time around them in their observations, so now are people
convinced that the last frontier is 'out there', the 4 dimensions of
Einstein, or the 16 dimensions of string theory, leaving out the inner
world of consiousness in their observations.
     My opinion is that people will find that consciousness is not
properly relegated to some dusty corner of biochemical oddities.  The
growing evidence for past lives and OOBE's (out of body experiences)
must raise some doubts about the present biochemical paradigms of
consciousness and will.
     I don't think you are an SP.  I think you are madder than hell at
SP's and rightly so.  Especially those falsely pushing wrong knowledge
down people's throats and charging a buck for it to boot.
     My mere assertion is that clearing technology is not such a scam
although it is presently in the hands of many scamsters, just as the
physical sciences were at the beginning of the 19th and 20th centuries.
     So if you are willing to expend the effort to do some serious
research into the matter I think you will be rewarded.