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      The subject of proof is a big one.  So for the moment I wish to
post a poetic cop out to your question, but I promise to keep it under

      Do OT's have superhuman powers?

      I would presume so.

      What are they?

      Anything you can imagine, including the creation of universes,
people in those universes, and the ability to become those people in
those universes asking questions about OT.

     OT = Full Operating Thetan in Royal Operating Condition. -

     Can these powers be demonstrated?

     Yes, certainly some of the more physical powers surely can be

     Should they be demonstrated?

     That would depend on the individual OT who had them and who had to
be accountable for the effects that demonstrating his powers would have.

     You mentioned SHOCK in your question about OT's coming to visit
your place out of their body and reporting back to you what they had

     The awareness characteristic scale puts shock at -16,

      -12 Disaster
      -13 Inactuality
      -14 Delusion
      -15 Hysteria
      -16 Shock
      -17 Catatonia
      -18 Oblivion

     Thus causing any form of shock to a populace at large could hardly
be considered good for a civilization.

     Hubbard taught us to do everything on a gradient scale, which means
little by little, not all at once.  Therefore enormous displays of
unquestionable demonstrations were frowned upon by Hubbard.

     I would tend to agree.

     It is very dangerous to demonstrate power to those who do not have

     Those who have power know this.

     Those who do not have power, don't know this.

     What can you do?

     Now here is the cop out, if you are serious about getting proof of
power I would instead audit you on the subject of power until some power
opened up in you.  It needn't be actual abilities to move rocks or
things, but you would get a clear idea that what ever power you desire
is available and in fact you would settle back down into being
comfortably able to NOT have power for a while, or at least until you
were more ready for it.

     Just consider what would happen to you if you had the ability to go
anywhere on the planet and see anyone doing anything they were doing,
and you could kill anyone with an electrical spark to the brain or
heart.  (Nipping, History of Man).

     Now the auditing question would be something like,

     'Tell me what would happen over time if you had this power?'

     The correct E/P of this process would be an experience of power
opening up inside yourself, certainty that power exists, and a settling
out of your willingness to have or not have power as you wished.

     Another process for handling people's problems with proof, would

       'What evidence do you have that you are not an OT?'
       'What evidence do you have that you are an OT?'

     What this will turn up are quite a number of false certainties that
people are walking around in that prevent the possibility of believing
in OT.  Once they see that these false certainties are just not
supportable, the POSSIBILITY opens up that OT is possible, and they can
approach it again with a new look.

     The point is that if someone is an OT and no longer believes this,
they clearly have chosen to prove to themselves down the whole track
that they are not an OT and neither is anyone else.

     For you to then go and present them with incontrovertible proof
that they are wrong, would merely open up a very old wound, an OT wound,
that would probably severely hurt the person or his body.

     It could kill them.

     So although I am truly copping out on a direct answer to your
question, for reasons that I believe to be justified, I am at the same
time presenting you with auditing procedures that you can use on
yourself or someone else to set off a spark of power within your own
space and to open the door to your own further private investigations
free from the harrasment of others.

     Others who wish you to prove your powers, wish so because they hope
you have none, or because they want you to use them to take care of

     People who demand proof often have a hidden agenda.

     Proof is available that THEY have power, not that other's already
have it.

     Proof is available for that too but no one with power would be
likely to prove it unless it was part of a larger world changing plan to
do so.  In which case they would do it anyhow on their own schedule and
not because someone ask them to.

     Here are some more auditing questions to run solo or co audit:

      'What would you not do with power?'
      'What would you     do with power?'

      'Why should you not have power?'
      'Why should you     have power?'

     By the way the Power Processes of the Church (Grade V) deal with
just this subject.  They are held confidential because when run properly
they cause a person to revivify some of the worst moments on his track.

     POWERFUL moments.

     People have little problem with believing in past lives when they
are reliving one as if it were now.

     Before such a reviv it may be hard to get real on anything in the
memory, because so much energy is being directed at keeping this one set
of memories at bay.

     The power processes by the way are NOT held confidential in the
field and are in fact used in routine auditing as they go quickly and
directly to the center of the case.

     If the case is ready for it.

     I mean what power do you want really?

     Which power has the most charge on it through failure?

     If I knew the answer to that, should I speak it?

     You know, just critical mass it, and send it out into the world
unadorned with anything to soften it, unprotected by any kind of double

     At what point does the preclear go "Whoa!  Enough already..."

     To know it is to never be able to forget it, to never be able to
run away from it ever again.

     Just knowing the way to power is the way to power.

     Critical mass means bringing the two halves together.

     "The ability to..."

     Oh you want the second half do you?

     The Power Processes were developed by Ron Hubbard in tandem with
John McMaster at Saint Hill to help crack seriously resistive cases.

      John McMaster was Scientology's first confirmed clear, and left the
Church in the early 70's or so.

      He made many tapes that are circulating around the field that add a
deep insight to the inner workings of Ron and Scientology, not all bad.

      He remained a devoted clearing practitioner until the end, he died
last year.


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