SCI - 24
                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
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     The reason that we are publically stating that OT states can and
have been attained is to let those who wish to attain them know where
and how they can attain them too.
     There are many desirable states to attain between human and full
operating god hood, and one does not even have to wish to become a full
OT to benefit from the results of clear tech.
     The reason that scientific proof of superhuman powers is not being
delivered at this time, even though it might otherwise be, is because
such disclosure would destabilize the mental and emotional planes of the
planet leading to wide spread grief and destruction.
     There will be a time for proof.
     The only one's left who will need it though will be the septics,
and the true believers.
     Belief is for losers.
     Belief is for those who can not KNOW.
     Doubt is for those who do not wish to know.
     Certainty is for those who would operate.
     A sceptic is not one who has doubts, reasonable men have doubts,
but in the presence of truth they do not last long; a sceptic is one who
NEEDS their doubt and has zero internal evidence of their own, to
support their quest in the matter.
     There is so much proof waiting for you, you probably won't know
what to do with it once you get it, but until you have been given the
clearance that comes naturally with being able to do these things for
yourself, such proof of higher powers will remain unforthcoming.
     Once you have superhuman powers yourself, you can design any number
of proofs that they work, in fact you will be using them all the time so
they had better work, and you will have all the proof you need.
     It does not take two to make a science, no matter what the
scientists say.
     They assert freely what is convenient to them and without regard
for demonstrable Truth because they have no slightest glimpse of, or
inner connection to the Fountainhead of Source.
     The sole reason they think you can't do it, is because THEY can't
do it.
     They are not getting any younger, their wisdom can't be all that
     The only thing more insane than a man who thinks he is going to
live forever when he is going to die, is a man who thinks he is going to
die when he is going to live forever.
     One of us is right, the other is completely nuts.
     Which is it going to be, the grave or a future that is endlessly
     No one is asking you to believe, we condemn belief.
     We are asking you to LOOK until you can see.
     Then if you must, prove it quietly to yourself and your friends.
Call it practice instead.
     When you finally enter the Kingdom of Heaven again you will KNOW
it, you will have little need to prove it to others, only to let them
know you know.
     As Ron has said so eloquently, able people do not need proof.  Able
people KNOW.
     Eternity calls.
     The septics, they will not follow you.
     Neither will the dead.
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