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      Part of the problem within the Church is that the technical route
to clear and OT is already laid out.  There are a certain number of
fixed processes used at each level and although there are quite a few,
and the C/S has some leeway in choosing which ones to run, none are
being added to the repertoire.

      One of the results of running a process on someone, or doing it
solo, are the cognitions that the pc has at the win end of the activity.
Cognitions are new realizations about life, new in the sense that he was
not aware of them just before, but they are also not new in the sense
that the pc set up his own not know long ago, so he is really just
finding out about his own Sovereignty in the matter.

      Invariably part of the cognitions that come forth from running a
process are cognitions pertaining to the process of running processes

      Sometimes if the process run was not the optimum process to run for
the set of cognitions that came forward, the pc will cognite what
processs SHOULD have been run to get to the same place faster or more

      More often if the process run was correct the pc will cognite what
possible NEXT set of processes could be run to produce more case gain.

      Now the Church lays the Bridge out in a very linear fashion, you
start at the bottom and you work upwards.  To take a little dig at them
here, they assume that anyone walking in off the street has never had
any case gain before in all their zillions of years of track and
religious practices and things, so everyone needs to do the bottom part
of the Bridge first before they can do anything else, especially the

      Further they don't tell you about the top of the Bridge or what it
handles, entities, so if someone comes in with entity awareness they put
him at the bottom anyhow and tell him he is hallucinating and it will
all be taken care of when his drugs are run out on the drug rundown.

      But this is an arbitrary failing of some very stupid people, it has
nothing to do with the Bridge or with Scientology tech as Ron laid it
out.  He quite clearly said that if the pc comes in raving mad on some
subject, you audit him on that subject no matter what it is, even if it
is entities, and then once he has become more untangled you can proceed
with an orderly clean up of their case.

      Everyone will want to run Life Repair eventually, its just not
necessarily the right thing to do to someone the very first thing.

      But all this aside, the Bridge as laid out is still very linear and
also very fixed.  If a pc were to cognite another process during
session, he would never be allowed to use it on himself or anyone else.
Thus a whole large chunk of his cognitions are just ignored or swept
away, and often aren't even vocalized because it would be rude to
suggest other tech, better tech or further tech.

      None the less any tech when run to completion that does NOT cause
cogitions of other tech or further tech is just not tech worth running.
How do you think Ron himself got the Bridge?  Each process led to
cognitions about the next process.

      So in the field it is kind of a free for all when it comes to tech,
because everyone is using tech that is causing them to cognite on better
tech or further tech and the end result is a burgeoning area of
technical development.

      So here is an example.  Ron has said many times that games consist
of goals, freedoms and barriers.  For example, let's say you have the
goal to eat a hamburger.  Your barriers are the work you have to do to
get the thing cooked, the space and time you have to work through to
accomplish your ends, and everything else that is in the way of
Sovereign Desire immediately making a fully eaten hamburger in your
stomach.  Sheesh, you even got to eat the thing.

      Your freedoms of course are all those things you can do to get
around the barriers to eventually succeed in getting one cooked and
fully eaten hamburger in your stomach.

      Pretty silly, isn't it?

      Well the same thing applies to any goal, whether it is to eat a
hamburger or to build a new civilization.  You got things you can do,
and things in your way, and a desired end result.

      If things are too hard to accomplish, then desire is not Sovereign
enough, if things are too easy to accomplish then desire is much too

      Happiness comes from OPTIMUM non Sovereignty.

      In order to rearrange a pc's alotment of Sovereignty you got to get
him to spot how he has it arranged in present time.  Most people don't
even know what they are doing any more when it comes to setting games up
for themselves, they have confusions on the matter, they just want out
of there, they have semi conscious games going, they have withholds on
games, games they don't want others to know about, it's a mess.

      So you would need to process your pc on games in order to get him
back into shape where he could clean up his own thetan domicile and get
his game factory in good working order again.

      Long time ago Ron came up with a one shot Clear process, but it was
too brutal to run.

      It was,

      'Invent a game.'

      Now, this repair of the game factory is a serious undertaking, and
in fact the entire Bridge is devoted to doing just this one thing,
especially all the material on GPMS, (most of it secret), because GPMS
ARE the underlying template for the games that the pc is playing and
losing in this life.

      Some of these games by the way the pc hasn't the slightest inkling
of anymore because 'he has only lived once' etc.  You will find in
running games that your pc is a divine being, with divine propensities
of grand caliber, and that all the mundane stuff he is caught in is
really just marking time while he figures out how to be a god again.

      He won't tell you this if you ask him, he won't even know it, he
will tell you very seriously about all of his one life mortal plans,
problems and travails, but if you audit him on games to a deep win, he
will turn around and tell you the most hair raising schemes that have
really been going on inside him since the beginning of time.

      So how do you run games?

      Well the following processes are not in the Church, and I'll bet
they are not even in the field, because I just cognited on them this
morning.  So this is primo chipmunk material.

      They are probably a waste of time, me being a loon and all, and
besides they are just too simple to be important, so certainly don't
bother running them on yourself or on another.

      That said, here they are:

      'Spot a goal.'
      'Spot a barrier.'
      'Spot a freedom.'

      Dumb, eh?  You ought to see the OT VIII materials.

      Anyhow, auditing is a process usually between two people.  You can
ruin any auditing session by not following the Auditor's Code and by not
using the auditing comm cycle.

      Aud:  'Spot a goal'
      PC:   'Ok, well I would like to make friends with that girl over
      Aud:  'Good.'

      Aud:  'Spot a barrier.'
      PC:   'Well I look like a toad and I am sure she already has a boy
             friend, all good looking girls do.'
      Aud:  'Ok.'

      Aud:  'Spot a freedom'
      PC:   'Well I can play the piano and I know she's good at the
             violin, and her boy friend is a dumb jock anyhow, maybe I
             could talk her into performing Tchaikovski's violin piano
             concerto with me.'
      Aud:   'Thank you.'

      Aud:   'Spot a goal'

      And we're off and away.

      Now you don't run this kind of thing for 5 minutes an give up
because it's boring.  This kind of thing can run for days in the
background or for hours during a real session.  Chances are you would
get some serious charge coming off the case after about 20 minutes in
formal session, and a significant win in about 45 minutes.

      So now how could this be used?

      Well let's say you wanted to rehabilitate a member of the Church.
That is, get him back into the Church.

      Usually people who have left the Church on something less than good
terms have done so because they have commited overts that the Church
failed to find out about.

      If the Church had pulled their withholds, as it was supposed to do,
the person would be very pleased with his auditing and would therefore
still be part of the group.

      So therefore it is not very surprising that the Church has so many
people leaving it in disgust, because they have as their highest goal
missing people's withholds at all cost.

      That's a joke, for those of you who are humor impaired.

      I mean if the pc actually had to cough up during session, then all
the C/S's and tech terminals in the Church would also have to reveal
what they had done, not to mention upper management.

      So it has become one large cess pool of mutual withholds, and
because no one in positions of power wishes to have their withholds
pulled, especially their whole track stuff, they of course refuse to
pull anyone else's.

      So this is how it goes,

      Aud: 'Well now Mr. Pc, has a withhold been missed?'
      PC:  'Well maybe, I am not sure, let me look...'
      Aud: 'What's that little jiggle on the needle there?'
      PC:  'Uh, oh, well, that's nothing I don't think, well maybe...'
      Aud: 'No Ok, that's good enough for me.'

      The auditor was hoping the pc wouldn't reveal anything that might
affect the auditor's case, and when the pc almost did, but seemed
reticent, the auditor helped the pc in favor of keeping quiet.

      So the auditor continues on with session with a massively missed
whole track GPM withhold on the pc, and the next day the pc is gone and
never comes back.

      He KNOWS the Auditor is a jerk, and so is the whole Church.

      So when you are trying to handle this in blown pcs or staff members
of the Church, and there are thousands of them, you gotta find out
what's going on with the person and why he blew.

      Well be blew for exactly three reasons:

      'Spot a goal.'
      'Spot a barrier.'
      'Spot a freedom.'

      The barrier to freedom ratio became too large and so he left.

      No one in the church wants to know what the pc did because they
don't want to know what they did and so withholds are missed routinely,
by COVERT POLICY, so neither pc nor auditor gets better and the whole
thing goes to hell.

      Remember the amnesia the preclear has of his past is
TRAUMATIC amnesia.

      Let that sit for a bit until its ramifications hit home.

      He thinks he is mortal because his immortality was unbearable.

      If withholds were not missed, no one would ever leave the church,
they would love it, and things would be fine.

      That's what Churchs are for, confessions, you know.

      If people are leaving the Church it is only because withholds are
being missed.

      Now don't get me wrong here, it's not that the pc has done
something wrong, and someone failed to find out what he was holding on
to so tight no one could get it out of him with a crow bar.

      No, that's not what happens.

      Admittedly pcs have withheld from the world at large so hard and
for so long they no longer know how to unwithhold, and they no longer
know what it is they are withholding.

      But pcs are coming into the Church in order to give a confession,
they WANT to give a confession, they want HELP giving a confession, they
are prepared to give it ALL to the first God King that asks them to pick
up the cans, and they have put down thousands of dollars to keep those
God Kings in hamburgers.

      When they don't get what they came in for, they get real pissed off
and leave.

      'What good is being a God King if you can't even pull one damn
withhold!  To hell with you.'

      There's the withhold you see, eternal separation.

      So the pc leaves.

      And when a preclear leaves his church, he is not messing around.

      So many years later you find him nattering about the Church,
licking his wounds, sour on clear tech, committing more overt acts, and
generally winding down in life.

      So you ask him,

      'What did you first come into Scientology to handle?'
      'Did it get handled?'
      'If not, why?'

      You run this over and over again in sequence much as you would run
the goals, barriers, freedoms thing until he realizes that his withhold
was missed, probably on purpose, if convulsively.

      Now you want him to start running goals, barriers and freedoms,
until he starts to cognite that much of the overload on barriers in his
life arise from his withholds of action because of regret and wrong
doing, and breaking agreements and making mistakes and generally being a
screw ball of magnitude.

      Look, an OT in fine condition doesn't fool around with games, if
they are even slightly too easy to play, the OT wins.


      So the OT will go to GREAT lengths to limit himself right to the
razor's edge of disability to give him the hardest game he can muster
without guaranteeing a loss.  This happens over a long period of time of
playing many games and winning far to many of them.

      Games involve taking responsibility for other's well being and
having other's do the same for one's own.

      When responsibility comes a cropper the result is unbearable
regret and self loathing.

      Since self love powers the game and all creativity, you can see
where that might lead.

      So an OT who is a wizened old coot will always be on the borderline
of too little ability.  When he wins it will always be by the skin of
his teeth, the closest close calls imaginable, and those are the wins he
enjoys the most.

      You know, Cornell is behind Princeton 3 touchdowns, and everyone
gets up to leave in the last 10 minutes, and Cornell gets 4 touchdowns
in the last 3 minutes and no one was there to see it.

      THOSE are the kind of games OT's like, maybe everyone else left,
but the players were still there, and the OT was still there losing
until the last minute when he had a come back that would never be

      The point is the OT has zero margin of error in this kind of life,
he messes up once and he is done for.

      So why are withhold's so important?  Because a withhold is a
withholding of ability, a LESSENING of ability in a being who can not
afford to be one bit more unable than he already is, or he will lose
forever.  He has arranged it this way, and the moment he gets a withhold
his margin of error is gone, and he starts losing for good.

      And losing a game doesn't mean he loses the trophy, losing a game

      If he is not able to solo his way out of this mess, then he will
get stuck in a dwindling spiral of self loathing and self denial, and
that will be the end of him, he will lose every game he plays from there
on out.

      Worse he will desperately try to WIN games by committing MORE overt
acts which get him into MORE regret and withholds, which lead him
eventually to playing the game of trying to kill himself.

      And that's a game he can't win no matter how hard he tries.

      He becomes Joe Mortal, S(c)eptic At Large.

      Now look this is very serious.

      You got a God King, not only thinking he is going to die, but
WANTING to die.

      Remind me again, exactly how you get an infinite source of
self love to hate itself to death?

      You come along and offer to help him out of this mess, and he will
take your head off.

      You are nothing but a joke to him.

      A really bad joke.

      Suggesting to a being in this state that he can get better will be
taken by him as kicking a man when he's down.

      But let's say you have done your Hubbard Hard Sell Course and you
tell him, 'Look I know you have had it rough, but we can help you', and
you explain to him all the stuff I have been saying here, and finally he
looks up at you and says, 'Ok well maybe I will come in for auditing.'

      You tell him 'Well great, there is just one thing, it will cost you
$3000 an intensive for this help, you got any money?'

      He looks real sad, shakes his head, but then he reaches into his
coat pocket and pulls out his last bottle of wine and holds it out to

      If you're smart you'll say 'Good enough' and you'll take his gift
and you make an appointment.

      Now look, what you are trying to find on this case is the withhold
that pushed him over the line from self loving to self loathing for

      But the line he was playing was some enormous Goal, Barrier,
Freedom thing, where the odds were against him and the dependencies
with others were absolute.

      He goes down, they go down.

      If you miss that withhold, or if you refuse to confront it
yourself, or if you invalidate it, or if you don't even ask for it, you
will just crush him back down into his failure because this God King has
50 percent of his power already opposing himself and that was when he
was doing good.

      That was when he could win with a prayer to the God of Close Calls.

      Now he is a mess, and he is willing to give you his last bottle of
wine only because you came across with some of that Golden Light that he
used to have before he came to live in vomit.

      If you let him down, if you fail to get the withhold, if you flinch
at the last moment and make him forget what he is talking about mid
cognition, if you make him fold up or wonder if you are really a safe
terminal to unburden to, you will merely be kicking a God King when he
is down, and he will get you for it someday.

      So don't do it, if you value your friends.

      Charge them all you want for your service, but do not fail to
deliver that service.

      Now if you happen to pick up this fellow after he has already been
through this help become harm cycle once, say with the Church, you just
acknowledge that it didn't work, and then proceed to do it right.

      You first run

      'What did you come into Scientology to get handled?'
      'Did it get handled?'
      'If not, why not?'

      repetitively until he cognites that he has a constellation of
problems, overts, withholds, upsets and computations.

      Then you run

      'Spot a goal'
      'Spot a barrier'
      'Spot a freedom'

      until he cognites what the goal was that he has that mess on,
making sure that you take any confessions that he has to give along the
way.  Once he gets the goal, the actual withholds will start coming off
with great relief.

      Now you might say, well why would you want to rehabilitate this
guy's desire to be in the Church, I mean look what they did to him.
Wouldn't he better off in the field?

      The answer is, that depends.

      The OT is interested in his own goals, not yours.  If his goal is
'To build a better Church', then that is where he belongs.

      If his goal is something else, then maybe he would be better off in
the field.

      You NEVER audit someone to make them more acceptable to you.

      If you don't like the direction his goal is going in, if you find
that you are auditing the competition, then charge him more for your
services, but for heavens sake do it right, audit him on HIS goal, not

      He WILL return the favor to you someday.

      The Church assumes that everyone would be better off in the Church.

      This is just simply not true.

      For some, being in the Church was a substitute for being in the
field and being able to do research and help the science grow.  There
WAS no field, no one told them there was a field, so they stayed in the

      Someone like this might have the goal 'To start a new religion.'

      For others being in the field is a substitute for being in the
Church and they are sad they can't get in, money, ethics conditions,
prior associations (EST etc) whatever.

      The Church is not a bad thing, it is a good thing, it is a game
that certain OT's are playing real hard.  They are just doing a lousy
job of it, their attacks against the field being but a part of their
grand dance of continuous present time overts.

      You might ask, well why is it so bad in the Church?

      I would answer very simply:

      Because the word SOVEREIGNTY is not part of their vocabulary.

      Try it sometime, ask any Scientologist in good standing what
Sovereingty is and what it has to do with his present case condition.

      Chances are he will tell you Sovereignty is something that Kings
had in far off lands long ago.

      Ask him if he is a God King himself, and watch his eyes fall.

      Perhaps if more people in the Church were to read these postings on
Sovereignty there would be far fewer blows from the Church, except maybe
in upper management where a few of the very worst would blow when they
realized their little game of enslaving God Kings was up.

      In general though, any time someone feels like blowing from an area
of help, there is something wrong with the help.  If there are competing
areas of help it is not a blow for one area of help to help you over to
the other area of help, if that is where you belong.

      I am not opposed to the Church, no doubt a testament to my own
auditing on the matter.  The Church is one of many games that some very
big beings are playing on this planet.  The field is too.

      The beings who are responsible for the field and the Church do not
necessarily wish each other out of existence forever for free, they
understand that competition creates quality in product and service.

      The Church is up to its ears in competition right now, you notice
that Fleming said he was an OT 16, the Church hasn't even released OT 10

      So the players in this game do not hate each other, in fact they
invite the cooperation and competition that they all know they need to

      Perhaps those with a lower view wish the other side out of
existence, and perhaps some of these blokes are upper management in the

      You know, their 'Kill a chipmunk for Christ' campaign.

      So, no I am not against the Church.  I am an auditor, and as such I
do not take sides in the matter of which game is a good game or which is
a bad game.

      I only audit towards OPTIMUM game, which means a game that can
continue and grow and not end with either side winning with the defeat
of the other.

      Especially when the only game that either side can find to play
seems to be internecine squabbling with each other.

      A lot of nut cases are playing the game to end the game.

      Imagine a football team trying to KILL OFF the other side?

      That's what some in the Church is doing to the FreeZone and anyone
else with a free mind trying to help.

      Those who are used to the good/evil dichotomy seem to think that it
would be a good thing if evil were wiped out tomorrow, it would give the
good some rest.  Indeed it would, but soon the good would be chosing up
sides again, 'Hey guys, anyone wanna play war?  You be good, I will be
evil' and they would start the whole thing all over again.

      A thetan's motto is, 'The game must go on.'

      The purpose of creating a game is not to win or to lose, but to
PLAY.  When the game ends, everyone loses.

      If you want a hint of the sorrow of games ending, just picture a 
hundred billion years down the road every one has gone clear and OT, and 
there are no more games left to play in this universe and its time for 
everone to pack up and go home, to part and go back to the big sleep in 
the sky, and we are all waving good bye to each other as this big 'THE 
END' sign comes up over the universe probably to the last strains of 
Grieg's A minor concerto.

      This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all holding
hands again.

      A million trillion little thetans all waving 'bye!' to each other.

      So, you see a thetan will do ANYTHING to keep the game going.

      So as an auditor I do not want to see the Church go down, or close
its doors.

      I do want to see it stop producing as its valuable final product
ruined games and destroyed lives.

      Just as I would audit a pc, I would audit the entire Church,

      'What game did you originally set out to play?'
      'Have you been playing it?'
      'If not why not?'

      until they realized they had a constellative mess with problems,
overts, withholds. upsets and computations.

      Then I would find that mess with,

      'Spot a game'
      'Spot a barrier'
      'Spot a freedom'

      until I got the goal, the game and the withhold (refusal to play)
that crashed it all down.


      It is stuck in one great big huge self audit.

      The Church is a pc who has been allowed to blow session and nurture
and fester its own withholds.

      When your auditor screws you over its time for you to pick up the
meter and tell your auditor to pick up the cans.

      Even if he is bigger than you.

      Then when he can audit again, you can be the pc again.

      If he succeeds and does right by you, be sure to pay him a


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