I would prefer that clearing be considered a religious practice,
not for the tax benefits, but to keep it out of the hands of state
control and oversight.

      Clearing is a body of knowledge concerning the anatomy of and
approach to what ails man.  As such it is a growing science just like
any other science based upon the standard theory of theory.  That such a
science leads into religious discoveries like the existence of perfect
certainty, and the impossibility of perfect certainty in a space time
continuum, and thus the possibly divine nature of zero dimensional
consciousness, well then so be it.

      Religion then would be a DISCOVERY of science, get it?

      Thus we posit that clearing could produce a bridge between religion
and science and perhaps unify the two one day.

      Rather than faith and science being opposed, faith would become
just another item under science AND religion.

      The below posting was written before the posting on TRIAD, which
clarifies the distinction between eternality, immortality and mortality.


      Thus by immortality in this posting we almost assuredly meant


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                           SESSION ON SOVEREIGNTY

                                  SCI - 27

                   Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
         Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

       I just came out of session running,

       'Tell me about Sovereignty'
       'What problem would it solve?'
       'What problem would it present?'

       'Tell me about Mortality'
       'What problem does it solve?'
       'What problem does it present?'

       'Mortality' meaning the state of an immortal being who thinks he is

       I had a few cognitions on the subject of clearing technology and
whether it is a religion or a science or neither.

       Suppose I am just walking down the street and one day I have this
big cognition to the effect that people are suffering from their past,
because they have managed to suppress efforts, emotions, ideas, and
personal responsibility on many of the subjects that hurt them during
their lives.

       I also get the idea that if I could just get someone to TALK about
what they were suppressing, rather than suppress it, they would release
all those pent up efforts, emotions, ideas and irresponsibilities on the
subject and they would recover.

       In otherwords I figure, maybe trying to nail out of existence all
this stuff for a whole life time leads to many persisting and perhaps
even deadly psychosomatic conditions in the body, heart, mind and soul,
and when someone is allowed to get it all off their chest and reevaluate
their present time, it all goes away and heals.  Often with great
catharsis and relief.

       Now this is nothing new, right?

       You have heard it a million times before.

       Ok, so being the bright little devil that I am, I devise one single
technique for producing the results I am looking for.  That technique or
'technology' as I would prefer to call it consists of exactly two
questions asked over and over again until the catharsis happens and the
client is happy with the results.

       This is evidenced by the fact that the client pays me and wants to
make an appointment for more.

       Those two questions are,

       'What suffering has there been?'
       'What have you not said or expressed about that suffering?'

       So I find a few people and experiment with these two questions on
them to see if it really works.  Indeed it apparently does and so I form
a new group, the Psychoamelioriation Center for Advanced Healing.

       I charge $50 an hour for my time, and I pay taxes.

       Now one day I am running this process on someone and some nosey
onlooker hears,

    Auditor: 'What suffering has there been?'
         Pc: 'Well I have felt abandoned by God, and pursued by the
              Devil, I don't want to die, but I have visions of
              Immortality that scare the hell out of me.
    Auditor: 'Thank you'

    Auditor: 'What have you not said about that suffering?'
         Pc: 'Well, I hate God, and I have confusions on mortality
              and Sovereignty and surprise and scarcity of surprise etc.
              and I haven't told anyone about this but I have started
              my own religion called The Order of the Adorian Creed,
              and I am afraid of getting out of my body and, uh, are
              you SURE I should be talking about all this stuff?  I was
              doing just fine for years keeping it all to myself.

     Auditor: 'Thank you, please continue...'
          Pc: 'Oh well, oh yes and I used to do a lot of acid, and during
               the last trip the whole world got kind of thin, and I
               felt there was this huge thin veil hanging
               between me and the universe, and if I ever tripped again,
               well, that veil would drop and I would
               be face to face with Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, and I
               decided I had better not do acid anymore...'

     Auditor:  'Thank you.
     Auditor:  'What suffering has there been?'


       Now suddenly someone comes crashing into the room, and says 'See
you are talking about God, and the Devil, and Immortality and
Sovereignty (what's that anyway) and that's all about RELIGION now isn't
it, you slime dogs, I TOLD you so, therefore you ARE a religion, how
DARE you say you are a technology of psychoamelioration, HAH!'

       But the facts are only that one client was talking about God and
the Devil and HE brought it up, not the practioner.  Others talk about
the army or their physics teachers or their mother in law or Uncle
Charlie who raped them as a kid or whatever.

       So the fact remains that when people are run on clearing technology
deep enough for long enough some eventually wax religious, or at least
divine and supernatural.  They start to have visions of Beauty, and also
of great evil, of infinite good and divine humor.

       Some of them even mention very furtively that they are not alone,
and that there are a number of other very unhappy beings in their space
and body.

       Some clients contact something that they call Source which seems to
be the emanation point of tremendous unfathomable intelligence, and
power and purpose, and they begin to understand how they have been
operating that Source all their lives without skill or real
understanding, causing many bad effects that were unintended.

       'Hey don't ask me, I just work here' says the practioner.

       Other clients just straighten out their lives and go back to work
more able to get along with their bosses, or wives, or no longer
suffering from headaches, or various addictions.

       However sometimes you do run into a bunch of advanced Clear
Techies, who are yapping away about supernatural things, and so
onlookers say, 'See you are a religion, we TOLD you so. (smug, smug,

       No.  It just ain't true.

       ADORE is a religion, A Divine Operating REligion.

       That's MY religion.

       Clearing Technology is a TECHNOLOGY for relieving what ever a
person has suppressed, not-ised or is not saying or not talking about.

       If it turns out your client is a star maker from the Adorian Star
Class of beings, then so be it.

       That don't make you or your technology a religion.

       That makes HIM a religion.

       Many others will just be auto mechanics or nuclear physicists.

       But they're a religion too, they just have not applied for tax
exemption status.

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