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                           Revised 01/07/1994
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
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     Dear Folks,
     If you are seriously interested in field clearing, and contacting
various practioners or clearing masters, you should immediately get
subscriptions to the following four monthly journals.
     International Viewpoints, $35 distributed by Bob Ross 7826 Foothill
Sunland, CA 91040.  Bob Ross is an excellent terminal for newcomers to
this subject.  He will be happy to talk to you if you drop him a line.
He has been into clearing since 1950.  He also offers phone auditing and
sample sessions.  1 (818) 353-1209.
     The Free Spirit, The Council for Spiritual Integrity, PO 6905,
Terra Linda, CA 94903 $15.00 for quarterly issues.  Classifieds and
personals, many tech papers, and advertisements for practioners with
numbers and addresses.  Hank Levin also offers auditing at reasonable
prices and has a large network of qualified field auditors.  (415)
492-0728 or 1 800 799-FREE
     Clearing Today, $25.00, journal of the AACP American Association of
Clearing Practitioners.  Flemming Funch, Clearing Institute Los Angeles,
17216 Saticoy Street, No. 147, Van Nuys CA 91406 (818) 774-1462, Fax:
(818) 774-9203,   Flemming is OL XVI and offering
services at reasonable rates at the Clearing Institute.  He is also part
of a large network of field auditors.
     The Journal of the Ability Advancement Center, $45 quarterly,
published by David Mayo and the Church of the New Civilization (CNC).
AAC Journal, 6800 S.W.  40th St, Suite 339, Miami, FL 33155.  (305)
667-5485, e-mail available.  David and Julie Mayo are delivering their
Causality Program in the Dominican Republic.
     These 4 journals will get you into contact with an enormous amount
of very high quality clearing and training at more than reasonable
     All of them are full of technical write ups, contact names and
addresses of people doing clearing today from all over the world.  If
you contact them, they will be able to help you start your own clearing
journey and put you in contact with those in your area that are doing
the same.
     Geoffrey Filbert, 1816 114th NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 (206) 453-8622
     Dr. Keith Mumby, Applied Philosophics, PO 38 Chorlton, Manchester,
England M21 1JL, +44 61 881 1167
     Allen Hacker, PO 390696, Mountain View, CA 94039, (415) 964-3436,
Acceptance Services Center (ASC),
     Hank Levin, PO 6905, Terra Linda CA 94903, (415) 492-0728 Editor of
Free Spirit.
     Antony Phillips, Box 78, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark, Editor of
International Viewpoints.  E-mail:
     Dynamism Association of Free Beings Enid Vien 7507 Ohio Place, La
Mesa, CA.  91941 PH:(619) 462-5160 Fax:(619)465-8848 E-mail Personal Clearing and empowerment.  Practitioner
Training.  Literature: Health and Happiness (A manual for clearing
practitioners) Handbook for Parents.  Basic Dynamic Clearing Manual.(A
training co-audit) Art of Listening (A manual for communication Courses)
     Ron Larson, (415) 691-1282, e-mail available.
     Barry Penberthy, Ability Meters International 516 Wandsworth Road,
London, SW8 3JX, England, Tel: (+03) 42-313178 or (+071) 622-2322, Fax:
(+071) 622-7975
     Free Zone Meters, Stal 142, 9205 AC Drachten, Holland
     Psychotechnics, 5 Haig Lane, Church Croockham, Fleet, GB, Hants
GU13 OUN, Tel: (+44) 0 252-628106
     Repairs Only, Jand Lund Nielsen, Dublinvej 38B, DK 2300 Kobenhavn
S, Denmark, Tel: (+45) 31 55 46 48
     Stanley Tong, 1512 East 5th, Space 20, Fernwood Trailer Park,
Ontario, CA 91764  New super meter.
     Jerry Dufour, 684 Coachlight Drive, Fern Park, FL 32730, (407)
831-0424, (407) 339-3000.  Makes meters.
     Excalibur Revisited, by Geoffrey C. Filbert.  Available from Curt
Daniel Ducker, 5835 Yucutan Dr., Orlando, Florida, 32807.
     Vol. 1, Scientology, More than a Cult, by L. Kin.
     Vol. 2, Scientology, A Handbook for Use, by L. Kin.
     Vol. 3, Scientology, The Solo Levels, by L. Kin.
Available from Homer Smith, PO 880, Ithaca, NY 14851-0880, (607)
     Homer Wilson Smith, 1 800 PAX-DUTY, (607) 277-0959, FAX:  (607)
277-8913, e-mail:
     Remember that much of free zone clearing is still underground, and
these people have been brave enough to stick their necks out to be
contact points for you to find those who are not so in the open.
     If you wish to have your name on this list, please send me your
name, institute name, news letter if any, sevices offered, prices,
address, phone and fax, and e-mail if any.
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