SCI - 30
                              3 March 1994
                         Revised and Expanded.
                     Copyright (C) 1992 David Mayo
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January 30,1993
To: Members
Re: 10th Anniversary of the Church of the New Civilization
News Flash - Legal News
     In 1985, the Church of Scientology filed a lawsuit against the CNC,
David Mayo and several independents.  The burden of this lawsuit has
been nothing short of incredible.  In April 1986, David wrote in the AAC
Journal:  "It is important that we win the lawsuit for the freedom to
apply basic philosophical principles and procedures."  The CNC, David
Mayo and supporters have persisted in this struggle for 8 years.  In
April 1992 the Court dismissed the C of S lawsuit against the CNC, David
Mayo and the names independents.
     On January 13 1993, the court ordered the following concerning the
C os S:  "Plaintiffs' counsel are admonished that any subsequent
violation of the Rules of Professional conduct shall result in such
offending counsel being referred to the Standing Committee on Discipline
and subject to contempt proceedings for violation of this Order and the
penalties contained in Local Rule 2.6.7"
     On January 20, 1993 the court granted our motion for the Plaintiffs
(C of S, RTC) to pay our attorney fees.  In  a memorandum of decision
the Honorable Janes G. Kolts, (Special Master), stated:  "Plaintiffs
have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia (among
other things), to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an
actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter.  This
constitutes 'extraordinary, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct.'
As such, this case qualifies as an 'exceptional case' and fees should be
awarded pursuant to the Lanham Act"...  "It is abundantly clear that
plaintiffs sought to harass the individual defendants and destroy the
church defendants through massive over-litigation and other highly
questionable litigation tactics.  The Special Master has never seen a
more glaring example of bad faith legislation than this.  Therefore, it
is appropriate to award attorneys' fees pursuant to the copyright
statute"... "As already stated, the Special Master finds that plaintiffs
engaged in egregious bad faith litigation conduct..."
     What happened then:
     In January 1993 the CofS/RTC filed yet another federal lawsuIt
against CNC (AAC), David Mayo etc.  This case sought to re argue much of
the earlier two cases against AAC, David Mayo et al., that had been
filed by the CofS in 1985 and dismissed in 1992.
     Our lawyers, Gary M. Bright and Jerry Fagelbaum, filed a motion
asking the court to dismiss the newest case.  That motion was heard on
November 29, 1993, before the federal district court Judge A. Wallace
Tashima.  Judge Tashima was recently assigned to the cases when the
prior Judge, James M. Ideman, recused himself as no longer able to
maintain his objectivity in light of the CofS's ongoing personal attacks
on the judge and the ongoing harassment of his former law clerk.
Following oral argument, Judge Tashima dismissed the CofS's case with
prejudice (which means they are not allowed to refile it.)
     Where we stand now:
     The original counterclaims by CNC (AAC) and David Mayo which see
damages and injunctive relief for harassment and emotional distress
arising from the CofS's retrIbutive campaign against David and the AAC
in Santa Barbara are tentatively scheduled by Judge Tashima for a two-
week trial this summer (1994).
      The Church of the New Civilization was founded in 1983 in Santa
Barbara, California.  It had as its purpose:  "To increase personal
abilities and thereby increase the level of ability of society which
would in turn bring about a New Civilization, free of suffering - a
civilization where Man could advance to his full potential and live in
      In keeping with that purpose, the Church of the New Civilization
opened the Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara.  The AAC utilized
self-discovery procedures to educate and to advance abilities.
     The Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara is no longer in
operation, however, we believe that it still exists in the hearts of its
members.  Once again, we invite you to join in the dream of a better
civilization where basic and advanced abilities are fostered.
     In keeping with that vision, and as the next step, the CNC is
publishing the Ability Advancement Center Journal.  If you would like to
participate in forwarding the CNC's vision and would like to become a
member, please let me know.  If you know of someone else who would like
to receive the publication please let me know.  As it has been a number
of years and many changes (including changes of address) since the last
CNC mailing, I need your help contacting those members who would like to
receive the Journal once again.
     The Ability Advancement Center Journal is dedicated toward the
dissemination of knowledge and insight gained in the field of self-
discovery.  Its purpose is to educate and stimulate interest in ability
     The Journal will be reporting on ability advancement results and
will keep you posted on research projects.  In recent research, David
has made some extraordinary discoveries in two areas, fortuity and
     David and I are approaching 1993 with very high hopes and
expectations.  We hope that you will share our visions and dreams
through the AAC Journal.
     All the very best from both of us,
     Julie Mayo
     The Journal of the Ability Advancement Center is published
quarterly by the Church of the New Civilization.  Members that have
donated $45 or more per year to the Church of the New Civilization will
receive the Journal.  Note:  The CNC has been granted tax exempt status
under IRS Code 501(c)3.  Your donations are tax deductible in the United
     David and Julie Mayo, 20533 Biscayne Blvd., No.  4-429, Aventura,
FL 33180