SCI - 31
                   Copyright (C) 1992 Dr. Keith Mumby
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
                       By Dr Keith Mumby, England
                         From IVY 11 April 1993
     For a long time after leaving the Church, I regularly received
letters of announcements that someone or other had 'left Scientology'.
The didn't mean they were quitting the organization (most were already
out of the church); but that they had seemingly given up the philosophy.
For a time I was saddened by this stream of correspondence, then hostile
to it; now I am up to amusement.
     I wonder if anyone making such a declaration ever really stopped to
think about the implications of their posture.  Did they mean they were
no longer a spiritual being?  Or that they no longer intended to call a
static by the term THETAN?  Or that they were a spiritual being but not
a static, perhaps!  That the ARC triangle was no longer "true" for them
and didn't exist?  In which case, could it ever have existed for that
person?  Do they no longer confront when speaking to somebody?  Or use a
dictionary when they pass an MU (misunderstood word)?  I illustrate the
kind of questions which came to mind, not to poke fun, but to give some
idea of the bemused thoughts and reflections prompted by these hurting
disillusioned announcements.
     Continued in IVY.