SCI - 32
                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     In all fairness to those who have to suffer bad eye sight and wear
eye glasses, this is an attempt to clarify my position on this subject
and offer a possible test or a solution.
     If you ask your eye doctor you will find out that there are a
number of different reasons that your eyes may be bad.  However for the
purposes of this discussion 4 broad areas come to mind.
     1.) Genetic anomaly
     2.) Excessive wear and tear beyond normal operating parameters
     3.) Physical damage
     4.) Psychosomatically self induced
     1.) If your genes are such as to give you bad eye sight, then
presumably there is not much that can be done about it with present
technology.  Personally I doubt that many people have bad genes, the
human stock is very strong and has billion of years of evolution behind
it, however there are congenital defects in the gene structure in
certain members of the race and they are handed down from generation to
     2.) If you have been forced to use your eyes beyond their normal
capacity for operation then possibly they could start to go bad as a
defense mechanism.  This is no different than any other part of the body
that is over worked or otherwise abused.  However the body has enormous
powers of regeneration, and with a little rest and relaxation, such wear
and tear could normally be expected to heal itself.  This is common with
other parts of the body that get over worked, and I would guess that it
should be the same for eyes.
     3.)  If your eyes or the optic nerve have been physically damaged
beyond the ability of the body to heal, then you are out of luck.  Many
severe injuries to the body can be helped to heal through extensive
physical therapy, like when someone breaks their back or has a stroke.
Alternate pathways of functionality are enhanced and older damaged
systems are replaced or rerouted through other parts of the system that
can be trained to carry the load.
    For example I had a blasting cap go off in my face once, and had two
eyes full of glass splinters.  The doctor spent 3 hours taking them out
with a needle and I wore an eye patch for a month after that.  However
my eyes healed completely as no permanent damage was done.  By the way I
have that explosion go off in my face in dreams every now and then, with
all the force and surprise of the original incident.  I would presume
that Hubbard would call this a restimulation of the engram.
     4.) If your eyes are bad due to psychosomatic reasons, then there
is good hope that they can be released with good auditing.  However my
experience with this is that bad eye sight is very near fundamental on
the chain, so it may take quite a bit of auditing to clear them up.
What's worse is, that bad eyes may not BE fundamental on the chain, so
one may have to go for an even earlier psychosomatic condition and
release that before the eyes will fully release.
      Now remember, psychosomatic does not mean imaginary.  It means a
somatic condition in the body brought on by psychological forces,
emotional and mental efforts, and they always have as their basis an
effort to survive in times of great threat.
     The moment or times of stress are buried under layers of
forgetfulness, and this pain and turmoil must be approached on a layer
by layer basis before the fundamental condition can be released.
     So it would be helpful if there were some auditing procedure that
could be run on a person for a while that would allow him to DETERMINE
which of the above 4 classes his bad eyesight falls into.  It would be a
shame to waste hundreds of hours of auditing on a condition that was
ultimately genetic.
     If it was due to physical damage, say a war wound to the eyes, then
perhaps auditing on the war wound would clean up that area of the body
and allow it come to its full healing potential.  One might expect in
this case for the eyes to improve to within the limits of the body's
ability to heal.
     However the only way you can expect a complete alleviation of the
condition is if the condition is totally self induced in the first
place.  Unless the psychosomatic condition has gone too far and caused
actually irrepairable physical damage to the eyes, then a complete
alleviation of the reason to have bad eyes will result in completely
restored eyesight, at least to the level that the body would normally be
at for its given age and use at the time of the auditing.  Your eyes may
never be as good at 50 as they were at 10 no matter how much auditing
you get.
     Further it is possible that bad eyesight in a given person is
actually a compounding of all 4 classifications above.  The genetic
component of course could not be touched by auditing, but the physical
damage component could be helped by increasing the body's healing powers
in that area, and the psychosomatic component of course could be
completely eliminated.
     So what auditing test could we run on a person to help THEM gain a
reality on how much of each component was active in their particular
case of bad eyesight?
     Well what we are really interested in here is to determine the
psychosomatic component.  Thus the process chosen would probably be
closely related to the process ultimately used to release the
psychosomatic component when it is finally done.
     Such a testing process would not be used to actually cure the
psychosomatic component of someone's eyes, just to determine for them if
there is a psychosomatic component, but it might very well start the
process of release, so it can't hurt and can only help.
     Now I have no personal experience with the successful auditing of
bad eye sight, my own eyesight is still remarkably good so I haven't
needed to.  However I do have extensive experience with auditing other
psychosomatic conditions in my own body and all of them always followed
the same pattern.
     Thus if I ASSUME that the psychosomatic component of bad eyesight
follows the same laws as everything else, then a quick and easy process
can be conjured up to run on a person which, although it may not run
deep enough to cure the eyesight, will give them a reality on if any
part of it is psychosomatic or not.
     The theory goes as follows.
     Every stuck condition is a SOLUTION to a prior unconfronted
problem.  The stuck condition however eventually becomes a serious
problem in its own right and so is followed by many later efforts to
solve it.
     Thus we have:
     The bad eyesight is the stuck condition that you are trying to
release in someone.  Eyeglasses are themselves one of many later
solutions to the stuck condition of bad eyesight.  The prior problem is
what is hidden under the emotional charge and forgetfulness and is what
you are trying to find with auditing.
     The THEORY is that if you can find and release some of the
emotional charge on the hidden prior problem, then the stuck condition
will release and the eyes will improve in equal measure.
     The key points here that needs to be found, with the auditing, are
the INDECISION CYCLES that were left incomplete on the prior
unconfronted problem and the DECISION CYCLES that WERE completed on the
subject of creating a stuck condition to solve and bury the prior
unconfronted problem.
     Notice the term UNCONFRONTED.  Notice I did not say that the prior
problem was UNCONFRONTABLE, only that it was chosen by mistake to be
UNCONFRONTED, no doubt however under tremendous provocation.
     Thus the actual chain looks like this.
     1.) Prior problems
     2.) Indecisions on prior problems
     3.) Decision to not confront prior problems
         or indecisions on prior problems
     4.) Creation of stuck conditions as solutions to prior problems
     5.) Recognition of stuck condition as a problem itself.
     6.) Later solutions to problem of stuck conditions.
     This will therefore work on any stuck condition that your preclear
has his attention on, assuming it is indeed psychosomatic.  Of course
even if it ISN'T psychosomatic some of these items may still apply.  He
may have been born with bad eyesight (genetic stuck condition) but he
has been using it to solve various problems all his life (getting out of
the draft for example), and he has had myriad later solutions to his
genetic condition (welfare, doctors, glasses etc.)
     So this process will produce a lot of case change even if the
chosen stuck condition is completely genetic and unchangeable.  In
either case after a few hours of running it, the person will come to a
very high awareness of its psychosomatic nature IF INDEED IT IS
PSYCHOSOMATIC!  If he don't, it ain't.
     Remember in running this process that your preclear has had
problems on all 8 of his lower dynamics and also with the 8 upper
dynamics.  He will have had problems with himself, within his family,
his various groups, his nation, mankind, problems with and about
animals, MEST, spirits and GOD.  He will also have had problems on
Amusement, Agony, Inspiration, Aesthetics, Ethics, Ideas, Decency,
Truth, Awareness, Individuality, Volition, Coexistence, Beingness, Not
Beingness, and Sovereignty.
     So before you run this process on him you might want to go over the
8 lower dynamics to make sure he understands what a problem is and how
he might have had them on each dynamic.   Don't forget God, don't forget
problems with God, even if he doesn't believe in God.  And then get him
to see he has had problems on the other items listed above, Problems
with Truth, problems with Decency, etc.
     This process should be run by one person, the auditor, on another,
the preclear, maybe 30 minutes each day, every 3 days for 8 sessions, or
4 hours all told over 24 days.  If you are going to run it on bad
eyesight, it should be run both with glasses on and with glasses off,
according to the preclear's desire at the moment.
     You can run this with the item being the TERMINAL (your eyes), or
the item being the CONDITION (your bad eyesight).
     Ask the prelcear which way he prefers to run it.
     If your preclear can not answer one question, just acknowledge and
go on to the next one in order.  Keep going around and around them,
getting all the answers your can, acknowledging each answer with 'Thank
you' or 'Good' or 'Ok' or whatever you feel comfortable with.
     Auditor:  'Question 1...'
     Preclear: 'Answer...'
     Auditor : 'Thank you'
     Auditor:  'Question 2...'
     Preclear: 'Answer...'
     Auditor : 'Thank you'
     I presume you know how to audit and how to follow the auditing comm
cycle and how to not break the Auditor's Code.
     You can change the wording to what ever makes your preclear
comfortable and produces the most interest and charge coming off.  Your
preclear will tell you if it becomes a grind.
     This is not meant to be a lesson in HOW to audit.  This is merely
trying to give a suggestion of WHAT to audit.
     Terminal form:
     1.) 'What problem have your eyes been a solution to?'
     2.) 'How have your eyes been a solution to that problem?'
     3.) 'How have your eyes been a problem to you?'
     4.) 'What solutions have you had to that problem?'
     Condition form:
     1.) 'What problem has your bad eyesight been a solution to?'
     2.) 'How has your bad eyesight been a solution to that problem?'
     3.) 'How has your bad eyesight been a problem to you?'
     4.) 'What solutions have you had to that problem?'
     If you ask the pc question 1 and he gives you the answers to
questions 1 and 2, which he may very well do, don't then go and bother
him with question 2, he just answered it and it will piss him off.  Just
go on to question 3.
      If the pc just starts running the whole process without you
because its all coming unglued all at once, don't interrupt him, just
nod sagely once in a while and let him continue.  If he falters, then
give him the next question that is relevant to whatever point he is in
the cycle.
     Running this in rote form is not as important it as running it
honestly and for real.
     You don't get brownie points for doing it 'right' or according to
'form', you get brownie points for divisions of TA (Tone Arm motion)
coming off the case, and a pleased preclear at the end.
     If the pc says 'I don't know' to any question acknowledge him and
go on to the next one.  If he runs into total not know on all questions,
give it a breather until the next session.
     Don't try to run all 4 hours of this all at once.  Don't run it
beyond the time the preclear is happy with the results, even if it is
just 5 minutes.  And don't stop running the process just because 30
minutes is up, if the preclear is still eager to continue.
     You might want to broaden the question to include other people, so
the preclear is not continuously introverted into himself.
     'What problem have bad eyes been a solution to?'  (For anyone)
     'How have bad eyes been a solution to that problem?'
     'How have bad eyes been a problem?' (To anyone)
     'What solutions have there been to that problem?'
     Notice the subtle change in the item wording, 'bad eyes' is sort of
half way between a terminal and a condition.   I am just showing you
what can be done with this.  Discuss the wording with your preclear, he
will tell you if the wording is wrong in no uncertain terms.
     It's ok to change the wording of a process in the middle of session
if the pc originates that other wording would bite deeper.  Don't allow
your preclear to rabbit away from session though by changing the wording
so much that you aren't running the original process anymore.  That's an
auditor code break.
     Both you and him know full well what you are going after, if you
let him rabbit away from session you will lose his respect and
friendship.  He won't pay you, and he won't come back.
     And he won't recommend you to anyone else.
     If you are running this properly your pc may hit the QUALMS, which
is basically the realization that 'maybe it would not so wise to get rid
of this stuck condition after all'.  He will try to blow session at that
point, not because the auditing isn't working but because it is.
     Let him cognite and communicate, and he will come through it.
     If you run this for 30 minutes a day, every 3 days for 8 sessions
on your preclear's favorite stuck condition, and you get NOTHING on it,
then either you or your pc or both are quite dead.
     At this point, it is suggested you call the morgue.