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      Here are references for Karen Horney (1885 - 1952).  Ms. Horney was
a world class psychotherapist after the tradition of Freud.  I was very
impressed by her work because it actually managed to accomplish
something.  Like Janov and Hubbard, she assumed that the source of
neurosis was buried memories in the past and the substitute beingnesses
that people assumed to solve those problems.  Part of those substitute
beingnesses were the psychosomatic conditions that her patients
complained of, and the split and multi valent personalities that they

      She worked with severely neurotic patients, taking each one back to
the seminal incident in their childhood effecting recovery.  The
revivification of child hood incidents was central to her therapy along
with the catharsis of emotion and violent effort that went with it.

      Her work is entertaining and easy to read, and filled with case
histories from her sessions, and of course the obligatory other

      Neurotic Personality of Our Time (1937)
      New Ways in Psycho Analysis (1939)
      Self Analysis (1942)
      Our Inner Conflicts  (1945)
      Are You Considering Psycho Analysis? (1946)
      Neurosis and Human Growth (1950)
      Feminine Psychology (1967)
      Adolescent Diaries of Karen Horney (1980)
      Final Lectures (1987)

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