SCI - 34
                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     This is my view on the 'is life a static' question.
     You all know that I prefer the 'world is a dream' theory.
     Technically speaking that means existence is a 0 dimensional scalar
operating actuality called Source with an infinite number of Sovereign
viewports called souls or conscious units.
     In plain english, there IS no space.
     So of course life is a static.
     When a thetan first creates space to view, he is aware, very
aware in fact, that he is eternally stationary and that space is
holographically projected around him with all of its objects, within
the fabric of his own conscious unit.
     In other words there is no space, but there are pictures of space
which themselves do not take up space.
     In this state the thetan is called an 'orientation point', and
everything else that is being projected is called a 'symbol',
something with space, mass, meaning and mobility.
     While the thetan is connected to this truth of being an absolute
eternally stationary orientation point, he can command absolute power
over the creation of space, time, matter and energy, and the placement
of other beingnesses and lookers in his space.
     It is during this phase that other thetans, also in the sovereign
orientation point state, join up with the first thetan to make a co
shared dream world.
     Thus Ron has said, 'Power stems from the ability to maintain your
position in space.'
     This is a joke of course, as the thetan can not move in
actuality, but can only move space around him, refreshing the drawing
as he goes so to speak.  But it is none the less true, in the sense
that as long as the thetan can remain connected to the orientation
point state, he does have absolute power.
     But then a thetan can do something really strange, and he does it
mainly for fun.

     "Fun means Finding and UNearthing unearthly hypocricies." - Adore
     He can change his consideration about his relationship to space,
by claiming that SPACE IS STATIONARY AND HE IS MOVING.  Thus he gives
orientation power over to space itself, and becomes himself a symbol
or an object within that space.
     Thus he takes on mass, meaning and mobility, otherwise called
BEINGNESS, or more accurately called BECOMINGNESS.
     Now that the thetan can 'move', or can view the world as if he is
moving and space is stationary and fixed, he can get into a lot of
     He can BE MOVED by other objects, thetans and forces in the space
around him, to places where he does not want to be.  Since he is no
longer connected to Sovereign power as an orientation point, he has
only the power he assigned to himself as a symbol.  If he runs into
something as a symbol that has more power than he does, well he can be
effected by that thing to his benefit or detriment.
     In other words other things can move him around to places he
either wants to be or doesn't want to be.  In fact he comes to DEPEND
on things to move him to where he wants to be, and he comes to EXPECT
things to move him to places he doesn't want to be.
     Thus when you become a baby body, you become a symbol that can be
moved around by your parents, and you come to depend on them to move
you properly, feed you, bathe you, take care of you etc, and you also
come to expect them to not move you properly, as they use you, abuse
you and throw you away.
     Thus the need for auditing to address these early issues of
power, and being or not being moved properly.
     Worse once a thetan shifts over to being a symbol he can now be
nailed, or caged or PREVENTED from moving.  He can be held still
against his will by superior forces, which is a real joke, because the
thetan in actuality is already Eternally Still.  But since he is
playing being a symbol who wants to move, he will struggle against the
forces pinning him down until he goes into apathy and gives up.  Then
he 'wants to die'.
     This is what crucifixion is about.
     You are trying to move, and other things are trying to nail you
     If the thetan could only wake up during such incidents, which
means re operate the flip in viewpoint from being a symbol back to
being an orientation point, then he would be connected to total power
again and do what he willed with those attacking him.
     Thus processes addressed to this problem of orientation point and
symbol and the thetan's ability to shift his viewpoint at will from
orientation point to symbol and back again could possibly be of great
benefit to his case.
     A case is merely that conflict between the thetan's desire to be
a Sovereign orientation point, and his desire to be a non Sovereign
symbol, and the various solutions that he has piled on himself to
solve that conflict.
     The purpose of auditing is to reoptimize in the thetan's own
estimation the balance of these two conditions.