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International Viewpoints
International free scientology magazine, started in 1991.  Based in
Denmark.  Editor: Antony Phillips.  This magazine is the "daughter" of a
Danish free scientology magazine which started in 1985, and invites and
contains many different viewpoints and ideas with regard to the use of
the large inheritance we have from Ron.  Independent of centres.  Good
quality typeset and printed.
We have distributors in Europe and America and need distributors in the
rest of the world.
Scientologie by A. Nordenholz (published in 1934)
Authentic facsimile copy of the original German version, with English
translation by Woodward McPheeters
This book is not only a priceless collector's item, but a "must" for
anyone who has ever been involved with either the Church of Scientology
or the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.  Suppressed for years, pilfered from
private collections and public libraries, it sheds a new light on
current issues regarding the originality of Hubbard's work.  This is a
book on epistemology (the study of learning and knowledge), based on a
list of "self*evident axioms."  Every effort has been made to eradicate
this book.  The original from which this copy was made was stolen
shortly after its acquisition.  However, the authenticity of the
facsimile copy is unmistakeble.  Decide yourself to what extent this
remarkable but obscure book influenced the work of L. Ron Hubbard!
Special Offer!
The Free Spirit wants copies of this book in the hands of as many people
as possible.  Therefore, we are offering this book to current paid
subscribers to the Free Sppirit for $10 off the regular $50 price.  If
you are a subscriber, send $40 to Free Spirit, Dept 1934, P. O. Box
6772, Santa Rosa, Ca 95406.  If you are not a subscriber now, either
send $50, or send $40 for the book at the discount rate PLUS $15 for
your subscription to Free Spirit.
After 11 Years We're Still Here
Survival Services International
We bring to you IDENICS (registered trademark) What would YOU like to
know about Idenics?
1*800*IDENICS (433*6427)
Survival Services International 1670 S. Elkhart Street Aurora, CO 80012
Return of payments without hassles.  We connect you with effective help.
(818) 788*7022
The Inner Light Foundation
For Advancement of the Body, Mind, Spirit
How much longer will you wait to achieve spiritual enlightenment?
Call today!!!
Attaining Soul Purpose StarGate * 14 Lessons Dreams * Your Window to
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Personal Channelings by StarGate Group Channelings by StarGate Negative
Belief Handling Crystal Device Work Aura Portraits Aura Interpretations
Intuitive Consultation
To schedule an appointment or for futher information:
David Lawrence Victoria Lawrence Gary Johnson Hank Levin (402) 451*7153
Omaha, Nebraska
The purpose of the Church of Spiritual Discovery is to make the unique
and powerful tech that we all share available to large groups of people
in an affordable, sane, and ethical manner.
To this end, CSD provides extensive original written materials (in the
form of bound books and manuals) that members and others may use to work
with new clients and train new auditors without depending on the written
works of L. Ron Hubbard.
     This is our main introductory text:  a perfect introduction to
auditing for all interested parties.  It also contains 20 powerful new
processes that any experienced auditor can apply immediately.  There are
many other manuals, detailing hundreds of new and old processes.
To receive our introductory book, plus detailed information on all
manuals, send $15 to:
Alpha Communications, 13601 Ventura Blvd./Suite 1700, Sherman Oaks, CA
91423.  For the information pack only, send $5.
Ross Technical Materials
     I have spent forty years and a considerable amount of money getting
audited, being trained, and auditing others.  I have made enormous gains
myself, and have gotten at times great gains on preclears.  The
following data comes from my experience.  I want to share it and gain
some income from it as well.  This is a record of my experience not just
theory.  This is what worked for me as a preclear and for my preclears
when I was auditor.
Running Pleasure Moment Co*audits
Elementary and Advanced Dianetics Auditing
Lower Level Training
Level 0*IV Auditing Effective Processes and Approaches
Data on Actual GPM's and GPM research
Technical Essays on Theory behind Auditing
Clears and OTs can audit the case in front of them not their own case,
as they no longer have one.
Upper Level Data
Solo Data & Materials
Miscellaneous Essays
(ed. note: extensive list of materials omitted.)
Take Apart Your Analytical Mind and what's left of your NOTs case, with
Decision*Postulate processing from Bob Ross. Or, buy the write up $30
and run it on yourself and your friends.  Charges for auditing are $30
per hour, cheap because I've got retirement income and still want to
clear the planet.  Solo training available for $300, fast cheap and
Materials No. 102.  Clause 21 of the code reads, "Do not use your
position to exact sexual favors from people dependent on you.  Likewise,
do not make or promise sexual favors to anyone for other than sexual
reasons. i.e. not as a trade for non*sexual favors."  Ten dollars will
get you the full code plus the new FREE ZONE AUDITOR'S CODE
INTRODUCTION:  For those who don't know me, I'm a graduate Electrical
Engineer with a Professional Engineer's License.  Before Dianetics I
studied General Semantics.  I'm an old old timer, pushing 73.  I started
Dn by reading DMSMH on May 20 1950.  I then went to Israel where I book
audited for the next four years putting in thousands of hours and
performing miracles.  I spent 18 months at Saint Hill, and graduated
from SH in 1963 as an HSS Class VI auditor qualified to run R6 GPM's on
pcs.  Today I perform miracles with pcs.  I tell them what to do and
they do it with Postulate Processing.  Call for details.
GET PROCESSED BY ME.  In a very short time, days or hours, I can help
you to change undesired or undesirable conditions by helping you to find
and change your own decisions and to find and change decisions of others
that affect you.  I utilize your ability to perceive and communicate
telepathically with other beings whose decisions and postulates have
affected you.  I have not yet found an upper limit to this approach.
The limit if any lies in the auditor not the process.  If you learn how
and can help me, we can trade time for time.  Recently an OT friend of
mine changed the attitudes of Social Services, the Police and a family
court Judge as a direct and immediate result of a series of telephone
sessions.  Within three days their interference in her life evaporated.
At lower levels similar things can be done with skilled use of Problems
of Comparable Magnitude or the Suppressed Person's Rundown, with the
auditor directing the pc in how to invent problems.  You too can change
your life radically in ways you desire but have so far not achieved.
Not being in your shoes I can see things you don't look at because you
have either not*ised them or you take them for granted.  Call or write
for details. (818) 353*1209.  Bob Ross, 7826 Foothill Blvd, Sunland Ca
Bob Ross, HSS CI VI, B.E.E., P. E., etc, etc., 7826 Foothill Blvd
Sunland, CA 91040 (818) 353 1209
The Alphametrics Meter.  Developed and produced by Rowland Barkley of
Sidney, Australia.  Rowland is not only an expert engineer, but is also
a well known and active researcher and practitioner of advanced clearing
technologhy.  His extensive personal experience and auditing skills have
made him acutely aware of the essentials needed in an advanced meter.
This meter is far advanced of "standard" meters in several respects.  It
is sensitive even in the highest TA ranges, so that "high TA"
sitiuations no longer present any special difficulty.  Also, it shows
reads which are entirely missed on a Hubbard meter due to the limitaions
of design.
Once you have used this meter, you will never want to go back!
This extreme sensitivity and response of the Alphametrics meter makes it
the preferred choice for all advanced standard procedures, as well as
for metaphysical research and exploration.
Price: $795.00 includes unbreakable hard cushioned case and electrodes.
Sold in the United States by Hank Levin PO Box 6772 Santa Rosa, CA 95406
(707) 577*8208 * Voice or FAX
Subscribe to the Free Spirit!
Write today:
The Free Spirit P.O. Box 6772 Santa Rosa, CA 95406
Clearing Today
Clearing Today is the journal of the American Association of Clearing
Practitioners.  It is published quarterly and sent out primarily to
professional and associate members of the Association.
Clearing Today is written for active, independent practitioners who are
in the business of understanding and improving the world around them.
American Association of Clearing Practitioners
6520 Selma Ave, #1222, Hollywoood CA 90028
(818) 774*1462
membership is $25 per year for qualified practitioners.
The nine day course.  $2000 (808) 572*9102
SOUL MATE Hunting?
How to find your Soul Mate
A sure*fire proven technique has worked for 1000's and it can possibly
work for you too!  A step*by*step procedure, that you can do in your own
home.  It also shows you how to keep one, if you were lucky enough to
have found him or her already.
Send for manual * $25 Institute of Meta*Physics P.O. Box 1121, Ashland,
OR 97520 (503) 482*6826
Personal sessions and instructions can be arranged by appointment, also
seminars for groups.
Realizing Your Dreams
by Patricia Collette, Ph. D. and Mark Jones
A practical book on creating the realities you desire, with a
step*by*step cassette tape. $7.95 includes shipping.
Book $7.95 + $1 shipping
Book and step*by*step cassette tape $14.95 + $1 shipping
Illustrated children's version of the book $7.95 + $1 shipping
Send to:
Life Management P.O. Box 39422 L.A., CA 90039
Free Zone Meters Designer and Manufacturer of Psychogalvanometers
A high standard meter. Tested and recommended by many auditors.
Complete delivered in leather case.
Write to:
Free Zone Meters Stal 142 9205 AC Drachten Holland
Get on the bandwagon to help pass some new health freedom legislation
which will ensure freedom for the right to choose a counselor as well as
a doctor or other health practitioner.
Write to:
The Nutritional Health Alliance P.O. Box 267 Farmingdale, NY 11735
for details of what you can do to spread the word and force Congress to
pass a healthy robust Health Freedom Bill that will curtail the FDA and
ensure health freedom.
Yes, I want to do my part to help the Free Spirit! Please send me
___U.S. subscriptions @$15.00 per year ___Overseas airmail subscriptions
@$25.00 per year ___Complete sets of Free Spirit to date (as available)
$20.00 per set
Send Checks/Money Orders to: Council for Spiritual Integrity, PO Box
6772, Santa Rosa, Ca 95406
L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?  by Bent Corydon
Now Available in Paperback Newly Updated and Expanded!  Available at
bookstores everywhere, or send $12.95, plus $3.00 shipping and handling
charges, to:
Barricade Books Inc.  61 Fourth Avenue New York, NY  10003
Having Troubles With Your Love*Life?
Is your love*life causing you more pain than pleasure?  Does your
relationship no longer match you original picture?  If so, we may be
able to help you.  Call Tim or Suzanne immediately.
The Love Rundown
Now being offered at the Holistic Center
Free First Consultation
(818) 791 5085
The Pot Game
The Art of Communication by Suzanne R. Fletcher
The Pot Game Book is Perfect for:
Improving Second Dynamic Communication.
As a fun refresher course on the most glaring communication outpoints.
For auditors to use with their clients.
As a fun alternative to boring comm courses.
To order The Pot Game Book, send $6 (includes postage) to:
Suzanne Fletcher 1560 Meadowbrook Road Altadena, Ca 91001 or by phone
with Visa or M/C (818) 791*5085
Still Looking?
Instead of putting your $ down for the latest fad rundown, how about
working with an auditor who will draw from all available auditing
technology to address your personal issues and spiritual development?
How would you lke to have these things handled quickly and
economically*and still have a hell of an adventure?
What is "Alternative Clearing"?
Healing*beyond dianetics!
Understanding entities*beyond OT III and NOT's!
Relationships*beyond "Out*Ruds"!
Enhancing abilites*beyond "Sec*checks"!
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of
in your philosophy."*Wm. Shakespeare, Hamlet (Act1, v.166)
All standard levels available too!
Alternative Clearing
(707) 577*8208
Offices in Los Angeles Alameda and Santa Rosa
At last*a Communication Course that really works!
Making Magic With Communication
The Confidence in Communication Workshop Manual by Hank Levin
Book price: $13.95 ea., Ca Res add 7% (.98 ea.)  Plus shipping ($2.00
1st book, .50 ea. additional)
Mail to:
Maieutics Institute Publishers P.O. Box 6772 Santa Rosa, Ca 95406 tel
(707) 577*8208
The Receiving Course
Delivers full clarity in nine days.
(808) 572*9102