SCI - 40
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 >     Homer has claimed that there exist documented cases where
 >Psychotherapy has altered vision.
     Phil, I know you want references.  But I don't OWE you references.
You also have demonstrated exactly zero respect for my chosen field of
endeavor and the amount of work I have put into it all my life.
     I have attained results on myself that are nothing less than
miraculous, I in fact saved my own life.  Your constant yapping about
references and proof are all just garbage to me, I could care less if
you ever get your damn references.
     I have no interest whatsoever in converting you to something you
don't want to believe in, and I don't hold to the opinion that I owe the
world proof of some claim just because I made the claim, or that I
should not talk about what I am not going to back up.
     That's just your effort to stop people from talking.
     Now if you really want references you will go to the library and
take out everything you can find by Janov.
     You will read in the following order,
     Primal Scream therapy, the cure for neurosis. (1970)
     Primal Revolution toward a Real World (1972)
     The Feeling Child (1973)
     Primal Man, the New Consciousness (1976)
     The Anatomy of Mental Illness, the SCIENTIFIC basis (1977)
     Imprints, the Lifelong Effects of the Birth Experience (1983)
     New Primal Scream, Primal Therapy 20 years later (1991)
     You will read it ALL carefully from cover to cover as I did, and
you will ALSO chase down all the myriad references that HE gives.  If
you chase down all of his references, and then all of the references
given in those references ad infinitum, you will have so many references
to read that probably I will never hear from you again.
     Janov, unlike me, actually enjoys talking to meatballs, especially
those meatballs that have blocked off all their feelings by becoming a
HEAD as he calls it.
     He grew up in the medical and psychiatric scientific community and
was faced with tremendous opposition to his work when it first began.
However he finally provided all the scientific backup that was demanded
of him and his detractors dissappeared into the wood work from whence
they had come.
     His books are FILLED with first hand accounts by the patients of
what happened to them during therapy often taken directly from the
personal diary notes.
     Each book has an EXTENSIVE reference section at the end and is
footnoted and annotated through out.
     His work will lead to every possible reference you could ever want
to find on the subject of psychosomatic illness and its cure, including
in some cases hysterical blindness and bad eye sight.
     Forget it Richard, admit it, your genes just suck.
     Or maybe your poor body just isn't able to keep up with today's
busy world and its high powered pressures.  You poor dear.
     Anyhow, Arthur Janov is one of the most brilliant researchers in
the field of the mind there is, he has an unquestionable scientific
background of impeccable repute, even better than Phil's, and a life of
achievement that is outclassed only by a few, and he is personally
resposible for saving the lives and minds of thousands of people.
     Primal Scream is one of the most workable forms of generalized
clearing technology on the planet, and it has no association whatsoever
with L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology, and in fact it seems to be an
independent line of discovery and research.
     Janov himself was convinced that Birth Engrams were nonsense until
his own clients started running them out, and even then he considered
them to be delusion.  Then in 1983 he wrote an entire book on the depth
and nature of the Birth Engram.  He does not call them engrams, but he
runs them like engrams and he gives credit to a whole line of people
before him who said birth was traumatic and left a permanent mark but
who did not know how to reach the pain and the memory to release it.
     L. Ron Hubbard is mentioned nowhere.
     These books will open up the entire field of psychosomatic therapy
for you, including the neurobiology of emotional suppression, and if you
haven't read them all, then you just aren't serious about clearing tech.
     Hubbard has always said that in order to evaluate any datum, you
need to have a datum of comparable magnitude.
     Well Janov is one such datum of comparable magnitude.
     Along with Hubbard, Janov is personally responsible for my still
being alive, his work with the Birth Engram and anoxia is a classic in
its field.
     >Homer: could you please read the sci.skeptic FAQ?
     Jane and I have a bet concerning how many times you will ask me
this.  If I win I get to fuck her.  If she wins she gets to fuck me.