SCI - 9
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Taken from Free Spirit, Vol X, 1993 Issue 1
     The suit of the Church against David Mayo and the Advanced Ability
Center (AAC) has been rejected by the court and the appeal has been
turned down.  The church suit was thrown out because the church refused
to supply documents pertaining to the authorship of the NOTS (upper
level entity handling technique) materials.  A motion for the church to
pay Mayo's attorney fees of over a million dollars has been heard.
     This leaves the suit of David Mayo and the ACC to be tried.  The
Church has now informed the court that they will supply documents for
this suit.
     INDIANAPOLIS - A federal judge in Arlington VA, on Friday dismissed
a $20 million libel law suit that the Church of Scientology had filed
against an executive with Eli Lilly & Co., the maker of Prozac.
     The lawsuit accused Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., vice president of the
Indianapolis based pharmaceuticals company, of maligning the church in
comments published in USA Today.  The newspaper was not named as a
     The church believes that Prozac, an antidepressant, is unsafe and
can lead to suicidal tendencies.  Many members testified against the
drug during hearings held last year by the Food and Drug Adminitration,
which ruled Prozac safe.
     "One thing we want you to understand is that the Church of
Scientology is no Church.  It's a commerical enterprise...  It is
oraganized for only one purpose, which is to make money."  Daniels was
quoted in the June 11, 1991 issue of USA Today.  The Reverend Heber C.
Jentzsch said Judge Albert V. Bryan's decision would be appealed.
                                                     -Associated Press