Homonym: Two words with identical spelling and pronunciation, but
completely different meanings and different etymologies (origins).

    W.O.G. 1.) Scientology acronym for Worthy Oriental Gentleman, a person
'carried around' by the abilities and skill of others in civilization to
the point of not being able to do anything himself, such that when the
abilities and skills of others are withdrawn or destroyed, he is no longer
able to survive himself.

    To Wog: 1.) To depend on the abilities and skills of another to the
point of no longer being able to survive oneself should those abilities
and skills of others be withdrawn or destroyed.

    To some extent women wog on the backs of men, and men wog on
the backs of those very able individuals, both men and women, that
make civilization go.

    The word WOG as used by a Scientologists is a homonym to another
word wog which is British slang for foreigner or Arab.

    The association is unfortunate, but the meanings and origins
of the two words are completely different and unrelated.

    There is some confusion about what the word wog really means
arising from its common usage amongst Scientologists.

    It is often used to refer to anyone who is not a scientologist,
but this is in fact an incorrect definition.  It is true that almost
everyone wogs in one way or another on the backs of others, and it
is true that Scners like to think of themselves as less woggy than
non Scientologists, but much of this is personal vanity more than it
is based on fact.

    In fact it can be said that many Church Scners are heavily wogging on
the back of Hubbard and other functions of the Church and they find
themselves completely unable to deal with the real world when they leave
the Church.  This is wogdom at its best.

    There is another term that Scners use for non scientologists,
and that is 'raw meat', from where Adore coined the word meatball.

    In common usage a raw meat case is someone who has never been audited.
This is not quite correct.

    A raw meat case is someone who thinks they aren't dreaming, that they
ARE a body, and that they live once and die and that's it Bud.

    It is quite possible to not be a raw meat case and not be a wog
and have never heard of Scientology.


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