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>At 18:21 30/03/99 -0500, P.Scott wrote:

>     Sounds like you're talking about a mass.  If it's perceivable and
>it's restimulatable, then it's dead weight that needs to be addressed
>and handled sooner or later.  Not-ising one's creations in favor of
>keying out and going up the pole is not a way out or a way to stable
>O.T.  Any full OT worth his salt should be able to scan his whole track
>(even if only by knowingness) with full perceptions and without any
>blocks or dub-in or restimulation.

     I agree.

     However I find that the 'thing' in my body, although it may be
incident based ultimately, does not run as an incident, as there is no
incident to find, but runs as mechanics.  There is something I am doing
through out the day that makes it worse, and to the degree I spot this
process as it is happening, I can keep it from getting very bad, and
then I can replicate what I did to make it worse, and make it better
later in session.

     This is in part why 'spotting spots' works so well.  I can wake up
with a totally stuffed nose, and spot spots into it for 30 minutes, and
when I nail it, the nose just opens up like an angel spreading its

     As a clarification, it has taken me 20 years to get spotting spots
to actually do anything for me.  When I first got into Scientology I was
all fired up about Dianetics 55, but soon gave up hope of making that
stuff work.  Now it works like a charm, but a subtle change has taken

     I am not just spotting spots.  I doing an internal or even external
touch assist, very much like the thetan hand technique.  Sometimes I do
it with a mocked up finger, sometimes even with a real figure, but
usually with a micro fine attention beam.

     I start touching spots in my head and throat and heart from all
angles and very quickly, 1 or twice a second.  There is a certain rhythm
that I get into that becomes obvious after a while, the rhythm is sort
of a counter sync with the banks efforts that are dramatizing the thing
more solid.

     The touch assisting actually duplicates for a moment a bank effort,
but then withdraws and touches elsewhere before the bank can solidify
the flow.  So one trips and starts the bank, but then interrupts it
before it can solidify.

     How many of you can open a *TOTALLY* stuffed nose in 5 seconds with
about 20 minutes of work?

     And do it consistently?

     Its pure magic when it works right.

     And here is an example or where what turns it on does in fact turn
it off, because as I start poking around I will hit areas that suddenly
and *DRAMATICALLY* close the nose up more.  I know that by continuing to
poke around in the same place and doing what just made it worse, I will
nail it and make it better.

     On the other hand, I can go out and work, get on the phone, talk to
people, read e-mail etc, all of which makes it very much worse, but no
amount of doing that blows through it and makes it better, it just gets
worse and worse and worse, until the body is almost keeling over
literally, and when I have pushed it just to see how far I could go, it
took *DAYS* to recover from the damage.

     So what turns it on, turns it off, is a mixed blessing.

     The turning on that happens when I work is a grind, the turning on
that happens when I spot spots is a blowoff.  Big diff.

     On leads to life, one leads to death.



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