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>Does this mean, your nose gets stuffed in 5 seconds and it takes 20
>minutes to un-stuff it?  
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     It means that about 20 minutes of poking around my totally closed
nose every morning, I will suddenly 'get it right', and in 5 seconds,
right before my little eyes, it will simply open up and I can breath
again, like the doors of heaven opening up.

     Totally closed -> Totally open in 5 seconds, less actually.

     I used to only have breathing problems during hayfever season
starting June 13th.  Used to be *TERRIBLE*, just terrible, got
addicted to Affrin, truely a drug from hell.

     Then about 6 years ago I started to make head way on the spring
hayfever thing, long hours of plugging away at the thing in my body
and it started to molt, soon the spring sneezes became almost non
existent rather than the 3 months of hell they had been for every
prior year of my life.

     Unfortunately it molted into a problem with car fumes, almost of
comparable magnitude excpet it was more handlable by simply avoiding

     During that molt, I started to get stuffed noses every night
while sleeping, usually waking up every morning with a totally closed
nose, this makes it very hard to sleep as I have to breath through my
mouth etc.  Its still a problem.

     Normally I would just let the stuffedness wear off as the morning
progressed, but about two years I had my first incident of poking
around in the area and suddenly and almost at will, it just opened.
Of course it closed right back down again a few minutes later, but I
learned my lesson.  I was stuffing it, and I could unstuff it.

     But it wasn't easy, and boy was it *SUBTLE* what I was doing.
     Over the past two years, I have worked with this every morning,
some mornings I couldn't make any head way at all, others I could get
it to open a bit, and others, wham, just a north wind blowing through
my nose, so cool.

     Life can be good if you can breath.

     In recent months, with hours and hours of "When do you dramatize"
and "How do you dramatize", I have been able to loosen up much of the
bit and bridle that my body is stuck in, of which the stuffed nose is
part and parcle, as it goes through the thinking and visualizing
centers where I dramatize the hardest.

     Presently I can unstuff the nose in about 10 minutes of waking
up, and if it closes down again, I can unstuff it again, piece of

     What I haven't been able to do is unstuff it during the day if it
gets drammed shut, or at night, usually I just have to lie there and
let it unstuff itself before going to sleep (when it starts to stuff
up again anyhow just before early morning.) But just 4 nights ago, I
was able to unstuff it myself at night, and this is a major win,
becuase it means now the somatic is on the run, I have pretty good
control over it at all hours of the day, some thanks is due to Enid
and her great auditing.

      So I have been crucified pretty thoroughly over the years,
and now those nails are loose.  There are still other somatics
in the breathing, anoxia, inability to sigh/cry/burp etc that are
still killing me, but its probably all just the same old same old,
and one day they too will be history.

>Clarify please.

>	Thats all for now.				Thom.
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