Christine, Founder, Church of Chaos ( wrote:

>Robert didn't get results on you.
>Robert adapts scientology for phone use (snort).
>Enid doesn't do scientology but does do something similar to what Robert did.

     Surely Enid is doing clearing.  No question about that, eh?

     She is doing the most basic, "What's up Doc?", "Gee, I am curious
about ..." "Pc: Why?  Uh, oh, here we go..."
>You won with Enid and you didn't with Robert.

>My hypothesis:  out basic auditing, the fundamentals that clearing  and 
>other communication-based processes have in common.  Such as forcing the 
>pc, overwhelming the person's reality with your own paradigm, sending the 
>person off to handle their case before you will handle their case (a 
>variation of blaming the pc for no results), disregard for pc interest, 
>calling the pc "no gain case" (or SP, a way of dehumanizing someone after 
>you failed to help them) and so forth.

>What do you think?

     There may have been echoes of disregard for pc interest near the
end, Robert was bent on auditing something I had brought up that I
knew was unreachable.  He wasn't able to take No from me.

     But none of the above was a main why we didn't make it.

     Have you ever put a drop of water on a red hot spoon?  It forms a
little cushsion of steam and floats on it, thus the water doesn't
touch the spoon at all and so it doesn't boil, it just floats around
on its cushion.  Then slowly it warms up, and finally disintegrates
into a raging boil and blows off with violence.

     Well my case is like the hot spoon, and I am the drop of water, I
can't touch my case, because it forms this protective cushion of steam
that I can't get through to touch the charge.  The charge is there,
but its just not touchable, it is held out of reach.  I can run it if
I can touch it, but I can't touch it.

     Enid knows how to get me into the crack where suddenly I can
touch the charge and wham it starts to boil off in a frenzy.  Robert
simply did not know how to do that, neither did anyone else in any of
my auditing, and no where is this ability taught in anything that LRH
ever wrote that I read.  As I said, I doubt even Enid could say how
she does it, she just KNOWS how to do it.

     So basically I would say that Robert was simply out of his league
with me, too much charge, and no innate sixth sense on how to audit
me.  His rote procedures which work fine on those who can contact
their spoon, just did not work on me.

     After the fact of that failure, fire fights between pc and
auditor, and desperation on the part of both to stay in session and
keep trying, led to other outnesses perhaps that blew further auditing
off.  I have very little charge on any of that.

     Robert has an *EXCELLENT* comm cycle, if I knew he had a process
I could run, I would jump in the chair again faster than he could
blink his eyes.

     First I would make him world clear "No", though.