The purpose of clearing and auditing is to help the person spot
where he is not spotting things, in particular where he is using force
and mass to not spot things and be unable to spot things.

      Until a person can spot where he is using force and mass to not
spot things, he won't be able to spot things.

      Once he can spot things again, and is no longer using force and
mass to prevent spotting, he is clear, or as good as clear.

      One gets a person to spot where he is using force and mass to not
spot things, by getting him to spot where he is using force and mass to
not spot things, and to make more of the action of using force and mass
to not spot things.

      That may sound silly and simple and so it is.  Auditing was never
meant to be complex.  Auditing is completely based on a 'putting it
there basis'.  Once you can put it there fully, it will vanish once you
stop putting it there.  The only catch was knowing you also had to put
there the NOT putting it there in order to lift off the not-isness level

      You don't want WHAT he is not spotting, you want only THAT he is
not spotting.  He will get around to what on his own time.

      This is the basic comm cycle and the whatsit and itsa lines.

      The auditor asks "What is it?" and preclear answers "It is a..."

      One however sometimes has to do this without asking "What...?"
questions: spotting is spotting, not question asking.  Spotting the
dramatization of asking questions gets one out of the rut of endless
auditing through asking questions.

      Question asking is a dramatization, one knows through permeation,
not asking questions.

      The service fac is an effort to not know through asking questions.

      It's an effort to not know by pretending to want to know.

      Question asking is a public display of 'due diligence' motivated by
a covert intention to not find out.

      Humans won't understand this, OT's will.

      Being human is a service fac computation.  The way to survive it to
be something that can die.

      The basic things the person is not spotting are problems he doesn't
want to have, and thoughts he doesn't want to think about and his Basic
Vision and Basic Anti Vision.

      Basic Vision is what Hubbard was talking about when he mentioned
the Basic Purpose, but its bigger than a mere purpose, is a Whole View
of the What Is and One's Part in it.  It's a staggering 3D panorama of
the Cosmic All and where he and everybody else is and where he and
everybody else wants to get to.

      One probably has it near the beginning of every life shortly after
waking up in a body with self awareness.

      It gets overwhelmed by the Basic Anti Vision.  The anti vision is
a great big 'forget it dude', 'no way Jose' on the basic vision.

      This results in non spotting, I mean why spot what you can't have,
and further efforts TO not spot BY spotting other things, substitutes,
diversions, anything but admit that the Basic Vision is 'impossible' and
that one should die now.

      One thinks mightily about many things in order to NOT think about
the one thing one should be thinking about etc.

      One "gets up and goes" in order to not get up and go where one
should be etc.

      One acts in order to not act, one looks in order to not look, one
spots B in order to not spot A.

      In the end he is found 'trying' very hard to spot Z in order to
make damn sure he doesn't ever spot Z.

      One's entire life can be the effort to not live by living something

      Chronic painful conditions are the kick back from failed.
dramatizations of not spotting.  He is trying to blind himself, but it
ain't quite working completely.

      These conditions then act themselves as something to spot to help
one continue to dramatize not spotting the earlier thing he should
really be spotting anyhow.

      He is trying very hard say to not spot when mother was suffocating
him to death in blankets that were too warm.  His EFFORT to black out
those memories of murderous rage then kick back with a splitting
headache which he is all too happy to spot forever for free.  But the
*HEADACHE* never resolves, as it is the wrong thing to be spotting.

      Everyone is doing this on a gradient scale of some sort, some are
doing it 100 percent.  They are in deep trouble and are 'impossible' to
audit because every time you get them to look, they look by not looking,
they reach with their elbows.

      Once they see this, it can begin to unwind, but its a long road.

      One gets them to see they are doing this by getting them to
practice doing it.

      All of the above is straight out of Hubbard and Adore in my own

      One considers that Oblivion is of the past, but actually its of the
present and the future.  It is the future he doesn't want to see, and in
burying the future he buries the past accidentally as collateral damage,
or lest the past remind him of his now eternally ruined future.


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