(In this posting the word NO means absence of, not a pretended
absence of as in the CDEINR scale.  Sorry for the confusion.)

     The physical universe consists entirely of games and problems of
motion and no motion with solutions of motion and no motion.
     Nazi's coming over the hill with tanks, that's a problem of motion.
If one runs or fights, that is a solution of motion, if one hides and is
very still while they pass, that is a solution of no motion.
     Mother is dead on the bed in a valium stupor.  That's a problem of
no motion.  Baby is screaming and wailing away trying to wake mother,
that is a solution of motion.

     The state of the universe is entirely described by the state of its
motion and no motion.

     Goals are an intention to create or rearrange the present state of
motion and no motion in the universe, it is what the being has 'set out
to accomplish'.

     In the process of striving to attain a goal, one may run into
states of counter motion and no motion that thwart one.  They provide
further problems in motion and no motion that the being must solve with
his own motion and no motion.

     Sometimes the being will come up against a counter motion or no
motion that he can not surmount.  He has a number of choices at this

     1.) He can exteriorize from the universe, rearrange the rules a
bit, reassign power and allocations, in such a way that when he comes
back in on the goal, he can best it.

     2.) He can say "Ok this one is too big for me, I will choose to do
something else", make a clean break with the original goal and start a
new one.
     3.) He can continue to strive against the barrier like a pit bull
never letting go and never getting anywhere.
     4.) He can say "Oh I didn't want this goal anyway, only fools and
stupid people seek such things, its much smarter to do this other thing,
I wasn't ever really interested in that goal anyway." This is pulling a
sour grapes on the original goal resulting in a going off course into a
substitute.  This is not the same thing as a clean break because he
still has attention on the original goal.

     We know he has attention on the goal because his SELF IMAGE is now
tainted with resentment and sourness.

     In fact not only does he have attention on the original goal, he
has attention on NOT having attention on the original goal, pretending
that he never had attention on the original goal.  Thus one finds him a
long time later with 50 percent of his attention on some cute bunny that
scorned him ages ago, and 50 percent of his attention on pretending he
has no attention there.  That leaves him squat to run his present life.

     Worse when he failed, it made a mark on himself.  It made him
feel small, it was a surprise, it killed his pride and put him in an
incredibility "This can't be happening, but it is!" He never gets over
that indecision, "Did this happen or didn't it?  It COULDN'T have, but
it DID!"

     It remains an unresolvable maybe to the end of time, and that is
part of why he has no much attention on making sure he doesn't have any
attention on it and pretending that it never happened in the first

     The one thing a thetan can not stand is an incredibility.
     The anatomy of an incredibility is,

     "Certainty that something is true.
      Certainty that something is impossible."

     Now the guy who made the clean break with the goal, or exteriorized
from the universe and rearranged the rules a bit so he could win,
doesn't get stuck with this charge.
     He's the game writer, if his game kicks his butt he thinks "Wow
there is going to be LOTS of money in this game!"
     Since he knows he wrote the game, he can feel proud that he lost,
he was sick of winning, too easy, no money in selling games that any 3
year old can win, so now he has a winner game because he is a loser!
     So he says "Cool, I can't win here, so let's try something a little
lighter, maybe it will kick my butt too, and I can charge twice as much
for this game when it goes to market."

     Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a game that the writer
can not win but is constantly tempted to keep trying?

     Absence of such games is the Nightmare of No Nightmares.

     This is very different than the guy who took the loss personally,
he didn't feel PROUD he lost, he didn't see it as a WIN that he lost,
he just felt like he didn't want to be him any more, and that's the
beginning of the downfall.

     He doesn't want the nightmare even AFTER he knows he wrote it.
     "That piece of junk beat me?  Christ I must be a real nothing..."

     He felt there was something wrong with *HIM* for not being able to
win his own game.  He says to himself, "Wait a minute, you mean I am
stuck being a second rate loser for the rest of time?", and all his BT's
in grand choral unison go "YES!", and he buys into it, and that's the
end of him, he's a marble rolling around the drain.
     He has a vision of SELF that is unworthy and unacceptable, and he
begins to lay in the mass and force that you are trying to audit out in
the preclear in front of you.

     You have an INFINITE being that wrote a NEAR INFINITE game, lost
playing against his own creations, and now wants to die because he
consisders he is 'inferior' and 'unworthy of being'.  Surely there is
some humor to be had in here somewhere.

     One has to be careful though about the "Nightmare of No
     You find some guy who just can't win any games no matter how much
he tries, well he thinks he's looking at total doom if he were to ever
get better again.
     Sovereignty has become a problem to him.
     Talk about yuks.

     How can sovereignty, "you want it, you got it," be undesirable?

     Think about this, this is the core joke, the core sticking point
keeping the being who has chosen to be non soveriegn for a while, in
TERROR of becoming sovereign again.

     So of course he reaches for freedom with his elbow.

     That allows him to continue to persist in the space time game
stream, worrying more about the consequences of being free again,
than he is making progress getting there.

     He wants to be FREE FROM, but not FREE TO.

     He wants to be free from the apparently non sovereign nightmare,
but he sees sovereignty as the source of just more nightmares, possbily
worse than the one he is presently in.

     Well yes, that is what sovereignty does, create whiles of
non sovereignty.  They don't have to be so horrendous they run
on a carrier wave of horror, thrill might be enough.

     But the guy has a problem with his sovereign self, just a bit
too alien for him to admit that is him, and embrace it.

     I mean Christ, what was he thinking?

     Well he doesn't know, and he doesn't want to know lest he do it
again, freedom to create is the scariest thing there is, so you are not
going to make TA division 1 beyond the day when he sees where you are
trying to take him.

     So this all comes from the Static creating a universe of relative
Kinetics.  These are the motions and no motions of the masses and
energies in the universe.  Nothing is ever absolutely still except for
the static, but there is an optimum motion/no motion balance that
produces the most amount of 'accomplishment' for those who have set out
to do such things.

     When the motion and no motion becomes non optimum, the being tries
to restore equilibrium by the creation of his own motion and no motion
to balance and 'solve' the motion and no motion the universe is throwing
at him.

     To the degree that he is successful, he will accomplish what he set
out to accomplish, otherwise he will create a fall into the dwindling
spiral of aberration laid out above.

     Lies can be a tricky subject.  The only truth there is, is the
static, total unmanifestation.  Anything created is a kinetic and is
thus a lie.  However there is the FIRST lie, the TRUE-LIE of Adore.  And
then there are the second and further lies that obscure the first lie
and cause its persistence.

     "You seek the Grand Spring Phases,
      And so shall you find,
      For the TRUE-LIES will free you,
      To Operate as you kind."
      "As you kind" means "As you wish, are kind to, etc."

     So the truth is the guy sat in the Saddle of Soveriengty AS an
orientation point, no mass, no meaning and no mobility, and from there
he cast a whole universe of symbols, all having mass, meaning and
mobility.  That includes space and time and all the masses and energies
in it.  Notice that time is just another form of motion/no motion and
needs to be audited when you approach this stuff.
     Space is created with spatial anchor points (a kind of symbol), and
time is created with temporal anchor points (another kind of symbol).

     Spatial anchor points are 'out there' and hold space up and
inflated.  He needs to have at least 3 to make space with himself as the

     Temporal anchor points are points 'out then', past or future, which
gives him a sense of past and future.  He needs at least 2 to keep time
up and running with himself in the present as the 3rd.

     (The guy is walking down the staircase from START OF TIME to
PRESENT TIME, over and over again hundreds of times every second, that's
how he's keeping time going.  Start of time is not in the past.

     Run "Start some time!" over and over again, see what happens.)
     Temporal anchor points are times of importance and significance,
birthdays, meetings, graduation, executions etc.

     The best kinds of anchor points are people, places and things that
he wants to interact with and relate to.

     Some anchor points are moving all the time, like his friends, some
are rock solid stationary like his Church alter or whatever.

     Some anchor points are movable, but he likes it when they don't
move, like the pianos at Cornell's Sage Chapel.  He gets real sad when a
piano disappears for a while and he can't play the thing at 3am in the

     A cat is a spatial anchor point.

     Cleaning the litter basket is a temporal anchor point.

     Temporal anchor points are, many of them, created on the fly on a
day to day basis.  They get written in the 'appointement book of life'.

     Cat dies, no more appointments with the litter basket.

     A friend dies, no more toking up every friday.

     You see you aren't just looking forward to friday, but to the
friday next, and then after that, for years and years and years.

     With a good friend you can put multiple temporal anchor points out
there until the end of time, every one written in your appointment book.
     They create a glorious future coming up one by one on all these
created temporal anchor points you put there.

     How DO you feel about your future, anyhow?

     The friend turns on you, or disappears, and suddenly the end of
time crashes all the way back to the tip of your nose,

     Now your "looking forward" is to one day at a time, or worse.  the
next time you start crying uncontrollably.

     There is a saying that excess of laughter weeps, and excess
of sorrow laughts.

     Nope, not for this guy, the sorrow turns on, and the light
of laughter fades out to return never more.

     Can't say hello any more, just goodbyes and 'I love yous', and
there is no one there to hear them.

     He chokes on the enormity of his love and the enormity of his sorrow.

     He can only survive by belittling both, eventually making nothing
of them.

     What the hell is it you think you can't remember?

     Loss of anchor points through death, departure and reversal leads
to collapsing space and collapsing time.

     Life is rich with spatial and temporal anchor points, the more you
have going that you want to relate to, the higher tone hou will be.

     It's that simple, as long as the space or time anchor points are
not too far away from you or hostile to you.

     It is the relating and relate-ability between you and your anchor
points that makes them worthwhile.

     Trying to relate to someone on Alpha Centauri, or 2000 years in the
future can be hard.

     Mortal meatballs have it hard, as they believe all their anchor
points are going to die on them one day, and if you have a massive wall
in your future that you can't see beyond, that's an arbitrary end of
temporal anchor points you write in your appointment book that needs to
be audited out.

     So let's get back to our preclear starting off as an orientation
point, creating spaces and times of symbols.

     As an orientation point, once he had all this universe of symbols
set up, he chose to BECOME one of those symbols (a game player), and
assigned "orientation point" to other symbols in the game bigger than

     Notice this action kind of defines the static out of existence, its
just not part of his "What is" any more.
     It's not part of his dynamics.
     So all of this creation is the first lie, the true lie, notice he
can do all this and still retain some awareness that he did it, although
not too much lest he wake up and have to do it all over again.
     But then he loses a game, and postulates that this is not something
RIGHT with him and the AllThatIs, but something WRONG with him and the
AllThatIs, something he didn't INTENED or EXPECT or DESIGN.  He
considers that Sovereignty is flawed, that he is flawed, and now we can
see him building a citadel of second lies around himself after the first
lie of Perfect Sovereign Creation.

     The day he curses his original Sovereingty, or doubts it, or
regrets it, he's had it, his destiny is to become a marble rolling
around the drain.

     So when looking for the incident 'where in it first all went
wrong', you want the original intended motion and no motion that he had
set out to accomplish, the counter motion and no motion that he ran
into, the various motion and no motion solutions he came up with that
didn't work, and the DOUBT about his own sovereign hand in the matter,
and the LIE-LIE that he accepted that led to his final demise into self
deprecation and substitute.
     Most of the inaccesible mass you will find on your pc will be those
areas where his attention is on pretending there is no attention.
     Thus when you free one of these up, you will get twice the
attention units back!  And there will be bunnies everywhere begging to
be let in.

     But earlier than that you have the Saddle of Sovereignty and the
Nightmare of No Nightmares.  One handles that by rehabilitating the
ability to create nightmares and ludicrous demise at will.

     In particular the core choice to not know a choice.

     This is a *MAJOR* step not to be belittled, as it produces a God
that is no longer human, as it has recovered its divine sense of
humor, and with that Absolute Fearless Sovereignty.
     "Get the idea of absolute fearlessness."

     "Get the idea: Everything is NOT OK"
     "Get the idea: Everything is OK"
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