A quick comment from my own OT VIII observations.

    Solidity and persistence seem to arise from 'flinch'.

    This is the basic mechanism to keep something around and
the basic joke.

    Worry is born of doubt that flinch is necessary and sufficient to
cause persistence, and doubt that it is a joke.

    Doubt is self casting as it generates omninous feelings that
convince one all the more that 'this is no joke.'  That IS the joke.

    This leads to considerations of seriousness, permanence, importance
and pain.

    This leads to dramatization, trying to destroy FOREVER what has become
solid through flinch, usually by going out of valence into pictures of
persisting solidities that have overwhelmed one or using the actions of
the unwanted persisting solidity against it self, sort of a real time
going out of of valence.  One might call these dramatizations 'murder
events' or 'attempted murder events' since they always fail.

    Dramatization of course results in loss, as you can't win against an
unwanted persisting solidity except by unflinching, getting the joke, and
watching it vanish.

    *ALL* persistence is the persistence of lies, humor entombed in time
and stone, the timestone of Adore.

    The stepping stones down the garden path from Heaven to Hell are these
attempted murder events for in them one broke the chalice with existence
and lost faith in the existence of the joke and ceased to look for the
answer in vanishment but rather took the out-of-valent solid against solid
approach which left one solid of course.

    All of the above is beyond the comprehension of meatballs at this


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