Solidity and persistence in our physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual universes seems to arise from 'flinch'.

     This is the basic mechanism to keep something around and the
basic joke.

     One makes something and watches it vanish.

     One makes something, flinches and says 'Uh oh...' and it persists
eventually coming after one to eat one.

     Worry is born of doubt that flinch is necessary and sufficient to
cause persistence of unwanted solidities and that this is a joke.

     Doubt is self casting as it generates omninous feelings that
convince one all the more that 'this is no joke.' That IS the joke.

     That one CAN doubt, is taken as evidence that the doubt is true.

     Worry thus cements the flinch into place.

     What was merely a persisting solidity before can then become an
unvanquishable overwhelm.

     This leads to considerations of seriousness, importance,
permanence and pain.

     This leads to dramatization.

     Dramatization means "to bring drama to", it is the essence of
anti humor and anti joke.

     To dramatize means to try to destroy FOREVER with prejudice and
without humor the unwanted item that has become persistingly solid through

     One dramatizes usually by going out of one's own natural valence
into the valence of persisting solidities that have overwhelmed one in
the past.  One then does what they did in an effort to destroy and
overwhelm the unwanted item in present time.

     Many life times ago a volcano blew up and hit you in the head with
stone.  The volcano 'won' and you 'lost'.  Many life times later you are
being threatened, and you become the volcano, pick up a stone and throw it
at your adversary blowing the appropriate emotional fire and smoke out
your nose.

     Or if there are no prior overwhelms to dramatize out of valence,
one uses the present time actions of the unwanted persisting solidity
against itself, mirroring its actions back at it, sort of a real time
going out of valence.

     Dramatization can take place on the physical, emotion, mental or
spiritual planes.  Persisting solidities, problems, and conditions can
exist on all 4 planes too, not just the physical one.

     Since dramatization is always the effort to destroy FOREVER with
prejudice and without humor what is overhwelming one, one might call
these dramatizations 'murder events' or 'attempted murder events'
since they *ALWAYS* fail in the long run.

     One can not destroy a persisting solidity by becoming solid and using
the mechanisms of persisting solidities against it.  One might scatter it
to the winds, but it WILL be back.  One merely ends up as a persisting
solidity oneself in doing so, namely the solidity that one donned and
became to 'win'.

     As such one can then suffer the apparency of being scattered to the
winds oneself.

     In this way one falls from awareness of self as an Eternal Divine
Being into awareness of self as a Mortal Meatball.

     Thus dramatization results in loss, as you can't win against an
unwanted persisting solidity except by unflinching, getting the joke,
and watching it vanish.

     One's "case" then is the sum total accumulation of persisting
solidities that one lost to, and then chose to become, in one's
efforts to win later against further persisting solidities.

     These form the valences and identities of one's present life, repleat
with their characteristic *FIXED* ideas, problems, solutions and world

     To the degree that one becomes a persisting solidity oneself on the 4
planes of existence, just to that degree will one be unable to change
one's mind about things.  One can not argue with a volcano.

     One's case is glued together by regret and justification.

     One can only throw stones so long before one remembers "This
isn't funny."  This is regret.

     If one makes being wrong right, and continues in the path of
dramatization anyhow, that is justification.

     *ALL* persisting solidity in ANY universe is humor entombed in time
and stone, via flinch, doubt, dramatization, regret and justification.

     That the universe is a Joke and that the soul is the Imp Soul,
playing this joke ON HIMSELF, was beyond the ken of most philosophers.

     The stepping stones down the garden path from Heaven to Hell are
these attempted murder events for in them one broke the chalice with
existence and lost faith in the existence of the joke and one ceased to
look for the answer in flinchless humor and vanishment of time and stone,
but rather took the out-of-valent solid against solid approach which left
one solid of course.

     Spotting these stepping stone moments, noticing what one did,
reevaluating the results, and recognizing what one should have done
instead is necessary and sufficient to undoing one's case, recovering
all humor entombed in time and stone, and watching the vanishment of
all unwanted persisting conditions in solidity on all 4 planes of
existence, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

     Buddha called it Enlightenment.

     All of the above is beyond the comprehension of most meatballs at
this time.  Be competent in disseminating this material as they will argue
with you about it, sometimes violently as they love to dramatize "But I am
NOT dramatizing!".

     Be that as it may, worse than being a body in a grave, is being
the Tombstone at the head of the grave.

     "If Timestone be Tombstone, then let Wisdom be Epitaph."

     From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.


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