Palle P (palle1001@hotmail.com) wrote:
>The problem is to restore the unseparateness, as the separateness seems
>to be held there by charge of an intensity that is almost impossible to
>face, as one has to remain at least partially conscious while facing it
>or it won't erase.

      One has to ask WHY is there charge between separateness and

      One is tempted to say well we lost the unseparateness so of
course there is charge, but maybe there was charge on HAVING
unseparateness, a detested static or immortality etc, a detested
something GOOD not a detested something bad, and that might change the
way we approach this charge.

      For example I was thinking the other night while going to sleep,
what would happen if every night I just dozed off into the static,
totally at peace no problems forever for free etc.  Would I be able to
stand this?  :)

      Do we WANT to be without worry?

>Sure. The problem is to stay alive when not flinching. There are some
>parts of the core case that makes one think more than twice before
>entering it.

      Yep.  Fools rush in where Angels dare not go, and God's run
crying for their Mama.

      >But if one just stays uptone and very unserious about this
>stuff, it erases surprisingly easy. If one can bypass the protective
>barriers and stand it. But the "ego" sure hates such high speed erasure.

      Yep, it's tiring work not flinching!

>Interesting how much everybody seems to agree. We are making progress.
>Total Freedom, joy and bliss here we come.

      I got a short glimpse of the light a few hours ago, its quite
everything its chalked up to be and more.  Well worth it.

>Well, it may take 30 years more of daily solo? Big job. But who knows,
>maybe it will at some point go very fast.

      Worry seems to be the basic pivotal point between a magical
universe and a dead universe.

      I can hear the skeptic rolling his eyes and saying "Oh right, I
have tried not worrying and it didn't work!"

      No doubt.

      But this guy couldn't get a broom to carry water if his life
depended on it, let alone make his life go right.  So you gotta take
another look at the magic of no magic, and the pivot point of worry.

      Worry and faith are counterposed.  Not faith in God or some
extraneous source of help.  One doesn't have 'Worry in', so one
shouldn't have 'faith in' either.

      One has worry about, and faith about, mostly one's self and self 
confidence.  Ultimately confidence in one's self comes from confiding to 
one's self that one did this to one's self, and if one can make it bad, 
one can make it good or a cool operating mixture of both.

      One also needs to let go of micro managing one's own life,
just because something *SPECIFIC* didn't go right inspite of
one's faith, the overall flow is either towards the light or not
depending on one's operation of worry and faith.  And the over all
results should be obvious.

      Worry and faith make a big dicom.

Tue Oct 28 14:28:48 EDT 2014