Define need as that which is necessary for survival.

     Define fear as that which throws doubt upon survival.

     One forms a problem when one has a need that one doubts
one can fulfill.

     One resolves this either by ceasing the need, ceasing the
doubt or both.

     This material is so core, that by spotting and blowing
the postulates of need and doubt, one can probably rearrange
the universe one lives in to accomodate one's desires.

     Needs can also form conflicts with other needs.  The need for sex
with many pretty girls will conflict with the need to give and have
loyalty from one's own 2D.  These can be problematic and drive one nuts.

     Some times postulates need to be found and blown or rearranged
in both your universe and others.  This takes very OT ability.

     There can also be indecisions imbedded in these things.

     One has a lover that is needed, war comes along, bombs drop, you get
separated, you don't know if they are dead, you never find each other
again.  Should you keep looking, or should you do something else?

     So that's need, fear and indecision all wrapped up into one ball.


     "What need do you fear?"

     "What fear do you need?"

     When you find them you will know them.

     There will be more than one.

     The releases will be fast, startling, powerful and *PHYSICAL*.


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