Had a good session with Enid today, over the internet, with
netmeeting video and Ralph's internet e-meter.

     Session dread can often be caused by expecting the opening
question of the auditor.  Enid likes to ask "What have you been
working on" becuase I do a lot of solo.  But I hate the question as it
involves working my memory and also tries to restir up stuff that is
theoretically done with.

     Many auditor's start with 'How are you doing?' but this is a
terrible question because it gets the person to talk about his state
of effect of the things that are ruining him.  The answer is always
the same: 'terrible'.

    "What would you like to work on?" is another one that just
pisses me off totally because I have no clue, and I been over
and over that forever until I am blue in the face about it.  If I
knew what I should be working on, I would be doing it solo.

     So I been spending a lot of time trying to handle the session
dread by coming up with the opening question that Enid should ask me
in order to get me into session and interested in my own case and
willing to talk to the auditor.

     Finally I came up with a question that indicated strongly and

     "Where are you?"

     Not necessarily the space/time 'where', but "what state
are you in relative to the state of everything else in the world too."

     Rather than getting me to get into endless descriptions
of how I am doing, it got me into descriptions of me, and what
I was 'in' and my relation to it etc.

     It got me to orient myself to more clearly see my condition in
relation to the barriers I consider are ruining me.

     That ran well for a while, then we switched to

     "What do you expect of your future?"

     Expectation is one of those major dicoms a thetan engages in.

     He either expects something to happen because his expectation is
cause of it happening, or he expects something to happen because he is
the effect of other cause, and has LEARNED the hard way it's going
happen regardless of what he thinks.

     His expectation is either causitive, Looking by Knowing or its
effect, Knowing (Learning) by Looking .

     So as a thetan decays down scale his 'expectations' go from being
causative to being a learned and studied effect, and the flip flop
point needs to be spotted and rehabbed.

     Low tone people consider their sage resignation to be wisdom.


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