(I only use foot plates now, so much better than cans, two large 
rectangular aluminmum pie plates available at any grocery store.)

      Again I set up two meters, two Mark V's this time, one right handed
and one left handed, so the two dials were very close to each other in
the middle, and the TA arms were easy to reach with both hands.

      Cans to the left hand meter were in my right hand, cans to the
right hand meter were in my left hand.

      Quite a difference in response.  Right hand cans (left hand meter)
often read earlier and deeper.  I would see the left hand meter needle
go zooming into a fall, and then the right hand meter would follow
slowly lackadasically later.  Reads that were instant on the left hand
meter were very latent on right hand meter.

      Sometimes needles were out of sync, left hand meter would be rising
slowly and right hand meter would be falling slowly.

      I have a feeling my right brain (left hands) is a bit over audited,
as the left hands is the hands I solo with.  I may have been doing
better when I was using two hands, but I can't write that way only voice

      Most of my solo was two handed for many years until recently when I
found that I could single hand solo and write things to good effect.

      Now I wonder.

      In using two meters, eyes are rarely aimed at just one, thus
periphery vision comes into play.  I can assess 'left brain, right
brain' and notice each meter read alone in turn.

      Two meters also made the session more lively, because when one
wasn't reading, the other one would be.  With one meter it would be
considered a no read.  When I nailed something, often one meter would do
the blow down, and then the other would follow sort of as an after

      Ta was a bit higher on one than the other.  Session was about
service facs, computations, domination and suppresed
earlier/other/higher universes.

      Lots of mass and tension on throat and face over this.


Sun Aug  2 15:37:44 EDT 2015