Good Session.

    I think my point about the guy bailing water because it was fun rather
than because the boat was sinking, I said that this was 'anti human' and
you said 'super human', I just want to stress that from my human point of
view, the God state is more a dicom and opposite to the human state,
rather than a super set of it. 

    I say this because the God WANTED to become human, the human
wants to become God and would not consider for a moment becoming human.

    Thus the human, in considering becoming God again, runs
into the wall of absurdity, preposterousness and Qualms.  He feels
the God he is trying to become (because he can't stand being human)
is of necessity 'alien' because as a God he chose to become human!

    The human wants to become God because he doesn't want to be human
and certainly doesn't want to become human again once a God.  So the
kind of God he wants to become is not the kind of God that there
is to become for that God wants to be human.


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