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>Is the State of Clear possible?  

     Recently my own understanding of dramatization has become
clearer.  I was always stuck by the idea of 'stuck on the time track,
out of present time.' This kind of mocked up an other determinism that
was sticking me there, and if I just exerted enough efforts I could get to
present time.  Now I see this is a big joke.

     Basically the person is clipping along and runs into an event,
overwhelming counterforce, he fights back, makes a ridge of the whole
thing complete with all valences involved, include winning valences

     Later during a win/lose game, he decides to use that winning
valence, so he ADORNS himself with the incident which includes all its
perceptions, goals, world views, efforts and valences, only he puts
himself in the winning valence.  Consequently he also wins.  Thus he
STAYS in the winning valence.

     Now this is funny, he won because he has just parked himself way
out of present time in a facsimile where he lost.  Thus his present
time now consists continuously of perceptions colored by the past,
valences, identities, goals, and EFFORTS that were part of the
original event and things leading up to the event.

     He isn't really stuck in the past, but until he doffs the winning
valence in the incident, the incident is being held in place BY HIM in
present time.
     A valence is an ADORNMENT, an ASSUMPTION as in to ASSUME an
identity, not an idea.
thus the more he struggles to win, the more the incident becomes more
and more solid and he can never audit it out.

     This is why LRH says that 'self auditing' does not work.  Its not
a matter of the pc being too weak or it takes two to tango etc, or the
pc is smaller than his bank, and the auditor plus pc are bigger than
the bank, this is all suppressive bull, its a simple matter of the
fact that the pc is CHOOSING TO BE 100 percent out of valence, and
thus using bank to solve bank.  He can audit out everything in sight,
even audit others, but he can't audit what's really bugging him,
because he is BEING it in order to survive.
     He doesn't WANT to audit it out, he would LOSE EVERYTHING if he
did.  That first incident was a real whopper.
     Now a being can occupy any valence in an event.  Sometimes he
occupies the winning valence, hitting himself over the head to get on
in life.  But sometimes, to get sympathy and help, he will switch to
his original overwhelmed valence, and then he feels the pain, and
hopelessness and despair of the original incident.

     This is why when you get the exact right efforts of the winning
valence, the pain GOES COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY AWAY!  He feels best
during the day when he is most doing the wrong thing winning.

     Joke is, there is a lot of DETERMINATION in the winning valence,
I mean he originally put up a supreme struggle, but so did the thing
that overwhelmed him.
     IT WAS ITS DETERMINATION that won out in that struggle, so the pc
picks himself up by his boot straps from all the depression and
despair, and gets REAL DETERMINED to win against his bank, life etc,
ANYTHING, and he plops right back into the winning valence, because it
is the determination of the winning valence that he is feeling will
win, and thus he sticks himself even more solidly in the incident.
Thus he flip flops between 'winning' with determined effort and going
into hopeless solidity and despair.

     Thus running DETERMINATION can be fruitful to find the source of
his ludicrous demise.

     Now that's if he has ONE incident in his bank that he's BEING
utterly.  Imagine if he has 100 or more that he's flip flopping around

     The point is that SELF was a loser, so his own true valence, what
ever it was before he got his first incident, is the worst possible
valence to be in unless he really is going for the sympathy play, but
then he will be in valence with a broken body, heart, mind and soul at
the deepest part of the incident.

     Can't get girls to consider you twice if you are doing well, even
if you are in valence, eh?

     As an auditor you need to get him to run the sympathy play
backwards in time until he is back at his true valence in a higher
toned moment.  That's the earlier part of the incident, then he can
begin to run it out.

     But you find him self auditing, and the efforts that he is
exerting to focus, look at the meter, say the commands to himself,
remember things, go past track, are all originally counter efforts in
the various incidents that overwhelmed him and gave him winning
valences to dramatize.
     "All efforts were once counter efforts." - APA, LRH

     This defines a non clear.
     Thus the more he self audits, the more he 'wins' and then goes
more solid.

     Again this is not a matter of the pc being too stupid, weak or
untrained to do this, nor does it take two to produce case gain, its a
simple matter that the pc is auditing out of valence and thus screwing
himself over by using the very bank he is trying to erase.

     Pretty soon you find him trying to go past track by straining to
LOOK through the sticky darkness.  This is a joke, because his EFFORT
to look of course is the effort of the winning valence in the very
engram he SHOULD be auditing but isn't, and thus his efforts to go
past track result in him being nailed on the track where he is and
more and more unable to reach to see other incidents.
     You can't get 'there' by dramatizing 'here'.
     So a clear then is someone who is no longer doing this nonsense.
He is truely in valence, or can be at least for the short time it
takes to see he is dramatizing and clear it out and do it right.
     Of course the clear now finds himself buried up to his scalp in
other beings compressed in around him and his body for as far as he
can see.  He wakes one of these up, and they can mockup a solid steel
truck with full mass coming at him in the blink of an eye.
     This is in part why drugs are so bad for a being, they wake up
BT's that mockup their own worst nightmare in full mass and effort,
and the pc can't as-is it, so he flinches and carries it around in his
face from there on out as a dull mass he doesn't know what it is.

     I mean the pc KNOWS he can't as-is a Mac Truck and he is not so
sure he wants to tangle with something that can mock one up!

     On the other hand, someone who knows how this works, can spot
this when it happens under drugs and run it out anyhow, but he will
get the idea pretty quick that he doesn't want to do this any more,
because his BT's can out mock him up any day of the week, so why

     Toke up, wake up a BT, get hit by a truck, run it out, take a
toke, wake up a BT, get hit by a truck, run it out.  Better to go off
and get laid, don't you think?
     Better to put them all back to sleep, clean up the masses already
made, then clean up one's own bank and take on the BT's later in good

     Most people do drugs to hurry up case gain, at least the bright
one's do.  They feel their auditing is not going fast enough, this is
usually because they (and their auditor perhaps) are dramatizing too
heavily while they are auditing.  Basically they are too busy LOOKING
for incidents to run, rather than running the incident which contains
the efforts they are using to look for other incidents!
     I just want to point out, that even a non clear can make case
gain with drugs and BT's, so if they are smart they can make a lot of
case gain and come down cleaner than they went up.  But if they ain't
so smart, they are going to come down hurting, and stay that way.  And
it is very hard to go clear with all that BT mass still in your face.
     So the problem is getting clear, so that one CAN start solo
auditing.  It's a major problem, because if you are co auditing, and
both of you are not clear, then both of you are dramatizing fruit
cakes, using your best winning valences to 'help' clear out the best
winning valences of the other.

>So if there are any
>people out there who can multiply three eight-digit numbers in their head,
>in seconds flat, or quote pages of text read years earlier, or any of teh
>other things that I would think a Clear can do....please reply here.  Or if

    A clear can solo.  That good enough?