> Yeah, but there is a quality of life connected to this
> thats being blocked right, and somehow this is relative
> to that ?

     The 'demon' is one of many 'manifestations' that I can put words
to.  Underlying it, are ineffable beauties and evils that are beyond my

     I am finding in my auditing that it is detrimental to place too
much concentration on manifestations, mest, engrams, force, effort,
mass, etc at the expense of attention to the other live beings mocking
this stuff up.  One can audit a mass forever and just get more mass.
One needs to relate to the guy that is mocking up the mass, and your
relationship to him or them, usually one of resistence etc.
     That is perhaps why I have never made any progress with standard
dianetics, because they always direct attention to the MEST of the
event, rather than to the two or more beings in relationship.  An engram
is basically a collision between two beings, not between MEST and body,
or MEST and being.
     Two beings get together and mockup unconfrontables for each other
until one being cry's uncle.  That's an incident.

     Audit the beings not the incident.

     That which is not granted life persists - LRH.

     The Demon is a mockup, its not a being.

     The black V is crying uncle about someone else's mockups.

     "I am blind so you can't overwhelm me any more by making see
ugly/beautiful things etc"

     Good process is
     "Mockup overwhelming someone else."

     Glare fights are something along this line.

     How could two beings out in pristine space overwhelm each other?

     Visio starts to turn on if you get serious about this.

     Then you see why its turned off and you say cool, let's
leave it off for a while longer! :)

     Presumably once you see how all this blindness works, its hard to
keep around, so there is some reticence to getting it exactly right.