michael_mourer4123@my-deja.com wrote:
>Homer sez

>Right on Homer.  I have observed there are many thousands of these,
>perhaps millions.  Some are add-ons, most are self created.  All of
>these are very difficult to separate from as we think they are us as we
>go about our day to day life stuff.

    My recent auditing into 'overwhelms' indicates there are 4
basic overwhelms that two thetans can pull on each other.

    Imagine two relatively separate thetans in their own home universe,
at the same time sharing a common field for making shared mockups.
and able to view each other, and each others mockups in their own and
the other's spaces.

     1.) Thetan A can mockup up something in his space that overwhelms
thetan B.
     2.) Thetan A can mockup HIMSELF AS SOMETHING that overwhelms
thetan B.

     3.) Thetan A can mockup something in Thetan B's space that
overwhelms Thetan B.

     4.) Thetan B can mockup THETAN B AS SOMETHING that overwhelms
Thetan B.

     Thetan B can replicate and cause to vanish, or he can ressit and
cause to persist.  The game of Thetan A is to get Thetan B confused
enough to fail to as-is and thus start to resist.

     Reverse flows also apply.

     I tend to find that any mockup at all is mocked up BY SOMEONE,
there is no such thing as MEST alone, thus everything we experience is
being mocked up by someone, big or small, including self as one of
many others doing the same thing.

     Thus by auditing the thetan behind the mockup instead of
auditing the mockup alone, one is bound to make more progress.

     Auditing two beings having a game of making each other into
something that they either do or do not want is more fruitful.